Mostly, horizontal style nesting boxes are used for Lineolated Parakeets. If washing it with soap and water is not possible, clean it thoroughly with wet wipes to remove all the bird droppings or dirt. Log in. Allow your bird to come to you, no matter how long it takes. The girl parakeet will have fewer black details than the boy parakeet. The young chicks will leave the nest box after around 5 weeks of hatching. If you’re looking for a small and lively bird to keep you company, then look no further – linnies ar… You may see a professional doing this, but it is important to remember that a professional has worked with the bird and the other animal for a very long time. Lineolated Friends is about a caring and loving hand reared Lineolated parakeet breeder, based in London(U.K.) who considers their birds nothing less than friends. And when those kids are our feathery friends, this desire, For pet parents, the biggest dilemma is always about their diet; whether a food item is worth serving or not; what is the, Adopting a pet not only brings the responsibility of raising them right but also protecting them lifelong. It is advisable to keep a Lineolated Parakeet under a regular check-up of a professional veterinarian. That's something I haven't heard. Hum to the bird, talk to the bird, and even offer him/her a freshly sliced apple. They live in a flock of around 20 individuals in the wild. It takes professional training and time to accomplish this, although caution is always advised. Lineolated Parakeets are less common in many regions and chances are high that many wouldn’t have heard this bird’s name. This can be attributed to extra care and attention extended to these little birds indoors by their human companions. Keep your Linnie safe. They must be fed with high-quality pellet mix and seeds as well as a rich variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. They are generally found in flocks up to 10 to 20 individuals. Is it Possible to Teach pet Parrots to Free Fly Outside? Naturally, Lineolated Parakeets are green. Also, these healthy-looking parrots are prone to malnutrition and obesity if not cared for properly. Hence, it is always imperative to take preventive measures to not let the disease catch this little parakeet in the first place. Keep yourself, your surroundings and everything that involves the bird “age” acceptable, or “bird” proof. If they do remain tame, that's great! Do not under estimate a cat or a dog. Still, it is not a good idea to rely on their appearance for determining their gender. The next important cage accessory is the perches. The cheeks and belly are lighter green. Where such kind of environment makes breeding other species impossible, it has not been the case with these little parakeets. They tend to chatter instead of screech like many other parakeet species. They are native to the wild highlands of Mexico City, Central America, and South America. Lineolated Parakeets are intelligent or let’s say highly intelligent. They are silly and energetic. Lineolated Parakeets can talk a lot. Hence, it gets easier to tame them. Common health concerns for Linnies are eye infections and respiratory infections. Their body is mainly a brighter shade of green. The nest box can be affixed to the rear end or outside the cage, on one end of it. Living With Parrots Cage Free: Bucky and Strider - Millet Eating Fiends. A cage is a place where Linnie would happen to spend most of his time on a typical day. Offer some millet or other tasty treat but do not force your bird to eat if it do not take a bite. So, keeping them clean will eventually lead them to “Reach out and touch you”. The Creamino and Lutino are often sex-linked and the blue ones are recessive. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'parrotquaker_com-leader-4','ezslot_7',111,'0','0']));The availability of various color mutations in Lineolated Parakeets has caught the interest of many breeders across the globe. And for the soul, they offer loyal and Funtime all their life. Lineolated Parakeet Intelligence. In that way, if they don't remain tame, you would have expected it. The market-made commercial pellets and seed mixes are specifically designed for parakeets to replenish them with nutrients that are a must to keep their diet perfectly balanced. The Mauve mutation is a double dominant dark factor. Although they are not notorious for damage, lineolated parakeets, like all parrot species, will chew and gnaw, so provide your bird with plenty of acceptable chew toys and natural wood branches that will help it distinguish when chewing is acceptable. Before training them, it is best to learn about their environmental requirements, eating and drinking habits, social needs, and health care. The owner must let them be themselves. Their calm nature makes it easier to breed. As your bird acclimates to its new surroundings, remember to hum, sing and talk to him with a calm voice. Unlike other parakeets, they aren’t noisy. Another best part of breeding Lineolated Parakeets is that they aren’t demanding in terms of space. They have even been bred in mixed aviaries containing Canaries, Finches, and Neophema Grass Parakeets. Offer calcium supplements in the form of cuttlebone or mineral block. Also, a balanced nutritious diet adds greatly to this difference. They are smaller in size and have barred body type. It is recommended to offer them more vegetables than fruits, as fruits can cause them digestive concerns. They have a charming and mesmerizing personality. It is always advised to take some time out from a typical day to pamper these birds. It simulates the natural habitat for the Linnies and the bird feels at home. Lineolated parakeets are more inclined to walk over to change perch spots. Do not be in a hurry. Before detailing their colors, it’s interesting to know a little about their unique appearance. Keep the bar spacing of not more than half an inch to keep the bird from sticking his neck out and getting hurt. Lineolated Parakeets are adorably named as “Linnie”. While in the wild, Lineolated Parakeets live for around 10 years. The stress and pressure may cause nervousness and edginess. Let him get used to your voice. This is because. This also applies if you have cats and dogs. A few of the health problems of Lineolated Parakeets can also arise due to vitamin deficiency. Click on a term to search for related topics. The daily interactions will create a desire in Linnies to bond with their human flock. The mimicry abilities of Linnies are touted as extraordinary and they are famed for copying the voices and whistling them back perfectly. Do have an initial well check and a yearly vet exam with a trusted avian vet. Fruits and vegetables: Pear, carrot, apple, maize, corn on the cob, lettuce, green seedless grapes, broccoli. how to tame a lineolated parakeet, how to tame lineolated parrot, how to train linnies, is my linnie scared, linnie forum, linnie parrot, linnies afraid of hands, taming a lineolated parakeet. Click on a term to search for related topics. That said, the cage mustn’t be so small that the bird just fits in. Picks up instructions well. Unlike a few other parrot species, they take to all the instructions of their human companion pretty well and quickly. Linnies, like budgies, are capable of mimicking human speech and can be good talkers. They are famed for getting hand-tamed quite easily. A good observer may pay attention to the black stripes that are more in males Linnies across varied colors and subspecies. So, keeping all the necessities handy for the bird inside the cage itself is important.

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