The students get to participate in activities that would be difficult to do during a regular school term. Essay, 3 pages. In this case the students become dull and find the things monotonous. Retrieved from, Type: The whole vacation gets taken up with festivities, homework, and family obligations. While everyone wants American students to be competitive, students need a break from the classroom occasionally. This is true for some subjects and age groups; for example students learning to read must practice these skills consistently or the teacher will have to reteach some of the concepts. If you are a human, do not fill in this field. When we initially went to a nine month school year, there were a multitude of reasons. This happens due to lack of experience... Deviance is part of every culture and society, it is the border line between acceptable and intolerable behavior. Oftentimes holidays like Hanukkah are difficult for families because they are busy celebrating during a time when school is in session. The frequent breaks provide families the, Summer Vacation Sept. 14, 2017 As much as you may have fond memories of your school holidays, among teachers, parents,and policy makers, there is a lot of debate over how long a school break should be. (435). I am all for a trimester schedule with four week breaks. [CDATA[// >