In Mrs. Granger's class the next day, Nick gives his presentation. Mr. Allen sets up a secret savings trust for Nick. Finally, with ten minutes left in the period, she makes him stop. Mr. Allen agrees to sign a contract giving Nick 30 percent of the profits from frindle-branded merchandise and accepts a check for 2,250 dollars, Nick's cut of proceeds from the first week. It attracts the attention of the national CBS station in New York, and they give Alice permission to put together a piece for the evening news. Other Resources. In chapter seven of 'Frindle,' Nick debuted the word 'frindle' in class and started a word war with Mrs. Granger. In chapter ten, learn how the news about the word 'frindle' spreads even farther. Did you know… We have over 220 college courses that prepare you to earn Nick Allen isn't a bad kid, but he does have lots of ideas and enjoys tormenting his teachers with them. After the segment airs, Nick is asked to give interviews on television and magazines. A few weeks before school begins, Nick's parents receive a letter from Mrs. Granger explaining that Nick needs to have access to a good dictionary for homework. In chapter one of 'Frindle,' we were introduced to Nick Allen and his third and fourth grade adventures. Mrs. Granger keeps 80 students that day and 200 the next. She also loves the dictionary. After just one chapter of 'Frindle,' you will want to keep reading. The principal, Mrs. Chatham, decides to visit Nick's parents to discuss the issue. Test your knowledge of the entire course with a 50 question practice final exam. In third grade, he convinced Miss Deaver to let the class turn the classroom into a tropical island. Mrs. Granger has a reputation for being strict and assigning lots of homework, especially vocabulary homework. They're all excited to be part of a movement, but tell Judy that Nick probably won't want to talk to her. Labrador, Callie. In chapter ten of 'Frindle,' Judy Morgan researched the frindle situation to write a newspaper article. He remembers that when he was a toddler, his parents knew he wanted to listen to music when he said "gwagala." It also contains Mrs. Granger's letter. As Judy heads out to the parking lot, she runs into a group of students who just finished serving detention with Mrs. Granger. Nick doesn't stop there, however; he asks Mrs. Granger why words mean different things. Topics covered include: How many pages of a book do you read before you decide if you like it or not? When he learns about consumers, he thinks that he can use his new knowledge to get his classmates to boycott the cafeteria food until it improves, but he's too afraid of getting in trouble to tell anyone about it. In chapter nine of 'Frindle,' Mrs. Chatham, the principal, visited Nick and his parents at home. What word would you use to describe Nick? The next day, a reporter named Judy Morgan hears that there's a revolt going on at Lincoln Elementary. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. That's a... Frindle study guide contains a biography of Andrew Clements, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The principal, Mrs Chatham, decides to pay a visit to Nick's parents at home. Among those who would benefit are: This chapter summarizes the material students need to know about the chapter summaries of Frindle for a standard English course. GradeSaver, 27 August 2016 Web. Check out this lesson for a summary of 'Frindle' chapter one. © copyright 2003-2020 RESOURCES. Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. He's not swayed when Mrs. Granger points out that the word "pen" has a rich history that makes sense, but Mrs. Granger seems unsurprised by his reaction. That afternoon, Nick and Janet walk home together. It does not take long for Nick to find out that Mrs Granger is immune to the time-waster question; when he asks whether all of the dictionaries just copy words from each other, she asks him to research the subject and write a report to read aloud in class the next day. The next day in Mrs. Granger's class, Nick and one of his friends make a show of Nick forgetting his frindle. Refer to the lesson to reinforce your learning. Nick and his friends take an oath to only use "frindle" and never say "pen" again. Not only does Nick have homework to do but he also misses out on a friendly game of baseball down the street because his research takes up most of the evening. The next day in Mrs. Granger's class, Nick and one of his friends make a show of Nick forgetting his frindle. Nick's mother still feels the issue is not Nick and his new word but Mrs Granger's over-reaction to it. At the end of chapter 4, Nick is suddenly very exited about his report. It contains a beautiful gold pen. The other kids laugh, but Mrs. Granger isn't amused. Teachers and parents! He and one of his classmates, Janet Fisk, made high-pitched bird noises all year long to annoy Mrs. Avery—and she never caught them. In chapter six of 'Frindle,' Nick and his friends make an oath to use the word frindle and teach it to others. