[83], In April 1942, Bulkeley led his squadron in an attack on the Japanese cruiser Kuma. Everything on this Web site authored by Finn J.D. PT-113 "Green Banana / Zero Chaser"  grounded/abandoned August 8, 1943 “We’ll get her up to speed and do a nice turn with her to see what she can do,” Benedetto said, before spinning the wheel and launching the boat into a graceful maneuver as it glides across the lake’s surface. PT-193 "Bitchin' Witch"  captain Taylor scuttled June 25, 1944 PT-658  restored in 2005 by Save The PT-Boat You've taken me out of the jaws of death, and I won't forget it."[59]. PT-121 "Snafu"  sunk by friendly fire March 27, 1944 Knowing this, I am sure that every American, if faced individually with the question as to where General MacArthur could best serve his country, could come to only one answer. I know nothing about this boat, or why it’s here. PT-9 was to serve as the prototype for all the early Elco PT boats. This type of construction made it possible for damage to the wooden hulls of these boats to be easily repaired at the front lines by base force personnel. [22] During the Guadalcanal and Solomon Island campaigns in 1942–1943, the PT boats of Squadrons (MTBRON) 2, 3, 5 and 6 would lie in wait to ambush a target from torpedo range, generally about 1,000 yards (910 m).[22]. To them, it looked like their youth. When these weapons were found to be successful, they were incorporated onto the PT boats as original armament. In addition, the Canadian Power Boat Company produced four Scott-Paine designed PTs for the U.S. Although the American Mark 8 torpedo did have problems with porpoising and circular runs, it could and did have success against common classes of targets. One captured Japanese soldier's diary described their fear of PT boats by describing them as "the monster that roars, flaps its wings, and shoots torpedoes in all directions."[24]. In April 1941, MTBRON 1 reported enthusiasm over the 81-foot Higgins (PT-6), and with the Higgins showing such good seakeeping further purchase of Scott-Paine boats was unnecessary. PT-32  used to evacuate General MacArthur's staff from Mariveles PT-23  aborted voyage to Midway Atoll due to broken crankshaft However, during the second endurance run, which was made in a very rough sea for this size boat, structural failures again occurred in PT-70. PT-67  sunk March 17, 1943 [53] He ordered his crew to man the .50-caliber machine guns and get ready to launch torpedoes. The exhilarating moment onboard the Higgins Industries Patrol-Torpedo boat was just one of many as Fox News got an early ride on the finished product of a multi-year project at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. He also granted permission for Elco, Higgins, and the Philadelphia Navy Yard to use his patented laminated keel, which increased hull strength, although neither Elco nor Higgins ever chose to use it on their boats. PT-41 therefore pulled up at the wharf first, with MacArthur on the bow. December 12, 1942 by gunfire from destroyers Kawakaze and Suzukaze PT-659 was in terrible shape, but there were pieces of it that could be used to make 658 whole.

The larger punch of the 37mm round was desirable, but the crews looked for something that could fire faster than the single-shot army anti-tank weapon. PT-167  survived the war, scuttled November 11, 1945

MacArthur later defended his decision to take her instead of an American nurse. [22] They also performed lifesaving and anti-shipping mine destruction missions during the invasion. Cost to the Government fully equipped $206,600. By the war's end, most PTs had these weapons. As gunboats they could be effective against enemy small craft, especially armored barges used by the Japanese for inter-island transport.

It was a massive, weatherbeaten old hulk, 78 feet long and 20 feet wide, wallowing by the dock on Treasure Island in the Alameda estuary of San Francisco Bay. On 11 July 1938, invitations to builders and designers were issued with prizes awarded for the winning PT boat designs given out on 30 March 1939. [13] MacArthur's wife, Jean MacArthur, and young son, Arthur MacArthur IV, went with him to Corregidor. [66][67], Brett went back to Leary, expecting to be turned down again, but this time, Leary gave Brett the aircraft he wanted. “I’m real anxious to get aboard and hear those engines start up and feel the vibrations under my feet again,” James Nerison, a U.S. Navy Torpedoman 1st Class on PT-305, told Fox News. 77' Elco

[64] He therefore approached Vice Admiral Herbert F. Leary, the commander of naval forces in the Anzac Area, to ask for a loan of some of twelve newly arrived Navy B-17s. Here's what happened. Some time earlier, a storm had sunk it in the bay; luckily, it had only been in a few feet of water, and easily refloated, but now it lay low in the water, its bilges heavily laden with silt and gravel and water that had seeped in where the hull had been patched. The boats also used a lot of high octane gasoline for their size, making them too expensive to operate for a peacetime navy. [89] Bulkeley contributed to a book about his PT squadron's exploits, entitled They Were Expendable. But when the city built one as an ambulance boat, it flopped. Structural weaknesses resulting in transverse fractures of deck planking. [81] To Joseph Goebbels, MacArthur was a "fleeing general", while Benito Mussolini labeled him a coward. In an important note after winning the design competition for the smaller PT boat, George Crouch wrote that Hickman's Sea Sled design would be far superior "in either rough or smooth water to that of the best possible V-bottom or hard chine design". PT-157 "Aces and Eights / Old Pickle Puss"  scuttled November 27, 1945 “PT sailors’ dreams afloat once more,” Portland Oregonian, 08 Jun 2004; National Register of Historic Places registration form, “Motor Torpedo Boat PT-658,” 04 Sep 2012), TAGS: #PLACES-#THINGS: #historic #mcguffins :: #EVENTS: #war :: #PEOPLE: #doers #warriors #promoters :: # #marine #famous #underdog :: LOC: #pdx :: #270. The Porpoise was one ugly boat in 1992 when the guys from Portland first laid eyes on it.

