However, she was unaware that he left his ring in Aaron's crib, and had left her a heartfelt note with Desmond detailing how meeting her was the greatest moment of his life. "Raised by Another""Maternity Leave""Par Avion" ("What Kate Does"), Claire took Jin into her hut and treated his wounds. Upon returning to the beach, Aaron is well and Claire has recovered all the lost memories from after her abduction by Ethan. Her Sun sign is Scorpio; the. While the Man in Black and his troupe were walking to Hydra Island, Jack approached Claire and asks how long she had been on the island by herself. Or, is the wild-woman (either of them)like Hugo, who is somewhat alleged to be insane, given the peculiar grace to see and communicate with Jacob, and alternately with the monster, especially when the latter is in a more quiescent, non-murderous state? Claire, Kate, and Sawyer reached the runway just in time to join Richard, Miles, and Frank on the plane, and the six of them took off toward the mainland. Sometime later, Jin was accosted again by Aldo and Justin, and as he tried to flee, his leg was caught in a trap. In speaking of "wildcards", did the island always have a crazy wild-woman, even before Rousseau? Locke had arrived to banish Kate from the Barracks as punishment for taking Miles to see Ben. He comforted Aaron, then tended to Claire. Aaron began to cry just before Naomi told Claire that Charlie had been successful in shutting down the jamming signal at the Looking Glass, to which Claire was obviously thrilled about. On her way out, she tearfully explained to Jack that Christian had fathered a child with her, a girl whom he'd come to Australia to see, a girl who had later boarded Oceanic Flight 815 and whose name was Claire. She witnessed him pick up the gull effortlessly. When Jack and Claire meet, he immediately accepts her as family and brings her to stay with him and his son David (Dylan Minnette). [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}S1|S1]] - [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}S2|S2]] - [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}S3|S3]] - [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}MP|MP]] - [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}S4|S4]] - [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}S5|S5]] - [[Character appearances#{{{Name}}}S6|S6]]. She has no family to take care of her. Claire has a model airplane on her bedside table. She says she cannot pay for a lawyer and seems to try to drop the conversation until she gives in after learning it would be free because of a 'favor'. (A FicFacer$ 2019 winning donation piece!). This sounds insane as both "Smokey" and Jacob commissioned the Others as on-the-ground protectors of the island. The two then go their separate ways. They eventually found Rousseau and Claire ordered Danielle to take them back to the place where she scratched her. Ray Shephard - GrandfatherChristian Shephard - FatherCarole Littleton - MotherLindsey Littleton - Aunt Margo Shephard - Step-mother Jack Shephard - Half-Brother Sarah Wagner - Ex-sister-in-law Thomas - Ex-boyfriend Aaron Littleton - Son Charlie Pace - Soulmate.

The couple was not at the airport, so Claire decided to take a taxi to their home instead. 72 episodes, 1 mobisode Other former characters like. Three of her appearances were made solely by her flash-sideways counterpart. Once they arrived at the house, Claire asked Kate if she would come in with her because she didn't want to go alone. As Locke conversed with Christian he heard a noise from somewhere else in the cabin, and as he moved his light to see what it was, he was shocked to find Claire sitting comfortably on an old armchair. She waits at the caves with Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) and Shannon until Charlie and Sayid return with him. Later, Claire is confronted by Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), who tells her what was in the statues. During the drive, Claire told Kate that she was giving up her baby for adoption, and that she was going to the house of the couple that was adopting from her. Claire finally admitted to herself that she was responsible for their car accident. The Pregnant woman Jack wavered slightly once more, glancing at Claire, before agreeing. Later, she praised Locke for the swaddling trick, as Aaron was still sleeping. She replied that didn't really know, and he then asked her if she trusted Locke, and she said she does because he was the only one who didn't abandon her. Shared Centric Claire was manipulated and later driven insane (really l-o-o-n-y) by the "Man in Black"; The "Smoke Monster", otherwise revealed as the 'dead' "Christain Sheppard".

