• 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda Note: if you make it in advance and you have put … Yummy. Although, there is no tradition for setting the pudding alight with brandy. *you could add 3 tsp mixed spice instead of adding the cinnamon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg. • 3 tbsp black treacle It is particularly enjoyable in the winter months when it can warm many a cold belly! Why not go Old School and have a Clootie Dumpling as your traditional Birthday Cake. It calls for the same ingredients as well as tying it up in a cloth to boil it. Alternatively, store in the fridge until its needed and then microwave it to reheat. • ¼tsp sea salt You can also freeze your Clootie Dumpling, either in slices wrapped in film or in the vacuum bag, for up to six months. We love Clootie dumpling sliced and fried in butter for breakfast with … Rating: 5 out of 5. Sometimes people use old pillow cases for the job as it is just the right sort of material. Clootie dumpling follows the same tradition of hiding lucky charms inside a Christmas pudding. A quick and easy Scottish dinner party canapé, 2. • 1/2 tsp salt • 1 tsp ground ginger Traditionally silver pennies would be added to the Cootie Dumpling mixture. For best results store your Clootie Dumpling in a cool, dry, dark place preferably in the fridge. Traditionally silver pennies would be added to the Cootie Dumpling mixture. Then combine the wet mixture with the dry mixture. In February 2009 The Sunday Post newspaper featured Frances Johnstone from Ballater whose clootie dumplings are favoured by Prince Charles when he stays at Balmoral in Royal Deeside. You may want to warm the clootie in the microwave briefly to bring out all of the flavors. Wring it out to remove the excess water. Refrigerate any leftover dumplings, covered. We'll do the rest. Stir well and add just enough milk to firm (not too goey or sloppy). • 1 tsp ground ginger Bring a very large pot of water to the boil, the largest you have. Traditionally when the cloth was removed the clootie dumpling would be left to dry out before the fire to form a crust on the outside. This recipe is from Ma Broon, a classic and now cult family cartoon series in Scotland, but the same as my family has been using for a long long time, we simply measured the quantities to be able to put into a recipe. The Best Traditional and Contemporary Scottish Recipes suggests wrapping 5p pieces or charms in waxed or greaseproof paper and adding these to the Clootie Dumpling mixture. Empty the dumpling mixture on to the cloot and draw up the cloot around it. • 1/4 tsp freshly grated nutmeg It can also be eaten cold, spread with butter or margarine and jam, much like a tea cake. 4. I have come across quite a few recipes that contain grated carrot, always good for making a cake moist. Dip your dumpling cloot into the boiling pot of water to soak it for a few minutes. If you use the traditional Cloth (cloot) method, cut up and use an old white pillow case or buy a cheap one from a store. • 1 tsp baking powder On the Tonight with Johnny Vaughan show Justin Timberlake judged a food competition and he loved the Scottish Clootie Dumpling cooked by the Gran of Leigh Mathieson. Pressure cookers can reduce the steaming time to about 2 hours. Haven't heard the word "thupence" in years either & got a real kick out of it. For best results store your Clootie Dumpling in a cool, dry, dark place preferably in the fridge. Start browsing till you find something. Clootie Dumpling is best served hot with cream, ice-cream or custard and left overs can be fried the next day and served with bacon and beans. • 75g/3oz chopped stoned dates If you are using a cloth (cloot), put it into boiling water first then spread onto your table and sprinkle a liberal amount of flour over the inside. Use the Help Forum for that. When you first remove the cloot you will have a white glutinous skin which covers the surface of the dumpling. Served warmed with milk is the best way to eat a clootie dumpling! Clootie Dumplings are traditional rich fruit puddings which are cooked in a cloth called a cloot. Remember this book was first published in 1747 so the recipe hasn’t changed in almost 300 years. As Christian Isobel Johnstone said in The Cook and Housewife’s Manual -‘There are a thousand other ways of making a plum-pudding’. Ingredients • 500g plain flour (or plain cake flour) • 200g beef suet • 250g castor sugar • 250g raisins • 250g sultanas • 1 tsp ground cinnamon* • 1 tsp ground allspice In Munlochy in the Black Isles and at Culloden Moor in the Highlands of Scotland there are Clootie Wells where people hang or tie rags that have washed a diseased, ill or disabled part of a body. It will last up to 3 months. Scottish Recipes are always happy to answer questions about Clootie Dumpling. This will prevent your "cloot" or cloth from sticking to the bottom of the pan. It was traditionally made for special occasions like a birthday, Hogmanay or at Christmas time when trinkets, coins and lucky gifts were dropped into the mixture, wrapped in greaseproof paper. solutions@scotsman.com Leave an inch space at the top for the pudding to expand. • 1 pinch salt After all, this is the time of year we can hopefully indulge ourselves, and set aside some time to make some traditional things like this. You want to leave 2 – 3 inches of water from the top to make sure the dumpling can be accommodated. Perhaps it is the Scots’ natural aversion to anything too fancy or novel. Enjoy at room temperature with a cuppa! I first tasted clootie dumpling as a child in 1955, the lingering memory is of watching my great grandmother collect the ingredients and the long, long wait for the first taste. It never lasts long in our household because we love to eat it quickly! • 200g beef suet Stew a fresh fruit and place the crumb on top. Clootie Dumpling Storage, Serving & Cooking. 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