The actual title is required in advance of the auction. There are a growing number of blue-chip cars which consistently hold their value and are safe bets. ; only year for ---; XYZ Certified; etc., a seller must be prepared to substantiate to buyer such accusations or statements. Bidders are willing to spend more or less than the average market value based upon a variety of factors including condition, documentation, and desirability. Vehicles with liens must be pre-approved by the auction office and must in all cases be accompanied by a letter from the lien holder stating the lien release conditions and payoff amount. When he isn't writing for Power Automedia, he's out shooting pictures at car shows, hiking in the forests of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or working on something in the garage. Always evaluate each car independently. 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Are you an InfoNet member or Mecum Customer? Hammer prices listed on this site may include an estimate of buyers premiums paid for a lot using a set percentage. Joe owns Automania, a company out of Three Way, Tennessee that specializes in the sale of classic musclecars. how much does mecum charge to auction a car 02 Aug how much does mecum charge to auction a car. We spoke with the seller of this car, Joe Cheeks, and got some first hand information from him about what it is like to be on the selling side of the auction block. A $100 lien fee will be assessed for any title not presented at the auction. This represents a type of car an average person could save up for and afford, and typical of what might be available on a Friday auction by Mecum. It sold for $343,200 in 2003 and $407,000 in 2009. At seventeen, he bought his first classic, a '57 Chevy Bel Air four-door, and has since added a '66 Plymouth Valiant and '97 Cadillac Deville to his collection. We spoke with John Kraman, consignment director at Mecum Auctions, and got a more detailed look at what they are all about. This car was a real race car, driven by Peter Gregg with five podium finishes in 1971. Some people just never grow up, and the ones that learn how to embrace that and be proud of it, are the ones that do really well. Mecum Auctions is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged properties; or for any and all liabilities. A $100 lien-processing fee will be assessed. Chevy produce more than 2 million Vegas, however there were only a few thousand Cosworth editions. 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Trans Am Race Car. We'll send you the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve made lifelong friends that I otherwise never would have known. Should either the buyer or seller default on any part of the transaction, Mecum Auctions shall remain entitled to any and all fees and commissions by the defaulting party. A novice at an auction will get taken every time. Daily Tickets are available at the gate. Sure. The beginning of 2012 launched an exciting year of collector car auctions in celebration of Mecum’s 25th anniversary. Don’t Get Pulled in by the Afterglow Effect. **Please provide at least the Main and VIN photo for each of your Lot Numbers; the more images, the better the marketing. As soon as the auction was over, within 20 minutes, I had a call from Mike who was in Kansas City and he was confirming the instructions and delivery address. This includes everything from the buyer’s premium and applicable taxes to how you will be transporting the car home. Mecum auctions are family-friendly events open to buyers, sellers and spectators making them easily accessible for everyone to enjoy, and there are many different options for getting in on the auction action. This is particularly true for body panels and exterior trim. how much does mecum charge to auction a car how much does mecum charge to auction a car. The seller/consignor irrevocably waives, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection or defense which he, she or it may now have, or come to have, regarding the inconvenience of this forum. A common mistake made by newer collector car buyers at Mecum auctions is assuming that a low supply necessarily means higher prices. Our Free Step-by-Step Historical data is much more telling than the average market price. Mecum Auctions will not release vehicle to buyer until payment is received. He explained that it’s as simple as calling Mecum, and making an appointment with the consignment team. The winning bidder got a great price on this car. Then lets use 8% seller fee and a 3% buyers fee. seller is also out 400 for entry so 8800 is final amt. The problem with is that the collector car market is highly fluid. Targeting low supply, low demand models is a great way to find cheap collector cars. When focusing on cars outside of pristine condition, make sure all of the numbers are matching and that every major mechanical component is accounted for. However, Mecum Auctions reserves the right to alter the placement of vehicles at our discretion. Tickets are also available at the gate. Performance Agreement (Feature/Star/Main Attraction entries only): Failure of the declared consigned vehicle to be present for contracted Mecum auction on assigned day will result in financial relief to Mecum Auctions in the amount of 20% of stated reserve price or fair market value (if no reserve). The final price at an auction is based upon how much the highest bidder is willing to pay – not the average market value. Use this form to send a question about your Mecum Auctions tickets. By the time the 300K rolled around in 1964, the high fins and much of the flash of the Chrysler Letter Cars were long gone, but it’s still a stylish and relatively valuable automobile. Are you an InfoNet member or Mecum Customer? However, customers who do not announce the vehicle they are entering into the sale will not be eligible for those positions deemed "prime positions" in the sale. Always Know the Terms and Conditions of the Sale. A lot of dealers and collectors just love being on TV. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it’s important to Mecum that they never sell a car with a “checkered past.” To guarantee that all cars they sell are legitimate, Mecum has a thorough vetting process that every car must pass before it’s sold. Why are car prices still so high during Covid-19 when is the bubble gone to burst? Actual buyer's premiums vary based on lot type, bidding method and other factors. You don’t have to be a dealer to buy a car at a Mecum auction; just register as a bidder in advance online or on-site at an event and join us with qualification to place bids on whatever catches your eye. Joe estimates that he sells around 35 cars a year through the Mecum auctions, most of which sell for more than $100,000. Part of the organizational system they use gives each car a lot number when it is entered. All rights reserved. Sale position will not be confirmed until entry fee is paid. *Note: The Main photo is likely used for most promotional printed publications. “That’s really what makes Mecum so special.”. You can also print the form and return via fax or mail. No. In fact, it made the “Car and Driver Top 10 Best Collectable Cars” list. Hagerty Price Guide: $19,500 – $58,000. This means after the purchase, you will be sent an email that contains all of your tickets. All rights reserved. One of the costliest mistakes to make is focusing solely on pristine collector cars. To the fullest extent permitted by law and notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, Consignor/Purchaser agrees that the maximum extent of liability of Mecum Auction Inc. Shall be equal to the commission actually earned on the sale of the vehicle or Lot that is the subject of the dispute. 1.2.0-b906. Any things to look for when buying a first car? Mecum prides itself on offering the best customer service in the industry, and staff members at Mecum Headquarters as well as those on-site at the auctions are happy to help answer questions and ensure a smooth and enjoyable auction experience from start to finish. To that end, the auction is organized by vehicle value, and separates the price tiers over different days. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Each ticket has a unique barcode that will be scanned at the gate when you attend the auction. Mecum Auctions will supply an area for vehicles that do not reach agreeable selling prices so as to endeavor to secure a proper buyer for the seller/consignor. Chevy Hardcore NEWSLETTER - SIGN UP FREE! When it comes to buying and selling high-value collector cars at auction, Mecum is a name that most of us quickly recognize, and immediately associate with televised auctions that present rare and extremely expensive cars. Submit 12-15 quality photos for review in order to maximize the marketing potential of your listing. Daily tickets sold at the gate are $30 each. Mecum Lot S169. If the two people that would have bid on the car are out of the room for those minutes your car is up for auction, you’ll miss out. He grew up with his dad's '67 Camaro in the garage and started turning wrenches at a young age. Mecum has a long-established history of hosting some of the best collector car auctions across the country. If the VIN/Serial Number does not match the Title/Registration it will need to be corrected by your local Department of Motor Vehicles prior to the auction. Take your photos in a widescreen format (landscape). It sold for $98,000 and was an excellent value to winning bidder. Lets use a $10,000 car for example. For example, a car assigned lot number 100 will sell three or four hours into the day, where a car with lot number 200 will be available after six or seven hours.

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