The peace of mind of knowing your boat will be as clean and dry as the day you put it away is only a call away. "On the other hand Mr Howard's version was, for the most part, unhelpful," it read. News Let Email Alerts help find your boat. With a touch of a single button, the SeaPen rear gate drops open to let you r ship off and onto the water. The AirBerth is still a fantastic unit and has been around for many years with simple operation and will raise your vessel in under 4 minutes and lower in under 7 minutes (depending on model). More on SeaPen here. With all FAB Dock systems backed by a comprehensive, Battery Maintenance – What you need to know, Gold Coast SEO Services By Local Web Advisors, Australia: 1800 322 362 • NZ: 09 8011 100 • USA: 1 (833) 322-3625, Suitable: Monohull outboard & stern drive, Suitable: Multi-hulls, Pontoons & Trimarans. FAB Dock is designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments with minimal maintenance and care. Mr Howard admits the service from his company hasn't been ideal but said he had hundreds of happy customers with Mr Smith the only disgruntled one because he didn't take care of the product. For decades, maintaining and repairing marine vessels, Picture the scene: you’ve just returned from, The FAB Dock product is fantastic and I would recommend anyone with a boat sitting in salt water (particularly) to…, The product is everything I had hoped and more. News More on AirBerth here, The lowest boat lift or dry dock on the market would have to be the SeaPen, this unit generally sits less than 600mm out of the water and in most cases the frame of the SeaPen is hidden by the height of the pontoon, the SeaPen is highly configurable for all different shapes and size hulls and even features the new side loading option and remote control. News "It sets a horrible precedent that could force us to close our doors.". "I'm stoked. The biggest stories you may have missed yesterday, November 3.

My FAB Dock makes my boating so much easier and saves…, Very pleased with the results, no marine growth on the hull or stern drives…There’ll be no anti fouling happening this…, The FAB Dock works extremely well and the after sales service is even better, Even in windy conditions the entry is no problem with the FAB Dock as it just flexes when the boat…, Like most boat owners, I am very fond of my boat. December 2014 - Brad Smith tells Dean Howard he needs the Fabdock repaired because the marina is threatening to charge him for two berths. The Beecher business includes flotation therapy, an infrared sauna, and remedial massage therapy. In August Mr Smith's boat was covered in growth that his $10,500 Fabdock was supposed to prevent; and his legal case against the owner of the company appeared to be lost in the legal system. Air Docks,Boat Lifts,Pontoons,Sea Pens,Fab Docks For Sale in Australia . Gold Coast SEO Services By Local Web Advisors, No Fenders   I  No Antifoul  I  No Worries, Available world-wide in a range of sizes 17ft to 100ft, Our products have been designed to be free of defects and perform optimally in the harsh salt water environment.
Nothing too much trouble. He said that this decision could have ramifications in the inflatable manufacturing industry. Subscribe to our newsletter for news, updates, exclusive discounts and offers. Constructed using quality materials and parts sourced from Europe, the US and Australia, and built by a skilled team with over 300+ years of combined experience, every minute detail has been analysed and tested to guarantee the longevity and performance of your FAB Dock.

