“This coup d’grace comes at the end of a string of scandals and missteps during your tenure. The New York Daily News reported that senior reporters Celeste Katz and Josh Saul were also fired, as well as International Business Times reporter Josh Keefe. “There has been zero explanation about anything,” that employee added. Christian Post is a publication owned and operated by “The Community.”. Federal investigators are looking into a series of loans that Newsweek Media Group took out between 2015 and 2016 from a number of “small Midwestern and Western banks.” These loans were used to repeatedly lease the same servers from a company known as Oikos Networks, Inc. As shown in the below gif, the expanded popunder window redirects between multiple domains before landing on a final IBT India story. Many described slavish content-milling, late paychecks, and only sporadic periods when the company had money. According to its 990 filings, Olivet’s net annual revenue jumped from $9,109 to $8,540,404 between 2011 and 2015. It turned out that Olivet University was using students through the International Visa Program to work for IBT. “Other things fall into a gray area, like how often should a site refresh the page to load more ads, or refresh the ad slots to load more ads?”. The Journal reported that the investigators were trying to find a connection between “Oikos executives” and The Community, specifically Olivet University and World Olivet Assembly. This disguises that the traffic originated from a paid source, AdSupply. Editors and reporters are being fired, and current staffers speculate Newsweek’s ties to a mysterious cult are to blame. Therefore, IBT Media Inc. is placing the licensee immediately under review as it conducts an internal investigation into these allegations,” the statement said. A couple weeks later, BuzzFeed released sections of a report detailing how the magazine had been purchasing web traffic in order to inflate its viewership and secure a major advertising contract with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. A spokesperson for him and IBT Media initially said Pragad had not been involved with the Indian company since 2012. Digital media metrics firm DoubleVerify told BuzzFeed News last year that it classified IBT India, and some of its sister sites, “as having fraud or sophisticated invalid traffic,” after a detailed investigation. A spokesperson for him and IBT Media initially said Pragad had not been involved with the Indian company since 2012. The Indian edition of the International Business Times has been caught using deceptive ad practices to inflate views, marking the third time the site has been called out for this kind of activity. Another connection between Oikos and Olivet is Michal Podolam of Prague, who according to his LinkedIn Profile, has worked as a Systems Engineer at Oikos since 2014. But sources close to the situation told The Outline that Kim was back in the office on Monday, as was the company’s former chief operations officer Jonathan Davis, who was ousted from the company in 2016. Owned by the media mogul Mortimer … Matthew Cooper, Newsweek’s political editor, resigned in protest. Uzac, IBT Media, and others were later indicted on 10 charges related to the alleged financial fraud. A 2011 archived website of Oikos Networks Inc lists the company’s address as 22 Cortlandt St 21st Floor in New York City, sharing the exact same address as the Olivet Institute. We are grateful to you for having identified this and have taken serious disciplinary action and terminated the said erring member of the AdOps team.”. Marion Kim, Uzac’s wife and the company’s former finance director, also resigned. Leaving aside the police raid and harassment scandal — a dependent clause I never thought I would write — it’s the installation of editors, not Li and Roe, who recklessly sought clicks at the expense of accuracy, retweets over fairness, that leaves me despondent not only for Newsweek but for other publications that don’t heed the lessons of this publication’s fall.”, Here's image of @mattizcoop letter pic.twitter.com/fXlKYdqQNi. (The Examiner did not reply to an emailed request for comment.). The Outline has confirmed that Keefe was not actually fired. allegations of sexual harassment against its chief content officer. Craig Silverman is a media editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto. Even stranger is the fact that they live at a property estimated at $276,746 by Zillow, and which sold for $145,000 in foreclosure by a corporate owner. “Nobody is working. This latest incident of deceptive ad practices at IBT India, which was first exposed in a post on Reddit, follows a string of similar