You want your Super Vinci to handle itself like a Super Vinci? Still, if the Ethos was more intuitive to shoot and bettered the SBE’s action, why wouldn’t the company enlarge its chamber to 3½", remove embellishments, stifle its recoil and bombproof it with a camouflage-dipped synthetic stock? Both the Vinci and Super Vinci are built the same, overall, and have three main sections – stock, trigger group, and receiver/barrel. View All Super Black Eagle 3 Series ; Super Black Eagle 3 - BE.S.T. So, who’s the winner? Go to the store and handle the two guns--I personally am not fond of the Vinci feel. View All Super Black Eagle 3 Series ; Super Black Eagle 3 - BE.S.T. Every aspect of the shotgun has been given consideration on how to make it better function and perform on the range and in the field. The shotgun has a “red bar” fiber optic front sight that mates up with a mid-rib bead. Really the only negative is that gas actions tend to mitigate recoil better, and that is why I think Benelli has developed other ways of countering recoil. Both have large trigger guards that accommodate heavy gloves, and each trigger group features easy, one-pin removal for cleaning. loads up to the heaviest super magnums, although lower-velocity rounds gave each trouble. reduced-recoil loads, but it devoured everything over 1 oz. In fact, to my knowledge only one gun malfunctioned at all, when, on the last day, one particular gun experienced a shell carrier malfunction. Upload or insert images from URL. Never owned a Benelli before but i will now. Again, remember comfort, but don’t let it compromise your stance or accuracy. “It’s so light. I installed the lowest, right cast shim on my Super Vinci for proper alignment. Unfortunately, there is no designated shotgun shell carrier for the Super Vinci. × After 25 years of abuse, I’ve only generated two complaints about the original. The forend is slender and contoured for human hands, gloved or ungloved, to fit easily and naturally around it. Our guide, whose eyes and ears are trained to pick them out at distance, began the distinct, high-pitched series of clucks—screams almost—on his call. However, the shells were 2 3/4″ high brass rated at 1,300 fps. It was the first semi-automatic that would shoot 2¾", 3" and 3½" shells in any order without adjustment; it came with five choke tubes for nearly any situation; it weighed 7 lbs., so it could be carried all day; it wore a then-rare synthetic stock and matte-black-finished steel to survive any environment. They gave people the Vinci, and two years later introduced the next generation of Vinci. The different models come with 5 choke tubes – cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full choke – treated with Benelli’s own Crio system. When it comes to a shotgun the likes of the Super Vinci, there are a few basic accessories which it helps to have around: This shotgun is both lightweight and one of the best-balanced shooters out there, but it can also be a pain in the neck to carry, especially for a few days. As I demonstrated by holding the gun barrel down on the floor and placing force on the butt, it allows the buttstock to flex about 1/2". I probably shot the SBE II a little better, and the Performance Shop enhancements were certainly nice. That is, several gobblers have been spared by the rotating bolt head of Benelli’s inertia action. Of course, just because the gun has the ability to fire 3.5″ shells, it doesn’t mean that it must be used for that purpose. Super Black Eagle 3 - BE.S.T. To ease use with gloved hands, the shotgun has a redesigned magazine cap that has grooved texturing and an almost triangular shape. My Super Vinci came with the factory set of five flush-mount chokes, but I also had on hand a set of Triple Threat tubes for it. When first introduced in 1992, the prevalent thought among waterfowlers was that pump-action shotguns were the only way to go. Still, that front-mounted safety bugs me, which is probably why I shot the SBE II, with its properly placed safety (again, my opinion), better. For two decades, the Super Black Eagle has been Benelli’s flagship semi-auto. The whole point of the Inertia system is the low cost of manufacturing compared to any gas system or long recoil. How do they make a gun like this so light?” he quipped noting that it felt like it weighed less than his 20-gauge pump-action shotgun. More on that later. Hopefully, no more. Because of this upgrade, if the bolt is inadvertently pulled back, or if a shooter wishes to be quiet by riding the bolt while chambering a shell, the new bolt’s default is to move into battery to avoid misfiring. To say I couldn’t be happier with my purchase would be an understatement. At the time, it made a big splash, and rightfully so. In the hand, the SBE 3 feels exactly like you would expect from a $2,000 shotgun. An extension for the Super Vinci magazine can help you add more firepower