: If you have sheep/goats, what is their function(s) on your property? Goats can live up to 18 years (sheep, up to 12 years). We are committed to providing a loving home and sanctuary to as many goats in need of rescue as we can. 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He also said we had talked about leaving goats for a week which I said no such thing.

I really appreciate that they take the time to come to vegfest and educate people about the work they do to help goats and offer classes to owners of goats on how to care for them.

I don't know if you maybe this needs to be reported to the authorities or not. 2 reviews of New Moon Goat Rescue "I have been hearing about this organization for a few years, both at vegfest and as part of the goatolympics.

I assumed if he didn't hear from me that they would still come for the day because of what we discussed.

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