The show revolves around housewife, Donna Stone, and her family--husband Alex who is a pediatrician, 14 year-old Mary, and 11 year-old Jeff. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Will popular singer Tony Martin sing a song in this episode? Jeff and Scotty run into some unexpected competition at a sports car road rally. They decide to sell shares of stock in their "record company" to all the kids at school. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Alex and Jeff spend the weekend at the cabin of Alex's friend Red. 1.7K likes. Jeff has a moral dilemma. Jeff has finally gotten a date with Theresa, a new girl who has an over-protective father. He is supposed to get an interview with Don for the school paper. When they separate, the 2 girls manage to get lost trying to drive home. Alex must judge a beautiful-baby contest. Will Jeff actually dump Rosemary for Dolores? Donna learns a retiring doctor wants to keep working. Neighborhood women come to Donna for parenting advice. Donna becomes part of a rivalry she wants no part of. As Alex puts it, ""springtime has come to Petie!"" Donna wants Alex to buy her an expensive beaded bag for her birthday. Shelley Fabares recollection of The Donna Reed Show.. Interview with Paul Petersen who played Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show. Professor Caldwell is retiring because of a school policy; he's too old. Will their romantic friendship last through this experience? Mary's prospective beau develops a crush on Donna. Alex is hurt that Jeff likes the new neighbor. After the Stones agrees to take care of a friend's cottage on Echo Lake, Jeff decides it's the perfect locale for his frat party. Donna and Midge are anxious about their upcoming driver's tests. In this episode, we get a glimpse of the sometimes chaotic day-to-day life of the Stones, always buffered by the sweet and loving persona of Donna Reed as Donna Stone, TV's first ""highly visible"" Mom of the 1950s. Wow! After nosy neighbor Mrs. Wilgus (the inimitable Kathleen Freeman) alerts Donna and Alex about Mary having a noisy party while they were out, the kids get lectured about being the children of a doctor, and that they should behave accordingly. The Donna Reed Show: Season 6 Donna Reed (Actor), Carl Betz (Actor) Format: DVD. Jeff decides wearing glasses would make him look older, and sets out to prove he needs them. Later that day Midge asks to go with the Stones to an Anniversary party, however, they were not invited. Nick the Greek is the handyman at the Stone's house. Jeff has been complaing that there's nothing to do. When Donna fills in for Alex's vacationing nurse, she is taken aback to find him an office tyrant. It ends up that a new highway is going to put in. Donna and Alex reminisce about the time Jeff and Smitty ran a gas station over summer vacation and how it almost ruined their friendship. What can Jeff do? Everyone chips in to buy the elderly baby doctor a new car. Donna then attempts to immerse the whole family in culture, by buying Jeff a Dickens book, Mary a Tchaikovsky record, and a copy of Tolstoy's epic for her and Alex to read together. Mary decides to find him another girl to protect. Dr.Dave Kelsey,who has been more and more frustrated by his in-laws(or outlaws as he calls them)moves into the house next door with his wife Midge.Midge is a neophyte when it comes to household chores,so for the first week or so Donna helps her all she can-and Dave is truly grateful that the Stones have helped both of them settle down. Mary's friend, Marcia, is getting married. rebels against being used by Jeff (Paul Peterson). Also Donna plays matchmaker to a new doctor in town and a pretty nurse at the hospital. But where does that leave Herbie? Donna is away and Alex has to manage the house and children. Petie and Mary have been friends for years, but seeing how beautiful Mary has become, he would now like to be more than just friends. Jeff wants a uniform for the team picture. Can it be cut down without Donna's permission or not? On Jeff's 16th birthday he has a big fight with his girlfriend. Donna visits a reclusive woman who lives in an old Victorian house.She feels trapped in a haunted house after a while. A story about every married couple's dilemma: what decisions can a husband make on his own and which require a conference for his wife's permission? Alex tries to set him straight. Blu-ray — DVD — Additional DVD options: Edition Discs Price New from Used from DVD "Please retry" — — — — — Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Yes, Jeff is elected class Treasurer. Now Jeff wants to go camping, but Alex is away at a conference. Could the handyman be a thief? The Stones' cleaning lady has troubles. Most of the girls who went with Mary also ""won"" scholarships, too! The only untypical thing about them is that they break into song. Mary hears the story of Donna's first date with Alex. Donna plays matchmaker for Alex's friend. Now when Alex is out of town, Donna and the kids keep hearing noises late at night. Enter Leslie Gore, playing herself. Trying to save enough money to build a boat, Jeff and Smitty make a pact to give up dating. Tonight though, she starts making her own decisions when she, Roger, and Larry go out on the town. Donna and Alex's anniversary is coming up, and Jeff has something special planned for the occasion. Donna and Alex realize their children will leave soon. She'll start practicing again , everyday. And by the way, Alex, can Donna buy a $250 Porcelain Dresden figurine? His father is getting married and he hopes this means he can leave military school and live in a real home, but things don't work out the way David thought they would. Why can't the Stones get a Lesley Store credit card? Dave and Midge have a minor disagreement and decide to reminisce about how they met. Alex needs to go to Hollywood to discuss suggestions for a Children's Clinic, so the whole family takes the opportunity to go along and see Hollywood, except it rains, for 2 days! Alex buys Donna the very expensive evening gown she modeled in a fashion show. Now what can Mary, Donna, and Alex do? Alex moves his pediatric practice out of the house and into a new office downtown. