One man holds the key to our deepest fears -- and our possible reconciliation. We know next to nothing about the first thirty years of Jesus’s life. Gathered around him on the adjoining balconies there appeared all of the cardinals who had just chosen him. This book packed a whopper for me, nearly knocked me on my butt. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law”‘ (Mt 10:34-36). Chapter 1: AMAZED AND AFRAID: THE REVELATION OF GOD BECOME MAN, Chapter 2: HAPPY ARE WE: THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS, Chapter 3: “THAT THAN WHICH NOTHING GREATER CAN BE THOUGHT”: THE INEFFABLE MYSTERY OF GOD, Chapter 4: OUR TAINTED NATURE’S SOLITARY BOAST: MARY, THE MOTHER OF GOD, Chapter 5: THE INDISPENSABLE MEN: PETER, PAUL, AND THE MISSIONARY ADVENTURE, Chapter 6: A BODY BOTH SUFFERING AND GLORIOUS: THE MYSTICAL UNION OF CHRIST AND THE CHURCH, Chapter 7: WORD MADE FLESH, TRUE BREAD OF HEAVEN: THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH’S SACRAMENT AND WORSHIP, Chapter 8: A VAST COMPANY OF WITNESSES: THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS, Chapter 9: THE FIRE OF HIS LOVE: PRAYER AND THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT, Chapter 10: WORLD WITHOUT END: THE LAST THINGS. I realize how dramatically this runs counter to our sensibilities, but Christian evangelization consists in the forcing of that choice. It is a relationship to the unsettling person of Jesus Christ, to the God-man. The church fathers never tired of repeating this phrase as a sort of summary of Christian belief: Deus fit homo ut homo fieret Deus (God became human so that humans might become God). Journey around the world and deep into the Faith. We could easily imagine a prophet, teacher, or religious founder saying, “You should love God more than your very life,” or at the limit, “You ought to love my teaching more than your mother and father,” but “unless you love me”? Once again, he was not being gratuitously insensitive to a grieving son; he was insisting that the in-gathering of the tribes into God’s family is of paramount importance. Don’t Protestants and the Orthodox hold just as firmly to the conviction that the Word became flesh? Even if we delight in fashioning structures of domination and exclusion, the in-gathering Yahweh plays by an entirely different set of rules. He was reiterating the prophetic judgments of Isaiah and Ezekiel against the corruption of Israelite worship; but even more than this, he was acting in the very person of Yahweh who had come to cleanse his temple and to make it a place of true adoratio. His disciples pick grain on the Sabbath, and many times he cures on the Sabbath, much to the dismay of the protectors of the Jewish law. Again and again Jesus is portrayed as violating the sacred command to rest on the seventh day. But since the Catholic tradition is smart, this book also contains theological arguments, sometimes of a technical nature. 354. Now, the possibility remains that Jesus might have been a madman, a deluded fanatic. In fact, the very intensity of the divine presence in Jesus disclosed the powers of darkness most completely, just as a particularly intense light casts the deepest shadows. Sunday, January 29, 2012. Copyright LibraryThing and/or members of LibraryThing, authors, publishers, libraries, cover designers, Amazon, Bol, Bruna, etc. On what we call Palm Sunday, Jesus entered the holy city, hailed as the Son of David, and almost immediately after his arrival he went into the Temple and picked a fight. Again, I hear almost every day from atheists who write off religion as primitive, premodern nonsense. Remember Isaiah’s prophecy that Yahweh would one day bare his mighty arm before all the nations. One might laugh derisively at this joke — as many have over the centuries — but, as G. K. Chesterton observed, the heart of even the most skeptical person is changed simply for having heard this message. The fatherless they defend not, and the widow’s plea does not reach them” (Is 1:21-23); “But my people have changed their glory for useless things …Two evils have my people done: they have forsaken me, the source of living waters; They have dug themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that hold no water” (Jer 2:11-13); and “[My people] consult their piece of wood, and their [divining rod] makes pronouncements for them …they commit harlotry, forsaking their God” (Hos 4:12). At a moment when the world is asking, “Can the religions get along?” one figure stands out as the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Do you see how subversive Mark’s words were? In the society of Jesus’s time, physical illness was typically construed as a curse, and in many cases sickness or deformity prevented one from participating fully in the life of the community, especially in common worship. He would never have dreamed of drawing attention to his own person; rather he wanted the world to read and abide by the Koran, which had been given to him. But you have made it a den of thieves” (Mk 11:17). THE BOOK:  Confucius was a moral philosopher who, with