The urge to spread scent is by no means a hostile one. If you're a genuine devotee of the kitty species, then you may be familiar with the concept of bunting -- when a cat bumps her head into you, whether your arm, face or anywhere else. If you have a close relationship with your cat you can head bunt them back or simply offer your forehead, scratch their chin, pet them on their head or talk sweetly to them. My aunt’s cat Charlie does this when he’s sleepy or already asleep. They touch noses, which is like a handshake. These cats are not relaxed at all, this is when to be concerned. She didn’t have any other symptoms that are usually associated with head-pressing, so I may have over-reacted, but I was still worrying. While it may seem like just a playful form of interaction it’s actually a significant gesture that’s reserved exclusively for members of a cat’s colony. Felines give off facial pheromones via scent glands on their cheeks. When I wake him he changes his position though, so hopefully it’s nothing, Thank you for this post. Cats head press when they’re feeling severe discomfort in their head. “Their whiskers and pupils are relaxed. Cats are known for sleeping in weird positions, from sideways to upside down. I have seen this all over the web and while it should be taken very seriously with dogs, it’s not so straightforward for cats. My oldest cat had a bad reaction to his first round of vaccinations and ended up having pancreatitis as well. Cats head bunt when they’re happy, not when they feeling aggressive, fearful, or reclusive. This could be caused by hypertension, brain tumor, or other neurological problems. That was four years ago (the vet and I guessed he was about 8 months old… Read more ». He eats a lot (normal) is playful 3 year old runs around like lunatic but sleeps on the bed all night. So wait until it head bunts you the next time. , Thank you for this post, my cat has also started sleeping with his head pressed against the wall but I wasn’t sure if this is head-pressing behaviour because he likes to smoosh his face against something while sleeping (usually my face). Often seems to be in this position but no other apparent signs. Head bunting is another piece of the puzzle to have a better relationship with your cat. Thanks for your comment, Zen. It does nothing for me but you’re nice around me.’ He doesn’t get it but it works out for them anyway,” she said. Then maybe you can reach out your hand to build trust.”. If your cute kitty head-butts you, it isn't solely an act of friendship or love, although those components are definitely there too. Actually, I was not too worried, but it helps (considering my OCD) getting an oppinion from an expert. I’ve know about head pressing in cats and have seen pictures, but never did a whole lot of research since I’ve never seen my cat do this. Although a cat marking you does often mean that she's marking you as her turf, the act isn't really a selfish one, at least not fully. There are many conditions that can cause this to happen but the most widely recognized is hepatic encephalopathy. Head bunting is typically an affectionate behavior. But Johnson-Bennett cautions that you should know your cat’s likes and dislikes. They may howl like they’re disoriented,” Johnson said. Cats recognize each other by scent first and foremost,” said Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat behavior expert and author of seven books on cat behavior. “Head pressing is a condition characterized by the compulsive act of pressing the head against a wall or other object for no apparent reason“ – petMD. By head butting, I am referring to the affectionate behavior exhibited by cats in which they bump their head and then rub their face on your hand, face, leg, or an inanimate object… Johnson affectionately refers to these areas as “male pattern baldness spots” because a cat’s fur can get a bit sparse there as he ages. If you notice your cat burrowing her head into another feline's head, she's probably doing the same thing that she does to your arm -- giving off her scent. “They may walk up to a corner and push on both sides of the wall. This is “my” first cat, since I’ve always been more into dogs, but I’ve always been an animal lover (I am a Zoologist), and the little fellow just appeared one afternoon on my lawn, not being able to walk and just dragging his hind quarters (apparently from a fractured pelvis, which, after consulting a vet, healed on its own). If your kitty buries her face in your arm, she's basically giving you her scent. Also she … “When cats head bunt they’re creating a communal scent in a free-roaming universe. Then maybe you can reach out your hand to build trust.” The more comforting your presence is to your cat, the more she'll adore you. It’s like us pushing into our temples when we have a headache. Otherwise the chap is quite fine.

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