revelations that implicated other IBT properties, including its flagship American site. In 2013, Mother Jones reported that IBT Media, which had recently purchased Newsweek, had ties to Olivet University, a Christian college in California that was part of a sect referred to as “the Community.” A week after Newsweek’s office was raided in January, Katz, Saul, and Keefe reported that Olivet University denied having any role in the ongoing investigation into Newsweek Media Group’s finances. At this point, the story gets truly strange. A few days later, The Post followed up, reporting that several top Newsweek staffers—including editor-in-chief Bob Roe—had been suddenly fired for investigating Newsweek Media Group’s financial ties to Olivet University, the religious school founded by Jang. Newsweek politics editor Matthew Cooper resigned on Monday and posted his resignation letter, addressed to Newsweek Media Group CEO Dev Pragad, on Facebook. As if that weren’t enough, the registered agent for Oikos is Jessica Yu, who just happens to be the principal of Olivet Academy in New York. Etienne Uzac, formerly the co-owner and chairman of Newsweek Media Group, resigned from his position last week. Around 4 p.m., employees received an internal memo announcing Roe and Li’s departure. The immigration attorney who drew up the applications is NYU LLM graduate Yen-Yi Anderson of Anderson & Associates, a law firm specializing in immigration and corporate law, located at a familiar address: 33 Whitehall. But instead of simply loading its site in the hope a user would see it and perhaps click on a link, IBT India kicked off a series of events that rendered the traffic as highly suspicious and problematic. The address is owned by Kins Healthcare and Services LLC, which is owned by 57-year-old Tzecheong Tsang, a relative. (The Outline spoke with four Newsweek Media Group employees, all of whom who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal from their employer. “No one’s heard or seen from this guy for over a year. Despite being the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation as well as the owner and operator of a large church, Tsang has virtually no social media presence. U.S. News & World Report. I’m pretty sure people are going out to buy beer and bring it back,” another source said. Roughly a year ago the company restructured and made IBT Media and Newsweek separate companies, with some overlapping shareholders. Oddly enough, the suspicious activity started when a user visited the website of conservative newspaper the Washington Examiner. Utilizamos cookies, próprios e de terceiros, que o reconhecem e identificam como um usuário único, para garantir a melhor experiência de navegação, personalizar conteúdo e anúncios, e melhorar o desempenho do nosso site e serviços. Posted on October 4, 2019, at 1:24 p.m. Both publications are owned by Newsweek Media Group, which reportedly has close ties to a Christian sect referred to as “the Community.”. Editor-in-chief Bob Roe and executive news director Ken Li were among those who were fired, according to an internal staff memo obtained by The Outline. Incidentally, this is also the address of several media properties owned by the World Olivet Assembly and IBT Media according to a 2014 Medium post by former IBT employee Benjamin Reeves of Worth Magazine, as well as another Olivet Ministry affiliate, 33 Universal, which used to be headed by IBT co-founder Johnathan Davis. None of that is fraudulent, and it occurs because the Examiner works with AdSupply, an ad network that specializes in these so-called popunder windows. In the ongoing money laundering investigation into Newsweek Media Group’s dealings with a Christian cult known as “The Community,” founded by Korean pastor David Jang, Paste has discovered some previously unpublished connections. Beyond that, Yen-Yi Anderson, an LLM graduate of NYU, is listed as a corporate law professor at Olivet University. In 2014, the connections were documented by Mother Jones in an investigative report that came out after IBT Media Group purchased Newsweek. Insiders that spoke with Paste on background believed the company heads—Uzac, Davis, and Dev Pragad—had been using the publication as a front to raise money for The Community by way of Olivet, which is headed by Davis’ wife, Tracy. According to Buzzfile, CEO of Oikos Networks, Inc., Hayson Tsang, is listed as a tenant at 33 Whitehall. The memo also said that Davis would be returning to his former position of COO while the company investigated sexual harassment allegations against Dayan Candappa, the company’s former COO who was laid off last week.

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