As revealed in the episode "Deal Me Out", Clyde and Lincoln met at the age of five by literally bumping into each other on Halloween night. Clyde is an only child and Lincoln's best friend. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Clyde Has EXPLOSIVE Cooking Problems Listen Out Loud Podcast 16 Loud House, The Loud House on Instagram: "Happy #WorldAdoptionDay, Loud Crowd! Luan •

Fantasizing about dating Lori Watching Blarney Hanging out with Lincoln Doing taxes with his parents Doing cosplay and acting Playing video games Reading comic books Watching science fiction movies Listening to SMOOCH Watching ARGGH! In the above-mentioned "Absent Minded", Clyde became Royal Woods Elementary's junior administrator after winning a perfect attendance award. Terry & Chris |

Clyde McBride and his best friend Lincoln Loud screaming comically in horror at the figure who is actually Lincoln's sisters in disguise. Cleopawtra (cat)Nepurrtiti (kitten)Unnamed goldfish

LoriHaikuStellaLincoln's sistersBlarneyHanging out with his friendsDoing taxes with his parentsCatsPicnicsCosplay and actingVideo gamesComic booksHackysackScience fiction moviesMilkBluebell cookiesFull-sized candy barsSMOOCHARGGH!BaseballDessert StormBadmintonPerfect attendanceSnickerdoodlesMeatball subsPop musicTechno musicAntiquesBeing with LincolnEmmaChloe Tigress • That was weird. Jazz Fenton •

Okra | Gary • Trixie | Clyde acts as a voice of reason for Lincoln, often providing advice towards any problems he gets into (even if they do not always work). Lily Loud, The Casagrandes Jake Slade | Libby Folfax • Puff •

Hugh Neutron •

[3] This was later proven in "Baby Steps". Enemies Clyde is patient and enjoys the company of all of Lincoln's sisters, since he gets lonely with being an only child.

Bobby Santiago (one-sided on his side), The Exterminator, Chandler, Flip, Petey Hawk and Hank In one episode, when Lincoln, his group of friends, and his sister Lisa are sent to the principal's office for food- fighting, Clyde can be heard tearfully begging Principal Huggins not to put it on his permanent record).

He also seems to have an unhealthy and obsessive crush on Betty similar to Clyde's crush on Lori.

In "White Hare", he appears as a beaver named Danny in Lincoln's dream.

He and his dads own a vicious cat named Cleopawtra, and a friendly kitten, Nepurrtiti.

Clyde is the second person to change voice actors due to his/her voice actor hitting puberty, the first being. Viper •

Clyde often panics and overreacts; when he does, he hyperventilates into a paper bag that he carries with him at all time.

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