She would remain there until her death on August 24, 1923. The Lazards and their descendants remained stockholders after Herbert’s assumption of the presidency in 1911. Lawsuits over pollution in the Truckee River were a constant problem for the paper mill and downstream water users. Much of the original holding was subdivided and the old home, with its north wing, was removed. . This was invested in power and other mills. The circumstances regarding Herbert’s problems and eventual bankruptcy are clouded by the fact that these events were never discussed by the families and were essentially hidden from their grandchildren. There was some wheeling and dealing involved to assure that the Call would support the Hetch Hetchy project, and Herbert personally subscribed to about $200,000 of Hearst’s bonds. The other directors were R. E. Wallace and W. J. O’Donnell, and so it remained until 1940, when Herbert’s bankruptcy caused him to leave the business, replaced by Mortimer’s son, who assumed major responsibility for the company after he returned from service in the navy, until it was sold in the 1950s. . Mortimer is said to have graduated from Boys’ High School in 1880; both brothers apparently finished school before beginning work at a very young age. Mortimer (far right) and Herbert (third from the right) are seen at the Bismarck Café in this undated photo. The major project of the company was Lake Almanor, named for the daughters of Guy Earl, who built the dam there on the Feather River, flooding Big Meadows to feed the generators at the Big Bend powerhouse. It was filled by 6.5 million gallons of saltwater pumped in from the nearby ocean at high tide. Herbert married May Greenebaum on August 9 of the following year; her father was Sigmund Greenebaum, manager of the London Paris and American Bank, which consolidated with the Anglo-California Bank in 1909. On old maps, one can still find a place called Fleish, where the power plant was constructed in 1904. The Fleishhacker Pool bore his name until it closed in 1971. Hustling is the deceptive act of disguising one's skill in a sport or game with the intent of luring … TIME magazine would, in 1932, tell the story this way: At 15 Herbert left school to enter his father’s paper box firm as a bookkeeper. Later, this issue created a complex relationship with William Randolph Hearst and his San Francisco Call publisher, John Francis Neylan (later to act as Herbert’s attorney). [1], After years of underfunding and poor maintenance, the pool was showing some deterioration when a storm in January 1971 damaged its drainage pipe. Other references say that Aaron founded the company in 1880, when he was 60. The Government offered Fleishhacker $100,000 for his dam and water rights, but he refused to accept it. . Was this the reason that Herbert could make a killing at this time, buying a paper mill that had just burned down? Both banks have prospered; their solidity has never been questioned. “Great Western Power, ‘White Coal,’ and Industrial Capitalism in the West,” Pacific Historical Review. A group of San Francisco capitalists, Bruce Dohrmann, Milton Esberg, John Drum and Herbert Fleishhacker, Sr., in combination with the Linnard Hotel Interests, assumed management of the Tahoe Tavern Properties. passed under German control [and] innocent shareholders, chiefly resident in Great Britain . “The Drowning of Big Meadows: Nature’s Managers in Progressive-Era California,” Environmental History (Oxford University Press), 4:1 (Jan., 1999), 32–53. In addition, it operated the majestic White Pelican Hotel, famous in its day, which burned down in 1926. The pool was not the source of her pneumonia but her pack a day habit. Most of the other investors were also relatives by marriage: S. C. Scheeline was Belle Fleishhacker’s husband, and Ludwig Schwabacher (who would soon be the manager of the Floriston Paper and Pulp Mill) was their sister Carrie’s husband. [1][5][6] The remaining ruins were demolished, and only a fragment consisting of three ornate entrances remains. Local lifeguards used wooden rowboats to traverse the expanse it was so large. Back in Oregon, in 1911 the Klamath Development Company was incorporated with $2 million of stock; there were five directors, two of whom were the Fleishhacker brothers.

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