The VW GTI 16-valve didn’t hit 130 hp in the US until 1990. I didn’t have the experience or resources to diagnose and fix it, so it went to the crusher. There was a Nissan Pulsar SE Sportbak for sale in the Seattle area about 6 or 9 months ago. Eazy77 asked a It was my third car, purchased from an accountant after a 16 year old blew through a stop sign and totaled my Isuzu pickup. While most Pulsars carried an anemic single-cam four cylinder, the SE had a 130 horsepower twin-cam CA18DE under the hood. Great when it was running! The question was, “Is it fun to drive?” “Turns on a dime?” “Low to the ground?” etc. new plugs air cleaner, timed, fuel filter, fuel pump. Cool looking little 80’s cars. Enter your ZIP code above, to see the value in your local area. Today’s 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX SE has all that and more. For those who suffer a daily commute through heavy traffic, your vehicle's braking system can bring thousands of pounds of metal, plastic and empty Starbucks cups to a stop hundreds of times before you get to work. MSRP, dealer invoice price and cost-to-own data for new Nissan Pulsar NX. Did I mention it’s mid engine? Funny, Chris is in Columbus, you’re in Columbus and so am I, although I bought my Pulsar in Cinci and moved to Detroit shortly after. This love fest carries over to the rest of the family as well with my wife driving a Volvo C30 while my brother has a VW Golf R. The ’85 Civic 1500S was the first car I bought on my own after I graduated from college. You have great tastes! 7 years ago, Zuelika asked a Once you drive one, you’ll never look back. I have an 1989 Nissan Pulsar with about 90,000 miles on it. Black Book® is a registered trademark of Hearst Business Media Corporation. This happened over and over again. Granted there were V8s with less but in the cars like a Cavalier, Beretta, Civic and so forth it was about average. 6 years ago, woodsydweller asked a What signs indicate that they're wearing out? I don’t know if I could bring myself to spend $6,500 on this, plus the costs involved in bringing it 2,500 miles to Ohio. In today’s world, that doesn’t sound like much, but that was impressive in the late ’80s. That made it into a quasi pickup, but without any rear weather protection. question I did go an entire summer in a drought here in New Jersey with the t-tops off. $300.00 JDM NISSAN SUNNY PULSAR SENTRA NX 1.5L GA15 12 VALVE ENGINE ONLY MOTOR Canada Please Contact #1 DEALER FOR GOOD / BAD CREDIT LOANS *** HIGHEST REVIEWS *** WE … I parked for a couple of days, went to start it up and "nothing". As close to 4:1 as possible. I had a 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX SE, it was a lot of fun but one of the worst cars I’ve owned and I also had a 1980 Chevy Monza. 1989 Nissan Pulsar NX SE Hatchback Maintenance & Repair How do you know if it's a serious pr... Read more, Where Should You Take In Your Car, The Dealer or The Local Mechanic? However even higher on the list was the Supra, RX-7, 300ZX and my true love… the beautiful Starion. This one is $1500 more than I paid in 1992 for mine. Had it been row your own…tempting piece of oddity. FUEL PUMP problem. Nice but you’d kick yourself at the 1st clean ’88 MR2 you spot. question Man I miss the T-tops. The lights come on, the rad... Tora asked a Anyway, the front clip of the Pulsar and my 200sx look damn near identical. No clicking, no sound at all beside the radio. Choosing the right time to sell can help you keep your cost of vehicle ownership low. N/A. In reality removing the hatch didn’t add much to just having the t-tops off. Trade-In Value. I love these with the sportbak and the slotted tail lights, the graphics are actually pretty low key for the era. Pull the t-tops and it was supposed to be almost a convertible. Total street legal go-cart. Get instant price details on the market value of the 1989 Nissan Pulsar NX. Silver with some odd red stripes on it. Now find a Suzuki X-90 and a first generation Datsun 200SX. towed, then the next day had a insurance rep come out at have a look - he said it was a The vinyl graphics on the flanks are a bit hokey, but appropriate for the times. It’s no secret that I’m a Datsun/Nissan fanatic. No canopy though. It wasn’t a rocket ship, but it took quite a beating from my friend and just kept chugging along. One of my best friends in high school got one of these as his first car. New York hookers have Fleet Week. The Pulsar was never here in Columbus. While I owned a ’85 Civic S1500 hatch (JB and Murilee approved for sure) as well as ’89 Prelude Si back in the day I always lusted after these Pulsars. I remember it being a fun drive. Alas it was an automatic, not a manual. Free black book market values for buying, selling, or trade-ins. 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Search automobile-catalog: Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car. [Photo credit: By Tx3 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons]. Condition: National Average. I’ve only seen one, but they exist. A how to on the pros and cons to taking your automobile to the dealer or the loc... Read more. Mine was red with the hatch rather than the sportbak. Still have it and it’s mint. I still think “Pulsar NX” is one of the coolest car names ever. I was high school college age in the late 80s and never thought the 130hp fours were impressive. 2 exhaust systems, 2 sets of tires, exhaust cam shaft, 2 crank angle sensors, spark computer and at least one coil pack. I am the original owner of a 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX SE. Mileage: Zip Code: Black Book Retail Value . This distinction is important due to the many non-running Civics and Miatas I’ve parted out. Check our my other ads for blocks and heads from Chevy, Ford Dodge and others. You could have a coupe or a big hatch, plus a targa, at the time this seemed like the ultimate car to me. 8 years ago. Didn’t this also come with a ‘pickup’ rear swap like the Sportbak? MSRP, dealer invoice price and cost-to-own data for new Nissan Pulsar NX.

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