Sgt_Saurius Like the 9th picture in screenshots!! Either way, the zip file is up now , No. The first one is….. just don’t show me your bu_ it’s complicated…, © 2014-2020 are not affiliated with Mojang AB.Privacy PolicySubscriptionsContact UsAbout Us, Detailful Guns Addon V2.7 HD/2D (1.16 Only). Minor bug fixes with images clipping into each other. How did u add high pixel photos to the paintings? Added READ ME.txt to the pack with important information in it for other content creators/tinkerers who'd like to learn from my work. Removed old download files. I made some Anime Paintings of popular characters from Anime for Minecraft. The latest hot-fix should now have fixed this issue. Feel free to follow me on various social media @sgt_sauris –> Twitter and YouTube, Also please check out my other addons here! i have this one problem unfortunately this doesn’t work on realms.. but other addon paintings works well except this.. Look whos talking everyone grow up to be a pervert i am talking faxs kid, PODRIAS SUBUVIR EL MOD DE ONLINE PICTURES PLS Either works. If you would like to see another Anime Paintings resource/mash-up pack feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, other social media, or comment below with suggestions for anime you’d like to see in it. aHahahH ThE FirSt oNe oN thE tOp LeFt AHhaHhhahaha. Or maybe just have a zip file download? This addon should work with any version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition that supports paintings past v1.13.0. Give me the image in HD (kz.png) or the file is ready pls. I have something special coming out soon to celebrate, so stay tuned on my Twitter, and also, subscribe to my profile for notifications at If so may i request one? i’m here just for jojo’s bizarre paintings. At least that is the way it works here in the U.S. where I am based. Best of luck! If you have anything that meets that requirement, feel free to send it to me on my Twitter ( and I’ll consider adding it in the next version . Thank you, my lord. Thanks in advance!! At most they are are PG-13. Absolutely beautiful. Can you tell me the character in the bottom left? Assuming you mean NSFW pictures, I am afraid not. An update to the Anime Paintings Addon? Just submitted the update request. I just tested the latest version ( Anime Paintings v1.0.2.mcaddon [LATEST VERSION} (Mediafire Download) ) in the v. beta on Windows 10 and it worked fine. Hope you enjoy. So feel free to share it with friends! Thanks for both checking, and letting everyone here know , looks like hentai perverts have reached Minecraft…, Is says “Failed to import, not a valid zip archive, Does it work for Mac? So if you are mobile that may be an issue, but I would imagine that would probably not affect it. This texture pack changes ALL of the paintings in Minecraft to higher resolution anime related ones instead. I love console users too! If you would like, you can direct message me on Twitter if it would be easier to communicate there ( I’d need more info to properly analyze the issue. Why bro, imagine you playing minecraft with your friend and when u go to his home; open the door; he says no, you go back at night and in his bedroom you see that…, I think I got a friend that have painting in his house I wonder what happens when turn it on and his GF visit my friend in Minecraft go to his house and I think my friend might say UUUUUMMMMM I CAN EXPLAIN, NEW VERSION DOESNT WORK ON REALMS, FORCES A DIFFERENT PACK. Please reach out to me on my Twitter if you are still having issues. . The character is Senko from The Helpful Fox Senko-san. –> This addon should work with any version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition that supports paintings past v1.13.0. “GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I’M PLAYING MINECRAFT!!”. When you have time, could you please alter it so it could be used for a Mac? If you are on Xbox, you will need the zip file, and to follow the instructions in this video to import it: Please let me know if there are any further issues . Good texture but can you give the sauce of the photos you know for research, the new one dosnt work but the old one does. , cast this world into the sun and let it burn BRUH ARE YOU BLIND, Absolutely magnificent I appreciate your work. If you discover any bugs or have any issues with the resource pack, the best way to let me know is through a private message on Twitter. This mod will replacing hurt, death and attack sounds to moaning sound. I’d be glad to help you out there! By Sgt_Sauris Where’s the version of ONLY Jojo paintings?! I really like this texture. However, at least you have anime paintings in your Minecraft world now! Or, if you just have a suggestion for another addon/resource pack entirely, feel free to let me know through any or all of the previously mentioned methods as well! Thank you! Nice choice for secret character. , Less memes more anime paintings But I don’t think it works for MacBook. Hello I was wondering if you could make it so it supported 1.13 if that’s ok, i like how you added JoJo in there, makes this packs even better, Exactly, Random!! Complete redesign of the description. That might fix it. As for why it’s on MCPEDL? What's this? Hey…add Nisekoi and The God Only Knows anime painting or make it a seperate mcpack…. Go to websites like and donate to or like artists there. When trying to get it into Minecraft, it says something about an unnamed pack. . I mean, why do people buy posters for movies or TV shows they like in real life? After changing the UUID and updating the files everything seemed to work on my end. Love It Tho, more jojo please Now broadcasting : Black Cat I think divine is a bit far… but either way you’re welcome. is this even legal mcpedl? Either way the art looks GLORIOUS!!! Also… I know “summer slide” is very real, however, maybe consider going to a summer school/class for English?

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