While at war with this CB, the targeted rebels' armies are friendly to attacker. All information is up to date for version 1.30.2, Fun fact:Even Anglican Great Britain and other countries can be elected after peace of Westphalia, Yep, with enough work, even Coptic Ethiopia. AI is 10 times more likely to choose this option by default, which is multiplied by 1.5 if its army strength is 80% of the Emperor's and by 3 if its army strength is 125% of the Emperor's. Bit late in most HRE campaigns atm lol. or 'Let us reintegrate with the French.'. This describes what each side has to do to get ticking warscore, i.e. IMPORTANT: If the war lasts for more than 25 years, Peace of Westphalia is signed. #1. erneiz I have heard that there exists an event for a reformed country to enforce Religious Peace on a protestant empire, is that true and how? The AI will never choose this option if its army strength is 80% of the country saved as burgundian_overlord_target. The AI seems even dumber too. Even with the Commonwealth and the Ottomans, the entire Protestant League army was wiped out in a single battle, and ruined an otherwise very successful game. The covert Fabricate Claims diplomatic action provides a claim on a single province (for details of which provinces can have claims fabricated on them, see Espionage § Covert actions).

No Imperial incident is currently active. How can I, as Orthodox/Coptic/Reformed try to achieve Peace? Burgundy's overlord is saved as an event target named burgundy_senior_partner. Attacker's home trade node, or one where they have a merchant: Attacker has at least 10% share of trade power, Defender's privateers have at least 1% share of trade power, Attacker's capital is in Europe, or attacker neighbours defender, Attacker does not have a truce or alliance with defender, Attacker is not a subject, or is a tributary, Defender's primary culture is in Chinese group, Attacker's primary culture in Chinese group, If attacker's primary culture is Manchu, attacker is, Defender owns at least one province in North China, Xinan, or South China region, Only on provinces in the China superregion, Only on provinces in the South China, Xinan or South China region or with culture in the same group as defender, Attacker does not have government reform Shogunate, Attacker's religion is in pagan or Eastern group, Both attacker and defender only own one province, Neither country is already in a league war, Rebel faction that attacker is supporting has risen in revolt against defender, Attacker has not enacted all religious reforms, Defender is not a subject nation, or is a tributary, Defender is a valid target for the "Expand empire" peace deal, Defender is in the same religion group as attacker, Defender is on the same continent as attacker, Defender is not a member of the Holy Roman Empire, Defender neighbours any province that is part of the empire, Attacker has the tier 8 theocracy government reform "The Global Crusade", Defender is in pagan religious group, and attacker has completed Expansion or Exploration ideas or has the "Mission to Civilize" tier 2 government reform. The War of Religion in the Empire has ended in victory for the Evangelical Union. All rights reserved. The drawback is that allies can't be called in on a promise of land with a CB that can't be used to fulfil that promise, so you will need favours. Lübeck and all countries in Lübeck's Trade league get the opinion modifier “Ignored our Plight” towards the Emperor worth -50 opinion with a yearly decay of 1.
What happens if leagues form, but a war is not declared? If you think something should be added, do tell. rebels) controls it. Hello together, I am just in my first England game with Rule Britania and it is going well. One of the following must be true about the.
If after 30 years since the formation of leagues war is not declared, the diet is called, with a chance of it going in favour of the emperor. Prussia has the country flag king_in_prussia_rejcection. Can you elaborate on Religious Peace (Peace of Westphalia)? AI will choose this option 50% of the time. How do I deal with this in an inexpensive fashion? Can you explain the council of Trent? The Emperor may Demand the Lowlands! Ottomans were on the Catholic side for some reason, but despite it saying no one could call in their allies, the Ottomans proceeded to call in all of central Asia, doubling their troop count. Available to the leader of a trade league against countries they could otherwise justify a trade conflict against. Centers of reformation have 5% conversion resistance, yes, except for the first one. If the country happens to be a rival and releasing vassals or countries is not desired, the special Humiliate Rival CB is ideally suited for this purpose. [Root.GetName] was among the states that were forced to accept the rule of the Empire, and our submission is proof that the Emperor’s word is law. Ah, got confused and thought that only members of HRE could become leaders. The Emperor of the HRE gets the opinion modifier "Refused Imperial Entry" towards Burgundy for 40 years, worth -100 opinion with a yearly decay of 2.5. Or Ibadi Mughal Caliphate. Austria never tried to force religion on anyone and was still voted for by all the electors despite being on opposing leagues.

If at 1660 player has regency or truce with the enemy electors, they have to wait it out. The country saved as pu_hre_country gets the opinion modifier "Petitioned for Imperial Membership" towards this country for 50 years, worth +50 opinion with a yearly decay of 1.

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