[1]:14–16 Leaking jet fuel started a fire that quickly engulfed the fuselage. [1]:71 The switch that operated the TOWS in the incident aircraft had been previously modified, per Boeing instructions, to prevent nuisance activations during aircraft taxiing.

[1]:71 Based on the aircraft's failure to climb at takeoff speed, its roll instability, the position of the flap's jackscrews in the fully retracted position,[1]:58 and the absence of sounds indicating the flaps or slats were deployed, the NTSB determined that the plane's failure to climb resulted from the flight crew's failure to deploy the flaps and slats as required by the pre-flight checklist. One flight crew member and 49 passengers received The aircraft was powered by three Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 turbofan engines.

Once again the conversation turned to the habits of various species of birds, including how the gooney birds on Midway Island would come back to nest in the exact spot where they were born, even if that turned out to be the middle of the runway.

of the takeoff configuration warning system to alert the crew that the

There was just one problem: he was going by rote memorization and wasn’t actually checking each of the settings that he was reading back. [1]:6–7 The flight from Jackson to DFW was uneventful, and Flight 1141 arrived at DFW at 07:38 Central Daylight Time.

Immediately after the plane came to a stop, all 108 passengers and crew were miraculously still alive. It just so happened that the warning worked during their post-maintenance test, and the plane was put back into service, even though the root cause of the failure had not been addressed. But he didn’t check; instead he just gave the correct response out of habit, completely negating the purpose of the checklist.

However, the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) tapes recorded extensive nonessential conversation, including about the CVR itself, the crash of Continental Airlines Flight 1713, and the dating habits of the flight attendants. stupid.

Flight DL1141 (Jackson - Dallas - Salt Lake City) left Gate 15 at 08.30h And just one year earlier, a Northwest Airlines MD-82 had crashed on takeoff from Detroit, killing 156 people, because the pilots had failed to extend the flaps for takeoff. [1]:30 The total flight time was 22 seconds, from liftoff to the first ground impact. Although the flight data recorder didn’t directly record the position of the flaps, physical evidence and a study of aircraft performance showed conclusively that the crew had not extended the flaps for takeoff.

The CVR also showed that prior to takeoff, the flight crew was distracted by chatting with a flight attendant about the upcoming presidential election, drink mixes, and various other topics unrelated to the operation of the aircraft. [1]:64, The NTSB investigated the relationship between crew performance and the events in the accident. At this point, Captain Davis decided to shut down one of the 727’s three engines to save fuel while idling on the parking apron. [1]:70 The aircraft's instability and sudden roll to the right was consistent with known performance of the Boeing 727 with the flaps and slats retracted. We have created a browser extension.

Captain Davis furiously manhandled the yoke in an effort to maintain control. 18 passengers received no injuries.

This left very little time at all to finish the taxi checklist and the before takeoff checklist that was supposed to follow it. “Ooooh, is that right?” said Dunn.

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