particular acuity, formulated a series of ethical recommendations that constituted a balanced way of being in the world. When we read the great prophets, from Hosea and Amos through Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, we hear, again and again, the summons back to righteousness and away from idols and wicked deeds: “How has she turned adulteress, the faithful city, so upright! When the cardinal returned home, reporters asked him what he was thinking about at that moment. Explore the goodness, truth and beauty of the Faith with Bishop Robert Barron. These first apostles and missionaries were the new Israel and hence constituted the core of what would become the church, which still has the mission of drawing the tribes into the community of Jesus. Chase Ambrose, star of the football team was the most feared kid at Hiawasse Middle School. What I loved is the message the book conveys....That whichever religion you follow....whichever God you believe... one can find a way to co-exist. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Mt 24:35). The ancient rabbinic interpreters appreciated the first human being as the prototypical priest and the Garden of Eden as the primordial temple. Therefore Jesus gathered the tribes and he cleansed the Temple. Something went wrong. Now we are ready to understand more adequately what Jesus was doing on the Temple Mount as he turned over the tables and announced the destruction of the Temple. Both immediate and timeless, Abraham is a powerful, universal story, the first-ever interfaith portrait of the man God chose to be his partner. Chase along with his buddies Aaron Haikiman and ... Long Way Down by prolific and award winning author/poet Jason Reynolds tackles the troubling issue of gun violence. “I will make your name great, and you shall be a blessing. They have ears but do not hear, noses but do not smell. And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Given that he repeatedly spoke and acted in the person of God, either he was who he said he was and purported to be, or he was a bad man. Imagine a newborn infant, too weak even to raise his head, and now picture that child wrapped up from head to toe in swaddling bands. And the narrative will unfold as the tale of two emperors — rival claimants to power — the one in Rome and the one born to Mary in Bethlehem. Catholicism - A Journey to the Heart of the Faith God’s intention was that a unified and spiritually vibrant Israel would function as a magnet for the rest of humanity, drawing everyone to God by the sheer attractive quality of their way of being. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (Jn 1:14): that is the Catholic thing. Justice used to lodge within her, but now, murderers…. Paul refers time and again in his letters to Iesous Christos, which is his Greek rendition of leshoua Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah). Caesar Augustus in Rome, and that is precisely how he was able to dominate that world. While not everyone will agree with the author's conclusions, it is a valuable study of contemporary issues JAN. And to make the humor even more pointed, this incarnation of God was first made manifest not in Rome, Athens, or Babylon, not in a great cultural or political capital, but in Bethlehem of Judea, a tiny outpost in the corner of the Roman Empire. At the heart of Jewish right praise was the formal and explicit worship of God, first in the desert tabernacle during the Exodus, then in provisional centers of worship in Hebron and Shiloh as the Israelites established themselves in the Promised Land, and finally in the great Jerusalem Temple constructed by David’s son Solomon. Why were they drawn to him? This is why, by the biblical telling, orthodoxy, literally “right praise,” is consistently defended as the key to flourishing and why idolatry, incorrect worship, is always characterized as the prime source of mischief and disharmony. We have to go back to the very beginning, to the Genesis account of Adam and the garden. A particularly good example of this work is Jesus’s healing of a woman who had for many years been bent over at the waist. Now we can begin to understand the behavior of the one who called himself “the good shepherd” (Jn 10:11). I stand with the theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar, who held that the truth of Catholicism is best appreciated from within the confines of the church, just as the windows of a cathedral, drab enough when seen from the outside, shine in all of their splendor when viewed from the inside. The film is being presented in many Catholic parishes throughout Ireland this spring (2012) and is probably one of the best instances of apologetics (that is, a reasoned explanation of the Catholic faith) that there is. Furthermore, the curtain that shielded the holy of holies was woven of fabrics dyed in four colors — purple for the sea, blue for the sky, green for the earth, and red for fire — for it represented the totality of the material realm that the immaterial God had made.

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