If you’re making alfalfa meal tea as a fertilizer, this is a great way to do it! This meal’s been fermented before drying and powdering, and is … Because it is known to improve soil structure (tilth) and control weeds in subsequent crops, alfalfa is an integral component of many crop rotation plans. * Boron 20-80 ppm

Approximate analysis is 3-1-2. Iron chelate is an organic substance that holds micronutrients in a form that can be absorbed by plants. Tomato growers dilute the tea with water 10:1 and use it as a constant drip feed. How it works in the garden They will take longer to break down. * Zinc 20-70 ppm, Gardening and micro-homesteading, Gulf Coast style, 32-gallon plastic trash barrel with a fitted lid. You do not want to encourage this new growth that could be burned by an early frost. If you have used cubes, you may have to stir more than once a day. For smaller clumps, reduce the amount by about one-half. * Bentaine Add 5 pounds of Alfalfa Meal for every 100 square foot as a general fertilizer for vegetable gardens. Apply generously to the root area of shrubs and flowers or use as a foliar spray after straining the solids out. The longer it brews, the better it is but the worse it will smell. * Aspartic Acid, 2.3% Making smaller batches It also includes sugars, starches, proteins, fiber and 16 amino acids. Alfalfa Cubes The result will be a thick tea. Plants that are fed alfalfa tea often have a greatly expanded root system over untreated specimens. They fed it to their horses claiming it made them swift and strong. Alfalfa is so valuable that it is used for human consumption as well. Alfalfa is one of the most nutritious cultivated forage crops in the US. Use a mask to cover your nose and mouth when you apply meal, even on a calm day. They may break dormancy earlier and may have a noticeable increase in the thickness and number of leaves. Alfalfa is a vegan alternative to blood meal as a high source of nitrogen as a soil amendment. At recommended rates alfalfa works wonders on roses but it can be overused causing adverse effects.Alfalfa Tea: Put one cup alfalfa meal in a 5 gallon bucket. * Leucine, 1.6% * Magnesium .30 – 1 % It was introduced into the eastern United States in 1736 and is our oldest introduced forage crop.

Today, alfalfa is grown on 23 million acres from coast to coast and is the nation’s fourth largest acreage crop.

Take a small or convenient size pail and scoop into the tea barrel after stirring one last time and apply to your plants.

There are species found in the wild all over central Asia and into Siberia. Epsom salt encourages new canes to break on roses and berries. Alfalfa meal: Alfalfa is high in nitrogen and a good source of the growth regulator Triacontanol. Fish emulsion is a fertilizer made from fish byproducts. and protein that significantly helps to speed up the process. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate which improves nitrogen uptake and increases the production of chlorophyll. Alfalfa supports the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil; particularly beneficial bacteria.

* Folic Acid Reduce or eliminate the Epsom salts in later batches. The solids you strain out can be broadcast in the garden and scratched in. Your nose will tell you when it is ready since it has a distinct barnyard smell. molasses or other complex liquid sugars, *1-2 tbsp.

* Lysine, Total, 1.1% Alfalfa contains a wealth of nutrients that have been shown to be beneficial to plant growth. * Pyridoxine Tests on dry alfalfa reveal that it contains an average of 3.75 –5.5% nitrogen, 0.75 – 3.5% potassium, 0.3 – 0.7% phosphorus, 1 – 2% calcium, 0.30 – 1% magnesium, 0.2 – 0.5% sulfur. * Phenylalanine, 1.0% Apply up to a gallon around a large clump of bulbs or perennials. of Alfalfa meal into the top few inches of soil for each 100 square feet or 50 feet of row crops (for rows 2' wide). Before applying the tea, put on some old clothes.

Alfalfa is a good source of vitamins A and B; Folic acids, sugars, starches, crude proteins, fiber, and 16 amino acids such as tricontanol, a natural fatty-acid growth stimulant. There are several ways to brew alfalfa tea. Using alfalfa tea Sprinkle lightly over garden and water, or use about a handful (depending on the size) around each rose, tree, or shrub. Alfalfa is a vegan alternative to blood meal as a high source of nitrogen as a soil amendment. *1 - 4 cups Earthworm Castings or mature compost, *1-2 tbsp. However, it was not widely grown in this country until the California Gold Rush of 1849. * Tyrosine, 0.5%

Photo Right - Alfalfa tea can be made from meal, pellets or hay, it can be used by spraying directly on the plant as a foliar spray or as a liquid fertilizer around the base of all types of vegetable plants. It has a very high yield potential compared to other forage crops. Apply the tea once per month in the spring and summer. Make alfalfa tea by soaking 1 cup of alfalfa meal per 5 gallon of water. Alfalfa in history

Alfalfa helps plants create larger flowers and increases the tolerance to cold. The name ‘alfalfa’ comes from Arabic, Persian, and Kashmiri words meaning ‘best horse fodder’ and ‘horse power.’ The modern word alfalfa is derived from the Arabic word alfisfisa, meaning ‘fresh fodder’. One word of caution – if you have trouble with wild rabbits, pellets and cubes will only make that problem worse. Alfalfa meal is also an excellent addition to compost piles serving as a source of nitrogen and protein that significantly helps to speed up the process. Adding a cup of alfalfa meal two times a month to worm bins will boost worm activity. Alfalfa meal will breakdown in garden soil more rapidly than pellets or cubes. Alfalfa was probably domesticated near Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus regions, and other regions in Asia Minor.

Alfalfa cubes are not the best choice for garden use. There are numerous compost activators on the market but nothing has come close to the results we have seen with this outstanding compost activator. Search Library Topics      Search Newspaper Columns.

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