Hank read through the list of insane tasks, the last of which was flushing Cotton's ashes down a toilet which George S. Patton once used (which contradicted an earlier episode where Cotton, with Peggy's help, successfully fought to be buried in the Texas State Cemetery). Do they address that. After the war, Cotton supervised the installation of asbestos in eleven bowling alleys and every public school in Heimlich County. He goes home to rebuild the shed his father knocked down. Sometimes, you can do everything right and still lose.
He is a legend in some circles I know: Frank Sinatra impersonators and voiceover actors. (short for "Good Hank"); daughter-in-law Peggy Hill; grandson Bobby Hill; ex-wife Tilly; second wife Didi; first love and former Japanese lover Michiko; an illegitimate Japanese son, Junichiro; and nephew Dusty Hill (of band ZZ Top). Cookies help us deliver our Services. While at the hospital, Cotton also suffered a heart attack, but somehow survived. Hank and the guys are building a new shed, since Dale had blown up Hank's old shed. Cotton killed a high ranking German officer and took his helmet as a souvenir which he later used to cut Hank's hair and claimed that Hank cried more when he cut his ear than the officer when he killed him (Hank's Bad Hairday). Out of the sun came a Tojo Zero and put fitty bullets in my back. before he let out a maniacal laugh and died immediately after. Cotton claimed that he killed \"fitty (50) men\" during the war. Cotton said that he climbed the cliffs of Normandy with a fifty-pound ice cream maker on his back. Cotton Lyndal Hill He said they captured the beach by noon, and the town by nightfall.

Cotton was seen to have a good eye as he was able to tell that Kahn was Laotian at first sight, where it was a running gag early in the show that everyone believed that Kahn was Chinese or Japanese. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Peggy claimed at the end of the episode that even though Cotton is dead, he will always find a way to disrupt their lives.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We had beat the Nazzys in Italy, and they shipped me to the Pacific theater. "Death Picks Cotton" is the fifth episode of King of the Hill's twelfth season, and originally aired on November 11, 2007.

Cotton spent two weeks under a pile of bodies on Iwo Jima. ("Cotton's Plot") He had also learned to stop his heartbeat, so the Japanese would stop torturing him for a moment, probably at the P.O.W. Based upon Cotton's uniform in the episode "Returning Japanese", he was awarded the following military decorations: Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, and American Campaign Medal. Whatever the reason is, Cotton never sought forgiveness for how he treated Hank, Peggy, Tilly, and many others throughout the series. "Roshi could mafuba Frieza into a Cooler to keep him Cold". ("Revenge of the Lutefisk"). Peggy leaves Bobby a lasagna in the fridge to heat up for dinner later; Cotton refuses to eat the lasagna cold but will neither allow Bobby to heat it up nor do it himself, since they are both men. Normandy: "Death Picks Cotton" is the fifth episode of King of the Hill's twelfth season, and originally aired on November 11, 2007. On January 30, 1944, Cotton said that he and his unit invaded Anzio, and they caught the Krauts "with their pants down and their schnitzel exposed". did he just fucking will himself to death just to spite Peggy? Ehhh he had good in him, and he’d never say it out loud but he loved Hank in his own way, The secret we all share. We had beat the Nazzy's in Italy, and they shipped us to the Pacific theater. Debut One of the better episodes of the whole series involves a plot line where he receives a plot in the Texas State Cemetery, and the aforementioned episode negates this. In a third-season episode Hank says Cotton is 70, and in the Season 4 episode "Cotton Comes Marching Home", he states himself to be 71. ("Cotton's Plot"). You Might Like . Died from injuries sustained from falling onto and getting burned by a grill-table and simultaneously getting an allergic reaction from choking on shrimp.

to be fair to him, he always kind to Bobby and GH. When Hank tries, however, Cotton flips out on him and Hank leaves the room. Bobby isn't allowed to go since the night out is for adults only, and Cotton volunteers to stay and watch Bobby. whereas Bobby is just a child and has his whole life ahead of him.) Cotton fathered three (known of) boys, first being Junichiro from a love affair in Japan during WWII with a Japanese nurse named Michiko.

Cotton replied, rather deviously: "Do you now?" Cotton was a longtime member of the Arlen VFW and served as its commanding officer. Cotton had planned to assassinate Fidel Castro with a poison dart, who attended, by using his pregnant wife as a way to get past security. (short for "Good Hank"); daughter-in-law Peggy Hill; grandson Bobby Hill; ex-wife Tilly; second wife Didi; first love and former Japanese lover Michiko; an illegitimate Japanese son, Junichiro; and nephew Dusty Hill (of band ZZ Top). ", Cotton referred to the Japanese as "Tojos," a slur not unlike "Jap" and doubtless derived from war-time Japanese Prime Minister and General Hideki Tojo. I could only save three of my buddies: Fatty, Stinky, and Brooklyn. ("Unfortunate Son"), Munich: I was shocked! Cotton also seemed to have a healed relationship with the Japanese: he received an award from the Emperor of Japan himself and told him: "...I took fitty of your boys. This made him a foot shorter than his relatives and caused a characteristic waddle. It bothers me that Toby Huss isn't a household name.

For instance, there's an episode after Bobby and Connie broke up that showed that Connie still had feelings for Bobby and it seemed to be the start of a storyarc for them getting back together, yet it's never brought again after that episode. I made it to an island, but it was full of Tojos! The last person to see him alive is Peggy, who tells him that despite Cotton's constant torture of his son, Hank has always loved him and that she hopes he will live forever in the friendless, spiteful existence he has made for himself as the unhappy, unpleasant person he is. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad.

Toby Huss

Cotton may or may not had a high sperm count. 862x1021px 982.03 KB. That would have made Cotton, Dusty's father's fictional brother. That would mean that Hank and Junichiro probably had more half siblings (possibly in different races) considering that Cotton did not have a narrow urethra that stopped him from reproducing. Throughout his history on the series, Cotton never once addressed Peggy by name, but he instead called her "Hank's wife", which was used as a running gag, including on the very rare occasion he's trying to be nice to her (the only other name Cotton had ever addressed Peggy by was "Hillary" in the episode "Shins of the Father"; Peggy also didn't seem to care being called "Hank's Wife" beyond visible annoyance, and never once told Cotton not to call her that). Based upon Cotton's uniform in "Returning Japanese," he earned the following military decorations: Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Silver Star, and American Campaign Medal.

Fox published the following obituary for Cotton: Cotton Hill, age 84, World War II veteran, died Sunday in a Texas VA hospital. Synopsis. He is the father of Hank Hill, Good Hank Hill (or "G.H. This article is in need of more content. Neither Didi nor G.H. It could be inferred that his love for Bobby is mixed also with a deep pride and respect for him, viewing him as actually tougher than Hank. Hill to differentiate from, and possibly spite, Hank (who was temporarily called "B.H. In "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying", he came to watch Bobby and Hank shoot in a father-son shooting competition and stated:, "I'm always here to support my Bobby."

We are doing stuff and will be back soon. Male Cotton also demonstrated a rough, demanding, and often abusive, but at times inspirational leadership.
Got his shins shot off in Double-U Double-U Two by a Japanese machine gun. When he once contemplated suicide, Cotton confided in Bobby and gave him a letter of recommendation for the Army, which irked Hank.

Log In. The episode was directed by Tony Kluck and written by Judah Miller and Murray Miller. Relatives

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