I was bound and determined to breastfeed her. Then somehow miraculously passes them, On a side note, and I seriously cannot figure this out to save my ass... why then, after eating them on the DL without me knowing, did CaCash (see what I did there?!) But all that being said, I love this goofball. It wasn’t until Claire contracted Rotavirus It would have to do, as I didn't have back-up jeans on hand, dammit. This poor woman and I had a hell of an afternoon after her gut decided to unleash a geyser of diarrhea while we were eating lunch at a park. The mystery continues... Lol. I question, "Cal, did you fart? I wonder if she was saving it up.. just for a special occasion. HA! ), and the woman I was working with was a total doll and such a good sport about it all, but it was still one of the toughest spots I got in in my 7 years in the field. It was lacking convolutions, bumps and the normal length of our dogs' typical dumps, so this had me confused. big sister, and she seemed to get sicker more often than Claire also. It is clear to me now what I am seeing. Let's ditch these losers!" Lastly, thank you, Tim Tebow, for ALL you do for individuals like our Claire. She too fought Early this morning, with a full moon shining in our PICU window, our sweet Lola ascended into the Heavens to be reunited with her big sister, Claire. Claire is probably the Tim Tebow Foundation's Night to Shine prom. flat EVER, due to her severe reflux. ❤. Their appearance is somewhere between human and weird space alien. I prayed she would be Scott dives into the skids, carefully pulls the pants down to expose Mrs. Poopypants' blow-out, which by this time has smeared down to her SOCK on that one leg. We were blessed with two precious daughters, Claire & Lola, both of whom happen... 9.30.16  ~  Microcephaly Awareness Day with my homegirls I am embarrassed that it has been MONTHS since I last updated my blog. They all swore we would be in and out of the hospital frequently with He hems & haws, then finally saunters over, sees the wreckage, and I think, fearing for his truck, decides he might want to help me after all. To all the families out there who just had a child with special needs... YOU GOT THIS. I got her into the washroom (a crappy outdoor public park washroom) and no lie she had poop in her hair all the way down to her socks. My most recent bloggi... You're welcome in advance for not sharing every single one of my completely-fucked-up-to-the-point-you-would-be-concerned-for-my-actual-... People often reach out to me shortly after they have a child with special needs. while it seems invasive and scary, honestly isn’t that big of a deal. Never doubt for a moment that your child isn’t strong AF because look at frequently and ill often. Sleepy girl getting some beauty rest before her big night! with her any way possible. OMG you guys, my girl is a stunna! matter what I tried, this happened every feeding, maybe 8-10 times a day. accidentally aspirated into their lungs will make them sick with pneumonia. She was an absolute warrior till her last breath and final heartbeat. I'm going to be coming back to read more about your ups and downs!Have a great weekend! BRUTAL, yo. (as well as ourselves, but that's a whole 'nother story...), Our daughter is now nekked, in a new, fresh, clean diaper, and ready to take on the world after her run-in with, It seemed a fitting "punishment" for Polly Pocket to have to wear a hospital, baby bag, newborn-sized, one-piece number (which fit her PERFECTLY, ironically... *sigh*) to the party instead of her cute, festive Halloween get-up. She fought with everything in her to stay. Honestly, it just makes me feel proactive & at this point, I'm scared shitless to stop doing what we're doing, as SOMETHING is clearly working. Let's just say this wasn't exactly a minor dingleberry to blame, a simple shitkabob, a run-of-the-mill dookie. And that one person is sitting. breastfeeding her first which was a struggle for her and me (Let's not even discuss her tonic bite... suffice it to say our nursing relationship ended when blood was drawn! Later that evening, Lola tried to charm me at the birthday party by looking SUPER cute in my niece's new American Girl doll's glasses. and superheroes and badass odds-defiers, every last one of them. Brianna & Claire were like long-lost besties after 30 seconds! Claire was workin' the classic pin-up pose like a total girl boss. We had many of those episodes with her! It's that full-on, disgusting, rank, hideous feces stench that hits you like a ton of bricks THAT EXACT MOMENT, you feel nauseous, and you vomit a little in your mouth. FULL MOON!??!?! Of course, she was sitting on my lap, with white pants on at the time, and in front of a group of at least 30 people at the time, our chairs all sitting in a circle, I picked her up and my pants were no longer white, but brown! I then did what any normal human being would do -- I sniffed it on the way to the trash. We are going to miss her so incredibly much. The black pirate/skulls one was another fave, so suffice it to say Cash is currently topping my Shit List. very much longer. Was it a "gift" for the girls?! ghee to her feedings to increase her caloric intake. Are you sure it was feces and not vomit? We both aren't sure where to start, Polly Ann is looking innocent as ever, and we're both in a full lather trying to get her disrobed while also maintaining the safety of the truck, its surroundings, my clothes, the seat, the door, the door jam, the floor, and our dung-covered daughter. "Hold me closer tiny dancer..." ~Elton John, We were so stoked to get to meet one of our online friends in person whom we had known on Facebook for almost 4 years. I'm gonna have to bookmark the American Girl website now for Mrs. Pocket. They will not be able to swallow effectively anymore, and the fluid that is anyone can fathom, but they are struggles we are coping with and still learning We don't have time for someone to grow a tail, for the love of God!!!!!! "Totallyyyyy. I know the culprit, and I am familiar with his fetishes. ZILCH. night. the breast pump for 5-10 minutes to be sure I had extra milk for her and to We were headed over to celebrate my niece's 10th birthday, stopped to pick up a veggie tray at the local Dillon's store, and I sent Scott in to grab it while I stayed in the car with Cal & the girlies. ...and Lola was the mayor!so funny!I don't know you but I love the way you share your life and write this blog! Oh, and did you SERIOUSLY use the smallest rollers we had? Best decision we We were told they had a party bus as well as a limo in which the attendees could ride around the large parking lot, so we decided to brave the bitterly cold weather & winds to check it out! He made it so very special for everyone involved. Email This BlogThis! HA!) [Post from Facebook on December 18, 2018], We are absolutely devastated to have lost our sweet Claire last night. she too had the same condition as her sister — While we knew the g-tube was a Smell intensifying. her reflux the contents of her stomach into the bowl I kept next to the couch xo Posted by Gwen at 1:25 PM 5 comments.

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