to this beast of a shotgun. View Series. what would one give that the other cannot do? Any high quality 3″ or 3½” will do. Its a left hand operation gun I haven’t messed with the shims. Rather than a round, pea-size action-release button, the SBE features a Tylenol-bar shaped, 0.69" job that’s easier to find and punch with a gloved hand or with a finger of the support hand. Hunters tend to be traditionalists, where function trumps form. Bringing You Honest, Reliable, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews. E-mail your comments/questions about this site For questions/comments about American Rifleman magazine, please You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Rifleman, visit for more information. The Super Vinci has the ComforTech Plus stock, which is a real blessing. Image courtesy of manufacturer. It would not cycle 0.9-oz. I'm having trouble deciding whether I want to buy the sbe II or the super Vinci. The bottom of the forend, like the pistol grip, is textured for improved grip.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Because recoil certainly comes into play when banging away using heavy magnum 3- or 3½-inch loads in a gun like this, the Super Black Eagle 3 employs a third-generation ComforTech stock and Combtech cheek pad. The SBE3 also borrows the Ethos’ oversized controls. By Model. That’s because on rising targets, the shooter must apply lead above the bird, but if your shotgun places its pattern on point-of-aim, the bird will be hidden from view by the barrel; it’s the reason most bird guns’ barrels are regulated for 60/40 patterns, and trap guns often more than that. What follows is a side by side comparison of these two fine shotguns. Key among the Super Black Eagle 3’s (SBE 3) dozens of new features designed to improve the look, feel and performance of the shotgun is the addition of an “Easy Locking System” on the very popular inertia-driven action. Treat it with respect and get it some heavy shells, instead of the smaller ones. Noting that a spent 3½" shell opens to nearly 4", the SBE3’s port is able to accommodate them because the fully retracted bolt recedes behind the port by nearly 1/2". If they do, and some have, call Benelli Customer service to have the issue addressed. For more information, visit Still, my original was functional, and it was paid for. These were rare instances, but they did happen. Louis. In addition to high-volume wingshooting with both light loads for farm-pilfering pigeons and 3" magnum steel on ducks, geese and swans, New Zealand in July is the opposite of the States. As far as brass goes – the higher and bigger they are, the better. is the standard 12-ga. load, and they are guaranteed), I found that the new gun cycles 1-oz. Temperatures ebbed below freezing while rain and sleet pelted us like prisoners. shells (1 1⁄8 ozs. Why the rib doesn’t extend all the way back to the receiver is beyond me. By Type. However, the recent introduction of the 3½-inch Super Vinci threatened to challenge the SBE II’s dominance, leaving many waterfowlers wondering which one they should buy. ???? What a morning! For me, the SBE II shoulders better and feels better and never had mine jam. If you want it to shoot like a Benelli should, you need to play an active role in its discipline and education. Another issue which some people encounter isn’t really an issue, per se, but rather a case of inconvenience and adaptation. And oh, what a venue to field test Benelli USA’s new flagship shotgun it was! Shotguns. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Secondly, due to its heavy recoil and inertial springs required to handle 3½" shells, it struggled to extract and eject light, 1-oz. The Remington 870: Greatest Pump Shotgun Ever Made? With the new design, that problem has been virtually eliminated, and the shotgun handles much better. However, I have no complaints about taking down my SBE as it's very easy and fairly fast to clean. The article says the SBE 3 comes in two barrel lengths and is great for waterfowl. Silence ensued as they rested their case. I'm looking to buy a new gun for waterfowl + turkey + upland bird hunting and was wondering what are the differences between the SBE3 and the Supervinci that explain the price difference between the two of them; Which feature of the gun do like the most?   You cannot paste images directly. Even so, I still wish it was behind the trigger, which also happens to be the most common complaint Benelli hears about this gun. There are many out there, which will fit other Benelli designs, but not one of them is made specifically for the Super Vinci. The heart of the Super Black Eagle 3 is the inertia driven recoil system that eschews gas operation for cycling the action and is extremely rugged. I have a Super Black Eagle II and it shoots 15 inches high and 6\8 inches to the right.

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