Once single sign-on is configured in the Clever Portal, you can log in directly with Clever from the Typing Pal login page or the Clever Portal. The root login issue will ultimately need to be investigated and resolved by your district's tech support contact, but the backup code will provide a temporary way for students to access their learning apps through Clever. If you are using the 'Log in with Active Directory' button, you will be redirected to sign into your school account through Active Directory Federation Services.The username and password for ADFS are provided by your school. Setup Instructions5. Once the badge has been created, and the page refreshed, you will have additional badge options. This should pop up a dialog with an option to sync with either Google Classroom or Clever, depending on which provider you are using: Step 3: [First-time only] Authorize Code.org to use Google Classroom. They can help you using the directions found here. Login logs provide data for the past 14 days of login events to Clever. District administrators can create a specific login link for each school. Ask your teacher for a backup login code. You will need the following items for the implementation and use of Badges: From the Badges Settings tab, click 'Edit' under the 'Access' box: The first step is choosing which grades and students you would like to enable for Badges. The root login issue will ultimately need to be investigated and resolved by your district's tech support contact, but the backup code will provide a temporary way for students to access their learning apps through Clever. With Clever Badges, even the youngest learners can start their lessons immediately and without help in their favorite apps. to search for and select the student, and then use the arrow icon to the far right of their profile page to generate or void a badge. option. Clever Tip: Your district may have login hints viewable from your district's Clever login page. District administrators can create a specific login link for each school. This is to confirm the student has an active record in Clever. The generating new badges feature is great for students who join the classroom midyear! The district admin must first add Typing Pal to the integrated applications in the Clever Portal, then proceed with Clever’s configuration process. student does not have an account in Clever. Locate the student who needs assistance from the dropdown menu. Enter your school-provided email address. We were not able to authenticate using Google email: xxxx@example.com', this means that the Google email you signed into is not the email that is linked to your Clever account. Student sign up. This article contains the following:1. You can find your district's tech support contact information on the Clever login screen. Log in with Microsoft. Choosing this option will allow you to enable Badges for specific schools in the next step. For Students: How do I log into Clever using a Badge? Your browser is not supported. For Teachers: How do I use Single Sign-On (SSO). Write this code down and pass it along securely to your student. A fast and fun way to log in to devices and software—no typing necessary. They may be your student number, ID, or email address. For Families: Troubleshooting - Logins to Clever, Clever Portal: Installing the Clever browser extension, For Teachers: Troubleshooting - Student logins, To log into the Clever Portal, go to your district’s Clever login page. Badges and Pin Requirements for Older Students, How to download a Clever Badge as a School Tech Lead, How to download a Clever Badge as a teacher, How to download a Clever Badge as a parent/guardian. Additionally, district admins can choose to download all active Badges, or just Badges that are new. Please upgrade your browser to one of our supported browsers. To log out of Clever, navigate to the Clever Portal, hovering over your name in the top-right corner, and click Log out. This article contains the following:1. Upper grades can use Badges paired with their 6-digit PIN. Log in to Clever, and navigate to the Teacher Page you have shared with the student who needs help. As such, changes in school, teacher, or section will not affect the Badge. Code.org® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color. Unfortunately, we're currently experiencing issues with loading Web Lab on this browser. Save time, reduce data errors, and strengthen data security with automated rostering. Recommend login flow for logging in with Google. A grade level folder of PNG images of each student's Badge. Setup Requirements4. And Badges replace less secure practices like sharing or posting passwords. If you don't know your district's Clever login page, you can go to. Once you have confirmed your student has a Clever account, please review the credentials they are using to log in to confirm they are correct. The webcam will activate so the student can hold up their badge up to the camera. No need to move on to Step 3 unless you would like to limit the Badges to specific schools as well. Students will then be redirected to their Clever Portal. Welcome to MyFlipgrid. Username. No typing—just hold the Badge up to the laptop’s webcam. On the applications page of the Clever Portal click the Typing Pal icon. Having trouble? It seems like your team has given this whole system a lot of thought from the perspective of those who use and manage it. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to Clever support! Backup codes expire after 20 minutes, so the student does need to log in before the expiration time, or another backup code will need to be generated. Clever Badge log in To begin using Badges, navigate to the Badges page of your Clever district dashboard. If you have confirmed they are using the correct credentials but the login is still unsuccessful, you may be able to reset their password if your district has enabled teachers to do so. A section folder of PNG images of each student's Badge. Individual Student Badges, For information on setting up Badges with pin requirements for older students, please view: Badges and Pin Requirements for Older Students. Please note, in order to use Clever Badges for students, they must first be enabled by your school district. You Clever account is the same one that you already use to log into other applications linked to the Clever Portal. Search for your school. Try again', this means that either your email or password is incorrect. option. Once this option is clicked, you can save and exit to generate your Badges! From there, students are able to access their Clever applications without needing to type in credentials.

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