"If you drive around with flat tyres and they get a hole in them should you be able to get new tyres? Aqua Pontoons are what some would call a broker for all the top boat lift resellers in Australia and having used and installed lots of different boat lifts we offer you our professional and personal opinion on major brands, we work closely with SeaPen, Sunstream & AirBerth boat lift suppliers and offer you competitive pricing and TOP service from our professional team. Our Universal range is available in a range of sizes for vessels between 17ft to 44ft. Page 1 of 3 . | Updated: News A rapist has been released from prison after serving 313 days on remand. 5:00 AM, Oktoberfest tickets selling out quick, ahead of Saturday, No show in court for woman facing begging charges, Aurizon job fears lurk, despite no Gladstone announcement, WEEKEND GIG GUIDE: What's on at local pubs, clubs, No jackpot from the pokies for player who had keys stolen, Gladstone attracts metal bands for show today, Photos, video: Old school cars group first birthday, Legal battle lost over Airlie Beach marina berth lease. "I might have to organise the inflatable manufacturing industry to fight this together even to the high court. Welcome to our FAB Dock photo gallery. In addition to saving money and time, berthing your boat will never be easier, simply use your FAB Dock as a bumper to guide you in and reduce the risk of damage to your boat. Choose from our selection of environmentally friendly, superior quality, jet ski dock, floating dock and dry docking systems. Hide Sold Inc POA Accessories Search. With ease of maintenance, portability, the environment and cost effectiveness in mind, we have analysed every cut, curve, seam, sleeve, pocket and angle to bring you one of the most superior dry docking solutions available world-wide today. More information here, This is not a big issue for everyone but those who have a low set block and perhaps a kitchen or lounge room window that looks directly at your pontoon and boat lift tend to not realize that some boat lifts can sit up to 4m out of the water when in the up position. Refine Current Search. "Where his version of events differed to that of Mr Smith, it was often also contradicted on the... evidence before me.". July 19, 2014 - Brad Smith emails Dean Howard telling him he put a hole in the Fab Dock trying to fix it following Dean Howard's advice. Like any product there are pros and cons to each brand but I guess it really comes down to personal preference and your own unique situation and vessel type. As there are many different types of boat lifts on the market today it is a hard choice when the time comes to pick the best solution for you and your boat, here are some of the things you should consider. ‘It is safe to assume I’ve retained the Callide seat.’. Local Faces With all FAB Dock systems backed by a comprehensive warranty guarantee, now is the right time to discover how FAB Dock can help you. FROM a man who was caught three times pooing in public, to a woman breaching her... © Gladstone Newspaper Company Pty Ltd 2020. From raw pace to footballing brains, this list from Clinton’s Jeff Jackson has it all. July 26, 2014 - Dean Howard tells Brad Smith to patch the hole; he does. July-December 2014 - Brad Smith continues to call Dean Howard to find out when the ongoing leak will be fixed. Along with shallow operation the Floatlift operates at lightning speeds with the 2.7t version raising or lowering the unit in under 30 seconds. That's what this decision says," he said. Keep your boat clean without putting toxic anti-foul in the water – persevering our marine environment for future generations. Select All Sates Clear All States. Let our experienced team guide you to a low maintenance, cost effective and transportable dry docking solution to keep your boat clean and dry. If you have any questions or need some buying advise on boat lifts don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 207 848,,, Choosing the right boat lift for your boat. June 5, 2012 - Brad Smith pays $5250 to have Fab Dock installed June 19, 2012 - Electrical pump connection is replaced by manufacturer after a fault June 20, 2012 - Air pump fails Start enjoying the many benefits of FAB Dock with our pre-built, ready to go range.
Magistrate Penelope Hay sided with Mr Smith; stating that his Fab Dock was not "fit for its purpose" and that the manufacturer of the product, Mr Howard, had failed to repair it. GLADSTONE GLADIATORS swimmers, family and friends gathered to farewell a popular coach for the final time this morning. Your FAB Dock can pay for itself in as little as 3 years through maintenance cost savings, including anti-fouling and fuel. December 17, 2014 - Brad Smith sends a follow up email and and threatens Dean Howard with further action, January 9, 2015 - Further action is taken as Brad Smith lodges a claim with the Queensland Civil and Admiistrative Tribunal. We have had the pleasure of installing thousands of high quality docking solutions across a range vessel types and locations world-wide. FAB Dock dry docking solutions are designed to make boating easy, keeping your boat clean and dry, so you can enjoy everything the boating lifestyle has to offer, hassle free. Name * Email * Location *Phone * Your Boat *CAPTCHA. In addition, your boat will go faster providing better fuel efficiency. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DCIM113MEDIA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DCIM113MEDIA … Glide in, Glide out. A MAN has declined treatment after his truck rolled over on a major Central... News June 5, 2012 - Brad Smith pays $5250 to have Fab Dock installed, June 19, 2012 - Electrical pump connection is replaced by manufacturer after a fault, July 5, 2012 - Brad Smith pays the remaining $5250 of the purchase price, End of 2012 - Manufacturer replaces the air pump, July 2013 - Starboard and rear floats start to deflate, September/October 2012 - Dean Howard inspects the Fab Dock but disputes he said he'd be back to fix the problem, November/December 2013 - Leak worsenes; water is breaching the Fabdock, July 12, 2014 - Brad Smith accidentally puts a hole in it trying to fix the leak. We also have Custom Build options for larger vessels, multi-hulls and shaft drives. Community Some people might even call it obsessive. 8th Oct 2015 8:32 PM

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