The handcrafted Huckins PT was produced at their civilian facility at a speed of one per month. The depth charge could be set to go off at 100 feet (30 m), and by the time it exploded, the pursuing destroyer might be above it. Despite this, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three continued to patrol. I had an instant reply about that this is: http://washingtonourhome.com/uss-plainview-the-ship-that-flew/, Plainview wasn’t a “hydroplane”, but a Hydrofoil. Relaunched after hull restoration from 1995 to 2005,[38] it is located at Pier 308, Vigor Shipyard in Portland, Oregon's Swan Island Lagoon. Do you by chance have any information about it? PT-658 was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.[40]. With the loss of Cebu City, there were no more torpedoes, so the active careers of the remaining boats of Bulkeley's squadron came to an end. Here's the story. PT-168 "Raidin' Maiden"  scuttled November 11, 1945 at Samar You are authorized to take your chief of staff General Sutherland. The shallow depth meant Allied destroyers were unable to follow them due to the risk of running aground and the barges could be protected by an umbrella of shore batteries. Boats for Sale or Auction Sale of Abandoned Vessels at Auction – October 28, 2020 The following vessels will be sold at auction on the 28th of October , 2020 at 10:00 AM at the Port of Port Townsend Work Yard located at 2790 Washington Street in Port Townsend. A Portland real-estate guy found a loophole in the law and claimed a patch of beach for his own, and his friends in the state Legislature tried to keep it that way. MacArthur took nothing. PT-353  sunk by friendly fire March 27, 1943 Anyone interested in volunteering or donating can learn more about that on the Web site, or by calling 503-286-3083. By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. He abandoned his family, changed his name, moved to Oregon, bilked widows and orphans in two big real-estate swindles ... and was promptly elected to Congress. PT-48 "Prep Tom / Deuce"  displayed at Fleet Obsolete The PT boat was very different from the first generation of torpedo boat, which had been developed at the end of the 19th century and featured a displacement hull form. At the same time, Henry R. Sutphen of Electric Launch Company (Elco) and his designers (Irwin Chase, Bill Fleming, and Glenville Tremaine) visited the United Kingdom in February 1939 at the Navy's request to see British motor torpedo boat designs with a view to obtaining one that could be used as a check on the Navy's efforts. [82] Marshall decided that the best way to counter this was to award MacArthur the Medal of Honor. [94] So too was Bulkeley, who lauded MacArthur as "the greatest general as well as statesman since George Washington", and hailed his decision to escape on PT boats as a stroke of genius. In the interval between the first and second test periods the PT-70 was repaired and an effort made to eliminate the causes of the structural failures. These boats were PT-5 and PT-6 (built using government-required Sparkman and Stephens design, scaled to an overall length of 81 ft (25 m)) and then PT-6 "Prime" which was redesigned by Andrew Higgins personally using his own methods. 2008. p, At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy by Captain Robert J. Bulkley, Jr. USNR (Retired), Learn how and when to remove this template message, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons Training Center, escape from Corregidor Island, Philippines, Motor Torpedo Squadron ONE, Report for Pearl Harbor Attack, "Damned by Faint Praise: The life and hard times of Albert Hickman", "Navy Acquires Small Speedy Torpedo Boats", Former Site of Miami Shipbuilding Corporation (Miami), "DESCRIPTION AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE DEWANDRE-ELCO POWER-OPERATED MACHINE GUN TURRET", "Twin .50 Cal Browning Navy Aircraft Mount MK9", "WAR DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL MANUAL TM 9-252", PT Boats, Inc.- Action Report – Into Action, Southwest Pacific – Return to the Philippines, "JFK's WWII boat may be at the bottom of the Harlem River", PT Boat burning – November & December 1945 – Samar, Philippines PT Boats Inc, http://www.navsource.org/archives/12/05048.htm, "The decade-long, $6M effort to put a 74-year-old WWII boat back to water", National Museum of the Pacific War official site, "PT-658, last remaining operable PT boat from World War II, named to National Register of Historic Places", "Motor Torpedo Boat Photo Archive: PT-694", At Close Quarters: PT Boats in the United States Navy. The Wild Places. After a lengthy restoration[31][32] PT-305 has been restored to a seaworthy, operational vessel. Higgins Industries of New Orleans, Louisiana produced 199 78 ft (24 m) boats of the PT-71/PT-235, PT-265 and PT-625 classes. It had to be the most awkward prison-break scenario in the history of the universe. “We’re setting a speed record for this millennium!” gushes Mark Masor, a naval architect, holding up a phone app indicating that the 73-year-old boat is pushing 30 knots (around 34 mph), the fastest it has gone since the completion of its restoration. [84] With the loss of Cebu City, there were no more torpedoes, so the active careers of the remaining boats of Bulkeley's squadron came to an end.

She was reclassified as a harbor patrol boat (YP 110) for the duration of the war. Additionally, a few PT boats were equipped to carry naval mines launched from mine racks, but these were not commonly used. PT-33

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