For this, the changes we made need to appear as distinct from those made by the author. Hi, Karen. Open a secondary copy of your original document saved under a different file name. Also, Mac users don’t have the same menu layout as PC, so this tutorial will not help them. We also need to see the author’s feedback on these files. Each document you create in Word contains information about the document or Properties, such as the date the file was created, the author of the document, and the number of pages and words in the document.. I just checked my copy of Word for Office 365 and the Inspect Document function is still available, so I’m afraid I don’t have any advice for you other than to contact Microsoft directly. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse “Author” back to your name once the Document Inspector has removed your user data. This is overlapping with some of Hi, Bry. Please update us when you have time. HI Erin, Thank you for your useful blog. Figure 2. This thread is locked. In theory, when you send this version of the document to your client, Word should once again record reviewer names and editing times for all new comments and edits. 7. 9. How are these triggered, and how can I turn In the browser, click on Edit Page and add the following CSS in the CEWP, How to remove "Created by" and "Last Modified" on Edit list item, SharePoint 2010 - Development and Programming. Thank you for reading my blog post. Select the Remove All button next to Document Properties and Personal Information. I have word 365 and it doesn’t seem to have this function, where you can inspect the document and get rid of all the hidden track changes nonsense. Figured it out. (4) Save the document again. It also permanently removes authorship and “Last Modified By” data. Thanks. I need to remove it, How can I achieve this? Thanks.Please mark it as an answer if it helps. A simplest way is to edit the list in sharepoint designer. Thanks! Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this website’s owner is strictly prohibited. form in advanced mode one by one. How are these triggered, and how can I turn them off? Hi Erin, Were I to wipe all these details using this method and pass the file after locking it to someone else, will their changes also reflect as ‘Author’? (Now just need to convert all previous comments back to my name.) (3) Click the “Allow this information to be saved to your file” link that appears under the Inspect Document heading. Say my name is James Bond, and my account has that name. Work together on PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft 365 Apps or Office 365 Business. I am a professional freelance copy editor specializing in business, research, and technical content. Thanks in advance for your help! How to Change Your User Name for Track Changes in Microsoft Word, How to Stop Microsoft Word from Calling You “Author” in Track Changes, How to Create Bulleted Lists in Microsoft Word, How to Add Page Numbers to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, How to Add Page Numbers in Microsoft Word (Step-by-Step), How to Convert Microsoft Word Files to PDFs (Step-by-Step), How to Convert PDFs to Microsoft Word Files in Adobe Acrobat. (Please see the Caution statement above.) However, if you are using a newer version of Word, you can resume saving the user data by selecting the link that says “Allow this information to be saved in your file” in the Info section of the Backstage view. Thanks in advance. Word can act a little strangely when dealing with the Document Inspector so I can’t guarantee this solution will work (so as always, do a test run on a copy of you file, not the original! Hello, Alan. Did you check the above reply? Reference:

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