Developed and tested in Germany to the highest quality standards, Cheyenne manufactures tattoo machines, needle cartridges and power units designed to improve the tattoo process without jeaporadizing creativity and workflow. Add to Cart. There is absolutely no warranty for this product and we don't take any resposibility if machine gets broken because the spring is not an original part or if damage is caused to the machine during disassembling and assembling. Blohmstraße 37 - 61 Mobile +358505050001 Sure, your dealer will assist you with returning your defective device.
  • Stitch frequency: 55 – 165 Hz
  • SOL Terra: 12 months Outside of the warranty costs can arise, these you must absolutely release us by e-mail. Machine Parts Contact and Binder screw, Spring. 12307 Berlin / Germany Please contact our customer service This loaner program keeps you working, if and when something goes wrong. This depends on the carrier you choose for your package. We aim to bring Germany’s excellence in engineering to the tattoo industry and deliver the sophistication to the tools that elevate the art of tattooing. With the serial number, we find the status of your repair in our system. Wire thickness: 0,3mm, Kwadron Cartridge Needle 20pcs - Round Liner, Long Taper. E-Mail: An ergonomic, pen-like shape combined with an extremely quiet and low-vibration Precision DC Motor, continuously adjustable needle protrusion, and quick covering for absolute hygiene – our innovative Cheyenne HAWK PEN has it all.
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • It is important that you use the phrase „ I approve the estimate and agree on the repair of my device”. Please see our return policy for further details. Attention: In custom-complient countries you must enclose a pro forma invoice to make sure your submission does not get confiscated by customs. Kinda like a built-in insurance policy. You will lose the warranty if your machine is damaged by negligence or is opened by unauthorized staff/personnel. E-Mail: In order to maintain your machine the right way, please read your operating instructions carefully. For frequencies, you can set the machines at 80-110 Hz for lining, 90-110 Hz for shading and 60-90 Hz for filling. • EU: 5-12 days
  • Sensitive reaction; quiet operation
  • The Hawk Pen is one inch wide from grip to tip. You can also find our Cheyenne Artists on this website and check out their styles and the machines they use. This tattoo machine displays a combination of technical sophistication and award-winning, high-end design – and as you’ve grown to expect from Cheyenne, with first-class quality.
  • Relative Humidity: 30 % to 75 %
  • We design our machines with a well-rounded consideration of all styles. As soon as you send us all the necessary data and your machine, we can start with the repair process. In order to keep up with a fast-changing market, we also established our own Cheyenne production facility for related products in India. Please remember, we have patented tools to open the machines. Included with your Cheyenne Hawk Pen purchase are a 25mm grip, connection cable, pen tray, phono plug cord and instruction manual. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Cheyenne has introduced products like the Hawk Pen, which has revolutionized the way tattoo machines are built. SOL Luna: 12 months Of course we make sure to only collect necessary data for the repair process. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If we are interested in a cooperation we will approach you personally. The smaller size of the SOL Nova offers better balance and its low-frequency allows for precise dot work. Please note! HAWK GRIPS S and M (for Thunder and Spirit and previously called Standard and 1-Inch), SOL GRIPS S, M and L (for Luna and Terra) as well as Flex GRIPS serial numbers are located on the top of the back stem where it inserts into the machine. Cheyenne HAWK Cheyenne® HAWK spirit ... Machine Parts Coil, conductor. Major repair skills are needed to disassemble the machine without breaking it. Length: 10mm The best way to get our attention is to use the hashtag #cheyennetattooequipment for your posts in social media. This can cause extremely long delays. Depending on your tattoo style and using habits, you are able to choose the Cheyenne tattoo machine in our range that suits you best. 3535 SE Tibbetts #1 Tattoo artists around the world choose Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment for their leadership in product quality, innovation, and safety. First, we always try to clarify issues by mail. 22.00 ... Cheyenne Pen Return Spring. We strongly recommend not to fix the machines on your own.