She also said that she didn't have much family, and that makes him being on their side even better. Claire replied that Charlie had only told them it wasn't Penny's boat, and asked, "Don't you want to know whose boat it is?" ("What Kate Did") ("The 23rd Psalm"). and Claire replied that she would. Listening to Claire's warning, Kate realized that in order to return she must not take Aaron with her. David asks who will use Jack's ticket and Jack suggests Claire, Juliet says she would love to meet this sister who was never mentioned the entire time they were married. (Hurley/Claire, Past Jack/Kate, Kate/Sawyer after Chapter 9). However when they arrived, Aaron let out a cry, to which Claire clutched Aaron very tightly to her, praying for him to be silent. ("Cabin Fever"), The next day, Sawyer came across Jack and Kate in the jungle, and they were shocked to find him holding Aaron. Claire has never appeared in the 7th episode of a season. Any confirmation on this? Her life changed when she and her boyfriend Thomas realized they were to become parents. After she meets Ilana, the lawyer, she learns that they had been looking for her. But rescue is not coming any time soon. Claire has her wedding. He attempted to steal her purse so she screamed for help. Later she woke up and went over to the dining area, where Sawyer gave Claire some aspirin, for her headache. Claire questions the Man in Black's intentions for her, expressing her fear that he doesn't need her to be on the plane on which he plans to escape. That night, Benjamin Linus wakes up shaken by an alarmingly vivid nightmare. Later, Kate left the OB Triage and found a doctor, Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, and asked him if he could come help Claire in the ER. Why has no one answered yet? Claire Littleton was a young, single pregnant girl flying to Los Angeles to give her baby up for adoption, after being threatened by a psychic. Locke asked her what would have happened if the bullet had hit her or the baby, and Claire fell silent. If we count the finale billing, Boone and Libby are also included. And Well, Rachel thinks this place is like Lian Yu. Were both women used as a raging, one-woman guerilla strike-force to constantly harrass and keep in check the "Others", as both have done? The group hid behind a group of tree's just in time. Later, while the women hung clothes to dry, Kate told Claire she was a great mother; Claire responded that motherhood was something she never thought she would be good at. ("Recon"), Claire overheard the Man in Black talking about the candidates, whose help he needed to escape from the Island. She is also the only main character who wasn't credited for every episodes she was absent in. She demanded to know where her son was, believing him to have been taken by the Others. The two chatted briefly to each other and then Josh mentioned her pregnancy. Még fiatal volt, amikor apja elhagyta a családot, így édesanyja nevelte fel. It is presumed, given the dialogue between Kate and herself in "The End", that Claire was reunited with Aaron and her mother. Claire had trouble getting her luggage off the baggage carousel. Claire also told Locke of the Virgin Mary statue Charlie keeps with him.

Rousseau was angered by this and she grabbed Claire. On board Oceanic Flight 815, Claire bumps into Josh. Claire Littleton When Lindsey entered the room, she immediately recognized the doctor and demanded to know why he was there. When the baby's heartbeat momentarily cannot be found, Claire instinctively calls her child "Aaron." Does Claire Littleton from Lost, the TV show, die; and if she does, how? Frustrated, Claire demanded to know why Desmond and Charlie were against her idea.

("Sundown"), The Man in Black's new group traveled to Claire's shelter where they met with Sawyer and Jin. Claire went with Locke's group to hide from Naomi's team, ensuring that Charlie's death was not in vain, while Jack took his group back to the beach. Sawyer/OC, Based on the TV show, LOST. They began to argue, which led to the revelation that he, Christian Shephard, was Claire's father, whom she believed was dead. Her plans were interrupted by Kate Austen, who hijacked Claire's taxi at gunpoint while escaping from a Federal Marshal. After the Monster's attack on the Temple, the pair escape and join the Man in Black and his new group of defected Others. After resting, she was with the others as they witnessed the Smoke Monster's attack on the mercenaries, and she was shocked to witness it for the first time. She then witnesses Jack arrive back with Kate, Sayid and Juliet. Claire Littleton è un personaggio della serie televisiva Lost, interpretata da Emilie de Ravin. - This is why she leaves with Christain, another apparition, and leaves Aaron. Weeks later, Claire believes Malkin foresaw the plane crash, meaning she would have to raise her child herself.[3]. Kate reveals to Claire that she took and raised Aaron, but Claire is not happy about it. ("The Beginning of the End"), The next day, Locke's group found Charlotte, who had fallen into the water from the helicopter. Or will her own issues be the death of her? [10], Claire continues to struggle with her amnesia, and is annoyed by Charlie's attempts to play an almost fatherly role to Aaron. Something's bound to happen. [18] Claire is asleep when the barracks fall under attack. When asked about Kate, the Man in Black reveals that she is simply a means to an end. ("Raised by Another"), Claire returned to Richard Malkin, who told her that her baby would be safe if she gave it to a couple in Los Angeles who he said were good people. Claire asks Kate to come in with her, and finds out the couple has split up and the wife does not feel she can raise Claire's child alone.

Claire Littleton was a young, single pregnant girl flying to Los Angeles to give her baby up for adoption, after being threatened by a psychic. As the Man in Black's party continues their journey, Claire attacks Kate. Later, during the Monster's attack on the Temple, Claire advised Kate that it would be safer down in the pit, thereby apparently saving Kate from being killed by the Monster. She thanked Locke for the help with Aaron and he left. Sawyer is gentle around her, not in a belittling way but out of care, and every time he makes himself available to her and opens up, she lets him in.“Sweetheart,” he’ll say, voice practically a purr as his eyes don’t tear away from hers, and she'll smile, knowing. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2"), After reconciling, Charlie moved back to Claire's tent and they continued to grow close. She realized that Rousseau saved her, and they left the station together. "It's kinda, uh, weird, right?",, A repülőgép lezuhanása előtt. He told her that she had the choice to deliver the baby right then, but if she didn't feel ready for that, he could give her non-harmful drugs to stop the labor process.

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