Jan 14, 2019 #1 i was alwas saying bad words in arabic in the chat i was wondering if its illegal in the hypixel network ? Arabic Translation. As always a word of caution is in order: be careful how and when you use any of these swear words. it’s a particle, then we simply ignore it and consider the first non-particle ..u can use words from 7 to 10 ..they’re less insulting and not actually related to specific family’s member or any sensitive thing or something ,,Ya kalb ,mean you dog ..Tozz feek is also accepted if u get really upset and the one who got u upset deserves it ,,also ,ya khara ,,it’s used more in Egypt ,Syria ..but in my country Libya ,we don’t use this word ,lol we have another similar word for SHIT ! But then again, most people are lazy and you'll probably get away with it lol, sucks to speak english sometimes :I, i’m 90% sure cussing isn’t even mutable unless it’s excessive. Just getting started with a new alphabet or writing system? You must log in or register to reply here. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-10-27 My grandma used to cuss at us when we were little brats in Arabic. What kind of Arabic is this? Tried looking up the meaning of these words in Arabic on the internet and couldn’t find any information. This word is a bit more vulgar in Arabic because of how graphic it can get, so it isn’t as commonly used, although when it is, it gets straight to the point. Well, we’ve discussed several ways to express anger in Arabic, but I am pretty sure some of you are interested in learning some of the most common swear words in Arabic. You have to do the research on your own or have some Arab friends who will teach you. but please please use them with caution or just try to avoid using them . Consider the following examples. ..they’re very vulgar ,and Arabs don’t joke about their family’s “honor” ,so if u want to get beaten up or get fired ,say those words to an Arab !! والتوتر. Let’s just say if there is anything worse than calling someone a dog, this is it. A verbal sentence in Arabic begins with a verb and is usually followed by the subject of that verb (فاعل). (nominal sentence). word. The predicate or khabar becomes the khabar of inna and remains in the nominative case. A week later she was back from that country. This is the common equivalent of “kiss my ass.” This literally means “lick my ass,” and is also used between friends or when someone is trying to mock or belittle another person in the group. As mentioned earlier, the words in a sentence can be separated Unfortunately, about all the Arabic we learned at Sitti and Jidduh’s house was swear words and food names. I visited Egypt a lot and never heard Kiss Ikhtak, always Kuss Ummak. Most swear words in Arabic are either family or sex related. Literally means ‘blindness’. ..Ek/Ak in Akhabarek/ak “depends on the accent” ,it’s Dhameer Mutasel ..it’s the “Your” in English ..the whole phrase literally means >> What’s your latest updates “with life!” . One day he had a particularly dense student and muttered “hmoor” under his breath.

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