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Test your knowledge of this chapter with a 30 question practice chapter exam. All rights reserved. After school, Nick grudgingly does Mrs. Granger's vocabulary homework and then turns to his report. Each day for five days, Nick sends a friend into the store asking to purchase a frindle until on day six, when Janet goes in to ask for a frindle, the lady behind the counter does not even ask what she means, merely asking if she wants blue or black. Chapter 3. In this chapter, we see how the same problems that plagued Nick's school spreads to other schools. He asks Mrs. Granger where the words in the dictionaries come from. Find out what happens in chapter eleven when Judy's article is published. Mrs. Chatham tells Mrs. and Mr. Allen her version of events, which is that the kids ruined the class photo and aren't respecting rules anymore. Nick realizes that she had been rooting for frindle all along. At the close of chapter eight of 'Frindle,' the principal was about to visit Nick's parents. Our, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Then she talks to some of the kids outside who don't seem to mind being kept after school. In chapter five, Nick gives his report and then asks a question that will change his fifth-grade year. Right before the period ends, Nick decides to deploy the "teacher-stopper," a question designed to keep teachers from assigning homework. He could make it into something special. The envelope congratulates Mrs. Granger and explains that with a donation of one million dollars, a former student started a scholarship fund in her name. Mrs. Granger is furious, but all the other kids at school think it's funny and start using "frindle." When the photographer asks the kids to say cheese, every child says "frindle!" Bud Lawrence's sales pick up, though his lawyer explains to him that now that everyone in the country knows that Nick invented the word "frindle," they'll need to make a deal with the Allen family to use the word. Responsibility and Fame. will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. Janet finds a gold pen in the street, but Nick is lost in thought about what Mrs. Granger said about words and why they mean what they do. He apologizes, and as he hands Janet the pen, he calls it a frindle. Someone wrote on the back which kid is Nick. Mrs. Granger shakes Nick's hand and says she knows he'll do great things. She writes that she loves the dictionary because it remains relevant even as things change, and it too can change and adapt. Instant downloads of all 1372 LitChart PDFs Sales are strong and Westfield even adds "Home of the original frindle" to the sign on Route 302. Bud Lawrence, a local businessman, begins selling pens with "frindle" printed on them and files a preliminary trademark on the word. On the first day of school, Mrs. Granger starts things off with a vocabulary test. When over two hundred kids end up in Mrs Granger's classroom after school on the same day, parents begin to call the principal to complain. and career path that can help you find the school that's right for you. The entire town is in an uproar. Nick says that he can't as he and his friends swore an oath to keep using it. Not sure what college you want to attend yet? He decides to give Mrs. Granger an interesting report on where words come from. and holds out a pen. Mrs Granger tells Nick that words mean what people decide they mean and that is how a language is born. Then, in fourth grade, Nick learned that blackbirds make high-pitched noises to confuse birds of prey, and noticed that his teacher, Mrs. Avery, looked like a hawk. Struggling with distance learning? These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Freed, is immediately annoyed when Judy asks to speak to someone about the "frindle" business but shows her in to see Mrs. Chatham. Nick is wanted for interviews with all of the most popular television shows and in all the most popular magazines and the word frindle spreads nationwide. She pulls a letter that she has written to him out of her desk drawer and makes him sign his name and write the date on the back of the envelope, so that when he does eventually come to read it he will know it is the same letter. Then Mrs Granger becomes a little mysterious. Mrs Granger has a fearsome reputation and an obsession with widening her students' vocabulary. Analysis. Two years later, he does convince students to boycott the cafeteria food, making Westfield's lunch program into the best in the state. In chapter fourteen, we learn about how the events surrounding the frindle change Nick himself. Literary Devices. Whilst walking home with his friend Janet, he picks up the gold pen she has just found and says, "Here's your frindle." The adults are stumped when Nick points out that "ain't" is in the dictionary. Mrs. Allen looks annoyed and states that the whole thing sounds like a gross overreaction to kids testing out a new word, but Mrs. Chatham says that they need to stop "frindle" for the same reason they need to keep children from using "ain't": standards. When Bud asks Mr. Allen to come to his office to chat, he sees that getting the rights to the word will be easy: Mr. Allen is overwhelmed and wants all the attention to stop.

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