How will you know you have caused Wound? A gradual build with a powerful payoff. A Slayer's war pike forged with Skraev trophies. The War Pike's Aether Harvest attacks can consume a lot of stamina, making it harder for Slayer to dodge attacks. Facing a the final Boss in Escalation will unlock blueprints for all of its legendary weapons. After dodging through an attack, your attack gains 100% bonus meter for 4 seconds. Dauntless is a free-to-play co-op action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games store. You didn't misunderstood the mechanic. Wound damage is indicated by red damage numbers, so if you see the red color popping up when you hit a Behemoth, you’ll know you’re on the right track. Listed below are the known mods and specials for the War Pikes. When you get a wound in a giant located in a specific area, they will have a weakness. But if enough of it is dealt to a part, that part becomes Wounded. It can also wound certain parts of the Behemoth easily with its light attacks, making it a very effective weapon for hunters looking to defeat the Behemoths quickly. The War Pike has very high damage-per-second as it can attack very fast. In this build, you'll utilize Overpower, Ragehunter and Savagery - all of which add buffs would damage to the part, while making sure that the part can sustain maximum Wound damage / status without breaking thanks to the Acidic perk. After a dodge piercing attack, gain +50% wound damage for 8 seconds. Inflict tactical wounds to build up your meter, then pack that power into devastating mortar rounds. Yes, ironically, if we cause the altered state in which this weapon stands out, we do less damage with it. Here’s how to wound Behemoths easily in Dauntless. After not dealing damage for 4 seconds, the next 5 attacks deal 50% increased damage. Check out this Dauntless guide on how to build for the weapon - War Pike! Charge rate increases with current health. Channel a beam that deals increasing damage, up to 200%, while it continues to hit a target. The God Hand is able to channel an unique beam attack that does increasing damage as it continues to hit its target. Aether Harvest attacks also keep you stationary and lock you into attack animation. The War Pikes provide some quick hitting Piercing attacks and long-range opportunities to sever Behemoths parts. War Pikes in Dauntless is a Weapon Category. Edit: I should be clear I'm talking about applying wounds and then breaking parts. Inflict tactical wounds to build up your meter, then pack that power into devastating mortar rounds. A Slayer's war pike forged with Skarn trophies. Legendary Ability: [G]/[L+R] to revive all Slayers in a large radius, granting them healing over time and immunity to stagger. this can be performed by any weapon but the best weapon to do wound damage is with War Pike.

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