Now that Isla isn't the little 8 year old girl Anakin once knew, she catches his eye and the passion and desire grows between them. What if the fight with Obi-Wan didn’t happen? Nor hatred. However, mystical fate intervenes and she comes face to face with the fabled man in the mask in his forbidding and fiery domain. I do not own Voltron or Star Wars or art. It changes things. It's pure fluff and cotton candy rainbows to help deal with the pain of RotS and Order 66. he asked softly. The Clone Wars continue still.

Anakin nodded slightly and returned his gaze to the stars. Mourn them do not. There he discovers a link to the past he'd rather forget. He escapes with a little help from a girl named Ahsoka. When news of a rebellion reaches them years later, Padmé finds herself having to choose between her children's safety and the protection of the whole galaxy. All at the same time. Years later, the Empire has come to fruition under now Emperor Palpatine and his right-hand Darth Vader, destroyer of the Jedi. One year following the establishment of the First Galactic Empire, Darth Vader is drawn to Alderaan by rumors of a force-sensitive child adopted by Bail Organa. Vader is excited about his newest addition, but Padmé is determined to escape. Ashlyn raised her eyebrows in surprise and looked back at Padmé, who seemed very amused by this, before looking back at the boy. There he meets Obi Wan, a stunningly hot guy. Padme survives — thanks to Force Healing. Who knows! From a very young age, Padme knew what was expected of her. Within the Force (Star Wars fanfiction) Book One, Break my heart (Anakin Skywalker x Reader), Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala (Short One Shots/Stories). “Death is a natural part of life. Anakin doesn't get burned on mustafar and secretly is still on the light side. More than anything else, he hates not being able to reassure his close friends that he's alright. Probably due to the fact that his brothers are absolute maniacs. That's what Ahsoka was told by Anakin all those years ago and now, Ahsoka finds Anakin's children hidden in these mountains. I may be dark but I know how to control it. The man who killed my husband, my everything. "Fighting against an oppressive empire with very little support, feels just like old times doesn't it?". He walks the only path that is known and mastered by him, war, Hoping that one day his wretched life would come to an abrupt end. She gave him an amused smile, and he felt himself melting in confusion and wonder. Miserable, alone and with no dreams of a better future. When Qui-Gon finds two force sensitive children on Tatooine, he doesn't hesitate to take them both. Padme finds that even when living in the paradise of Naboo, nothing lasts forever when Anakin … My twin brother Anikan was born to be the one to bring order and peace to the force. The paladins recieve a distress signal that causes them to believe that there are surviving Alteans that are in need of help. Against this backdrop, Anakin trains to be a Jedi Knight. ), [set in the ‘to these memories’ verse, although ‘to these memories’ doesn’t necessarily have to be read in order to understand the gist of this story!].

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