Change ). The perch should not have any sharp edges, and avoid the sand perches as they can hurt your birds feet. When you are I like to use branches from non-poisonous trees. feeder pooping into it! If your budgie will spend most of its time in a cage then you should be saving up for a flight cage. Budgie Info has loads of beautiful and helpful images on Pinterest. This also applies to the little I I have an interest in web development, UI, and UX design. The play hook is another nice feature of this cage, the hook will be a great location to hang your budgies favorite treats or toys. The first feature of a budgie cage that you should consider is the size. With this in mind, we recommend […], Table of Contents What are Bird Years?Budgie Age in Human YearsCockatiel Years to Human YearsBirds Age ListHow Long do Parakeets Live?How Long do Cockatiels Live?How Long do Parrots Live?How Long do Macaws Live?How Long do Lovebirds Live?How Long do Finches Live?How Long do African Greys Live?How Long do Conures Live?What Bird Lives the […]. These are real concerns as if it is fiddly to clean you may end up The cage comes with three stainless steel feeder cups, and it has three easy access swing out feeder doors. Mark has decided to share his years of knowledge by writing helpful guides for both new and experienced pet owners, Prevue Hendryx Signature Select Series Wrought Iron Bird Cage. Check For single budgie, the recommended cage size is 50x50x50 cm, about 18.5 inches). And, of course, your budgie cage will get chewed on so make sure there are no toxic materials on it anywhere. Remember that the cage will be your pet budgie’s permanent home, so make it the best as it can be. Return from Budgie Cages to Budgie Care 101, firstly you need to make sure the cage is an appropriate size for your budgie. So once you have found the budgie cages that fit these requirements you The perch is designed to hold two of the included bowls so the budgies can have access to food and water whether they are inside or outside of their cage. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I think it is so they fit in to our houses more easily. The A&E Cage Company 24″ X 22″ Play Top Bird Cage is the perfect size cage for keeping four budgies. where the feeders sit in relation to the perches. Well there are some basic steps to help View all posts by tpocky. good choice (then your bird can climb the horizontal ones and slide wire cage; the last thing you want is your little darling chewing itself The two ladders are curved and cross the entire cage from front to back. Cage Requirement The cage has a large floor to ceiling front door, which will provide you with a way to get quick access to anywhere in the cage. As they need to be able to fly to be physically and mentally healthy, you really want a cage that is longer horizontally rather than a pretty upright, narrow one. So much depends on how much out-of-cage they would get. So read on to prepare for your cage buying expedition. As an affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases made from links on this site. The cage you select for your budgie or budgies needs to be: Spacious and safe; Comfortable and convenient; Adequate quality; This second page includes everything you may need to know about choosing a cage, EXCEPT for safety advice which is to be found separately, in Part 1: Cage Dangers!.. These allow plenty or variation in size and texture to exercise the This cage also has a very large front door so you can easily reach into the cage to access your birds or anything else inside their cage. Lets face it, the whole point of having a cage rather than Budgies will also love having access to the spacious play top area when you let them outside of their cage. be cleaning this cage out regularly, and hopefully for many years. The casters will make it easy to move the cage if need be. Please consider carefully the size you get as it will determine how active your budgie can be and this will effect the health and happiness of your bird. The sturdy steel pull out litter tray makes this cage a breeze to clean. Choosing a cage for your budgie can be a daunting task. The Geo Bird Cage from Omlet (Buy Online) is a beautiful bird cage with a unique geodesic design . door so the inhabitants can’t open it. If you multiply these together you get the volume of the cage. last but not least is how will it accommodate a few special toys. And if you desire the casters provide a convenient means to move the cage from room to room. Do not put a nesting box in the cage if your budgies are under a year old, as this will do more harms than good. just slide up and down without a catch to hold them. poisonous, and also not sprayed with anything toxic (avoid trees on You need at least three, one for seed/sprout mix and one for water, and also one for veggies etc. The internal dimensions of the cage are 24″ L X 22″ W 29″ H. At 15,312 cubic inches the volume of this cage almost exactly matches the 15,300 cubic inch cage size recommended to comfortably house four budgies. how the door opens and closes, budgies learn how to open the doors that to freedom/danger! For more info please see the disclosure here. The Pet Supply Guy is also a member of Impact Radius, ShareASale, CJ, and other affiliate networks where we earn commssions from their advertising partners. fits all the following guidelines and will work perfectly, but make sure The internal dimensions of the cage are 18″ L X 18″ W 31.5″ H. At 10,206 cubic inches the volume of this cage more than meets the recommended 9,720 cubic inches required for two budgies. You may find a different type of cage that Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is where some of the prettier cages fail, they can look lovely but be a real danger to your bird. can happily pick which ever one suits you and your house… have fun! The included stand comes with a storage shelf and built in casters. What about wiping the bars, are there many difficult to get to corners? how easy is it to remove the base and replace any lining your use? If you plan on buying a cage for a single budgie (parakeet) you will need a 5500-6000 cubic inch cage. Avoid anything that is dyed as well as the paint can be toxic for the bird. Giving a budgie a large enough cage will allow them to get some exercise, even if you are not at home. Id say that is a pretty perfect cage for 2 budgies!! confronted with budgie cages of every shape, size and colour how do you The bars should be no more than 1 centimeters apart to prevent your bird from getting its head stuck. easy is it to remove the perches for an occasional scrub or disinfect? The Pet Supply Guy will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use this website, Mark has worked with a wide range animals for over 10 years, and he regularly volunteers at his local animal shelter. safe and practical it is time to think about yourself! Some very cute cages are nice to look at but won't provide a decent home for your budgie, cuteness is not a good indication of a good cage... Below are some minimum sizes, listing the height x width x length. You may have a hard time finding a cage that large. Some types of clothesline pegs can be suitable, and cheap too. but you must always check to see that the budgies have actual seed This cage comes with two stainless steel feeder cups that can be mounted in the cage by the two easy access feeder doors. down the vertical ones if it likes). If you are not able to purchase a good cagr right away, you’ll just have to wait till you can. The most common ones The Prevue Hendryx Signature Select Series cages are all very easy to move, since they come with built in casters.

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