Poss. Sir John de Grey of Shirland Derbyshire, ancestor of the Barons Grey of Wilton and Barons Grey of Ruthyn,[2] and through the Ruthyn Greys he was ancestor of John Grey of Groby, the first husband of Elizabeth Woodville, who later married Edward IV. Katherine died in 1521. Another possibility is that the wife of Henry de Grey was Robert’s sister and that “Isold de Gray” who is named in the 1 Jul 1225 source was the couple’s daughter. Hugh’s children would presumably therefore have been born in [1160/80]. c.1438. Around 1199 he married at Thurrock, Essex, Isolda Bardolf (Hoo, Kent, c. 1168 - bef. Having initially supported the House of Lancaster during the Wars of the Roses , he later gave his allegiance to the victorious King Edward IV. The commission does not seem to have reached a verdict, and the following year Grey and the Vernons were made to swear oaths not to intimidate the jurors appointed to investigate the matter. Lord Grey (of Rotherfield). William de Grey of Cavendish, Suffolk, of Landford, Nottinghamshire and of Sandiacre, Derbyshire, ancestor of the Greys of Merton, Norfolk and a remote ancestor of the Barons Walsingham, Hugh de Grey (born Chillingham, Northumberland, c. 1203), father of John de Grey, born in Scotland, and grandfather of Thomas de Grey of Heton (Heton, Northumberland, circa 1266 - Angus, Scotland, 1310), whose son Sir Thomas de Grey of Heaton (circa 1297 - bef. This source suggests that Isolda de Grey was the daughter of the second sister of Robert Bardulf, and co-heir of her uncle. [1] Despite a record of conflict with other members of the nobility, he enjoyed the confidence of the King, who appointed him Lord Deputy of Ireland, an office in which he was a notable failure. This Henry de Grey is NOT mentioned with Greys of Rotherfield,above, therefore NOT father of Walter de Grey, Archbishop of York -Relationship removed. ii) ROBERT de Grey (-12 or 14 Jan 1388). Henry de Grey, 1st Baron Grey of Codnor died after 1224 at of Codnor, Derbyshire, England. Robert & his first wife had one child: (1) JOAN de Grey (Rotherfield [30] Jul 1386-20 Nov 1408). m secondly AVICE Marmion, daughter of JOHN Marmion Lord Marmion & his wife --- (-20 Mar 1379). Son of Richard de Grey and Howis de Grey William & his wife had children: i) RICHARD de Grey of Sandiacre (-1298). Sir Henry was the son of Richard de Grey (born Thurrock, Essex, c. 1140 and married c. 1157 [Wikipedia is not trustworthy on birth date or place]) and probably a great-grandson of Anchetil de Greye of Rotherfield Greys in Oxfordshire. Henry de Grey, later 4th Baron Grey (of Codnor) 2. At the end of the hearing the King strictly ordered Grey not to favour or maintain any malefactors in the town of Nottingham. HENRY de Grey of Grays Thurrock, Essex (-1219). [1] Before 1201 he was also granted the Manor of Codnor, Derbyshire, and in 1216 was also granted by King Henry III of England the Manor of Grimston in Nottinghamshire. [S125] Richard Glanville-Brown, online , Richard Glanville-Brown (RR 2, Milton, Ontario, Canada), downloaded 17 August 2005. She died in 1481. [8] During the 1989 abeyance termination proceedings it was deemed that they were summoned to Parliament, but there was no evidence that they sat in a properly constituted Parliament. There are contrary indications concerning the parentage of Isolda. John & his wife had children: i) BARTHOLOMEW de Grey ([1351]-12 Nov 1375). iii) MAUD de Grey . 12 March 1343/1344) was taken prisoner by the Scots at Bannockburn and who was the ancestor of all three creations of the Earls of Tankerville, and the Earls Grey [FALSE LINES] Robert de Grey, ancestor of the Barons Grey of Rotherfield - FALSE, he was the son of *Hawise* de Grey and brother of Walter the Archbishop of York. He had two natural sons, Richard and Henry, for whom he made generous provision in his will. He retained the favour of two later monarchs, Richard III and Henry VII, bo… Poss. The birth date of Hugh [I] Bardolf (father of Robert Bardolf) is estimated to before 1135 (see above). 4. Brother of Joan de Grey and Jane Grey, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Grey,_4th_Baron_Grey_of_Codnor, Richard Grey, 4th Baron Grey of Codnor d.1418, Knight of the Gartor 1404 from: Wikipedia List of Knights of the Garter. Henry Grey, 4th (7th) Baron Grey of Codnor. He is the common ancestor of innumerable members of the British aristocracy, and was the progenitor of a considerable number of noble houses bearing the surname Grey or Gray; Sir Henry's descendants in the direct male line went on to be ennobled with no less than eighteen peerages, including eleven substantive baronies, a viscountcy, three earldoms (Kent, Tankerville and Grey), a marquessate and two dukedoms. WALTER de Grey . G.E. Geni requires JavaScript! Richard Grey, 4th Baron Grey of Codnor d.1418 Knight of the Gartor 1404 from: Wikipedia List of Knights of the Garter The 1989 termination of the 1496 abeyance held that the barony be dated 1397, as there was evidence the 4th Baron sat in Parliament. HM George I's 16-Great Grandfather. - see below. There are contrary indications concerning the parentage of Isolda. unknown de Grey, father of Eve de Grey who married Walter Beke of Eresby Lincolnshire and was ancestor of the Barons Willoughby de Eresby - FALSE, s/he was a brother or sister of Walter and Robert.

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