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Does Jeff keep the car or does he track down the original ticket holder? The show originally aired on ABC from September 24, 1958, to March 19, 1966. Midge isn't happy and Dave tries to change his former flame's mind. Alex feels like he has no position at home. Donna and Alex turn on an intercom after finding out the information and hope Jeff listens. Donna's visiting uncle causes problems in the family. Watch all 30 The Donna Reed Show episodes from season 7,view pictures, get episode information and more. The husband accepts the price and complications ensue. DVD. Alex, on the other hand, would like to sleep late on Saturday morning, unaware of the bedlam that's about to take place! Verified Purchase. Donna wants a day alone without kids. The Stones learn the truth of a former athlete's job. Now the Stones have troubles. Donna heads to a Blaine Women's College reunion, and while she's away, Jeff adopts Duke, the dog. Then the expenses mount up, as she needs the School instruction book, the School grooming aids, etc. Guests, Guests, Who Needs Guests? Now what can they do? Children's Educational Film - For More Tomorrows starring Paul Petersen (Jeff Stone). And how! And who has a son named Willy? To top it off, Ricky comes over and brags about how his dad is taking him on an exciting camping trip this weekend. Poor Jeff can't make up his mind. The Donna Reed Show season 6 episode guide on She and her fiance want a small, simple wedding, but her mother, upon arriving in town, has other ideas. As Donna says, ""Alex, our daughter has a secret."". When Donna decides to run for town council, Jeff and Mary agree to take care of the house. Tony decides to ask for a jury trial, too. When Dave Kelsey finds a fawn on the roadside and gives it to Trish as a gift. Ellen is rather plain so Mary goes to work to transform Ellen into a glamorous young lady. After a while this gets Donna to wondering if what people really mean is that Alex got the short end of the stick by marrying Donna. We Love The Donna Reed Show. Will Donna's plan work? Turns out Harvey's wife Nora had Donna buy the hat, but it was for Nora! She decides to become a scientist. It's a battle of wills--Alex wants new golf clubs and Donna wants to replace the washing machine. Donna and Alex have attended many parties; they decide to spend some time at home, enjoying their children and each other. What can Mary do to impress Ginny, with the Stone family having no maid, no pool, no tennis court, and with a wild unruly younger brother Jeff at home? When Herbie suggests his visiting friend Ken goes along with them to the dance, Mary decides not to go to the dance at all. Neither is willing to budge to break the impasse. She avoids him and quickly changes it back to the color it was whew! Jeff's high school graduation prompts Donna to remember some of his youthful adventures. Season 8, Episode 6. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. A friend of the Stone family generously offers them the use of his lake house. Donna was the perfect American housewife and mother. And what do you think happens when she finally does get that sweater and tries it on? Complications arise between the baby sitter, her father and Jeff. Smitty (Darryl Richard! Now Donna needs to find a tactful way of getting him to agree to give up driving. Could he, oh, I don't know lose it? Things quickly get out of hand and Jeff panics. Later, Mary finds this love letter in Jeff's handwriting and wonders if Jeff is involved in a new romance. Comment Report abuse. Jeff's friend Bill was high school valedictorian, but as a freshman in college now is only making B's and C's. But he is required to recruit two campers to get the position and finds it difficult to find anybody willing to sign up. Donna sees Trisha eating bananas and she always saw Jeff eating bananas before he became ill. Alex's collegue Dave (Bob Crane) tries to convince them otherwise ... and it turns out that Jeff is the one who came down with a fever. After a car crash, Jeff gives a false name to a doctor. And will Jeff ever repay the money he borrowed from Mary so she can buy that sweater she's been wanting for a long time. Jeff wants a motor scooter like Gordie just got, but Alex won't agree to that. Jeff must work for the money to buy it. Donna and Alex attempt to assemble a "do it yourself" stereo kit. Donna's part in setting them up and the months before their wedding are relived. Dave causes himself a huge problem on the home front when he tells Midge he likes Donna's cooking better. Donna and Midge take French lessons from the owner of a French restaurant. But once she comes home with her new hair color, she decides not to show it to Alex. The Stones and the Kelseys decide to take a break from each other. She quickly becomes attached to it which makes it hard for Donna and Alex to tell her she must give it up.

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