    Please Note: The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a completely new machine with new grips. FREE Mainland UK delivery on all orders over £50. HAWK Spirit: 24 months In some cases this spring change might become reasonable for machine which is already out of it's warranty and there is lacking or loss of power because of spring break. Product Description Designed for the FYT Pen or Cheyenne Hawk Pen. Other power supply brands can be used with the Hawk Pen, but will need an adapter cable depending on your particular power supply ( red/black plugs ). The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is compatible with its own 21mm and 25mm grip, the Cheyenne cartridge system, the PU I and PU II power supplies, and Cheyenne Thunder and Spirit power cables. POWER UNIT I, II, IV (PU): The serial numbers for PU I and PU II are located on the bottom of the device. 360.00. This is the only way to find your repair status information in our system. Land line +35813777888 The more data and information we receive, the faster we can perform high quality and satisfactory repair. Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Motor Only - Red. Yes, you can use your HAWK Spirit and HAWK Thunder with other power units. The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is available in six colors – Black, Bronze, Orange, Purple, Red, and Silver. We give you a 12 or 24 month warranty on our products, starting with the date of purchase.

  • Color:  Orange
  • Length: 4.8” (123mm)
  • $629.99. Compatible for example with Cheyenne Pen and some other Pen style machines. Unscrew the fixing nut, the serial number can be seen once the GRIP is fully removed from the machine. Cheyenne Hawk Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine - Silver. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our products. If you have any questions about your repair, please send an e-mail to Opening and / or lubricating your machine is likely to cause the machine to malfunction. If your machine is broken after the warranty period you will receive a quote. With absolute control and accuracy in mind, Cheyenne has introduced the biggest innovation in the tattoo industry – the Cheyenne Hawk Pen. However, the Cheyenne HAWK PEN requires a start-up cable in order to work with some of them. Cheyenne 7 Power Liner Needle Cartridges 10/Box. © Copyright - Cheyenne - Professional Tattoo Equipment. Return spring for Pen style rotary machines. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Your Cheyenne repair service for Europe as well as USA and Canada. #INSTAGRAM #TATTOOS #SOCIALMEDIA #TAMPA #FLORIDA **CHECK OUT MY INSTAGRAM FEED … Subscribe to be notified when product comes back in stock. The SOL series comes with a 12-months warranty. 650.00. View On We are sending you the estimated cost form in order for you to decide whether you would like us to proceed with the repair, Additionally, we are obliged to send this information out by the German law (We are a Germany company based in Berlin). It is important to tell us your serial number, in case you have any telephone inquiries or e-mail requests regarding your repair status.
  • Operating Mode: Continuous operation
  • Disposable Grips are pre-sterilized and were designed for single use, having in mind the highest hygienic standards, a safe tattooing experience and your convenience as an artist. The picture doesn't do it justice. Some problems or queries about your device can be difficult to explain via mail. We are following that hashtag and we are always curious to see interesting works that have been created with our products. For further information and our handling of sensitive data, please refer to our, You can speed up the repair process by filling out the entire repair form, adding a detailed description of the problem and selecting a fast and reliable carrier for your shipping.

    With absolute control and accuracy in mind, Cheyenne has introduced the biggest innovation in the tattoo industry – the Cheyenne Hawk Pen.

    Technical Specifications:

    GRIPs: HAWK Pen GRIPS, SOL Nova GRIPS and Fixed GRIPS do not have a serial number. Cheyenne HAWK Thunder and HAWK Spirit run between 5-12V, while HAWK PEN runs at 6-12.6V and the SOL Nova runs between 5-12.6V.


    For UPS, the average shipping times are approximately as follows: • Germany: 2-4 days Spring Diameter: 2,4mm Fake Nipple Rings & Non Piercing Nipple Shields, Precision Extra Super Tight Liner Needles, Precision Round Liner Premade Tattoo Needles, Precision Standard Round Liner Tattoo Needles, Precision Hollow Round Liner Tattoo Needles, Precision Round Shader Premade Tattoo Needles, Precision Round Shader Regular Tattoo Needles, Precision Round Shader Textured Tattoo Needle, Precision Super Tight Round Liner Needles, Darklab Footswitch Tattoo Foot Pedals by FK Irons, Wireless Switch & Wireless Foot Pedal Units, BioTouch Double Drop Concentrated Pigments, Rich Microblade Colors Permanent Makeup Pigments, Infectious Control, Cleaners & Disinfectants, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Ensure compatibility between standard (non-custom) PainfulPleasures body jewelry parts using the tables below. Please include your serial number with all inquiries.
  • Compatible with Cheyenne cartridge system and Cheyenne Thunder and Spirit power cables
  • Please note that the warranty may expire in the case of defects caused by yourself, such as falls or self-opening.

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