If given the chance to revisit the past and change the outcome of a situation, I would have not dropped out of school and later gotten my GED. My life 2 ... Free People everyday suffer from cancer, not only the people dealing with it themselves but families too. Conflict: About three years ago, I was miserable with my life, and heartbroken.

In many ways […], How can something at times be the messiest thing you’ll ever see… While at the same time is one of the most important and neatest things in your life?

As humans we quite often find ourselves tempted by certain things, some more than others. You see a story that has a script to it. What this ends up leading to is carrying around emotional baggage and let’s face it, no one wants to be carrying that around and having it run their life. That's not enough! Because in order for you to realize the magnificence and brilliance of who you are it is very important to be able to control and manage your emotions to the point of being poised, present, and in that “now” state. I would love to say not getting married to my ex. I would've done the same thing-gotten my college degree before having kids. Prof. Chona Lajom

And a big part of being able to do this involves what I’ve been discussing with you today, knowing how to go back in your past and use it to your (and others) advantage. I have yet to hear of a "perfect" or "near-perfect" job. As far as husband and everything else probably would not have changed much about that.

Premium While we can’t physically just jump into a time machine and go back in time, we can do so in a perceptual way via our mindset. figure out the best way for me. Learning, Want, By the Way 532  Words | My parents did advised me to think carefully,but I just can't 3  Pages. I was ready to take my precious life, in my room stretched against the wall with a knife in my hands ready to slit my wrist. I had spent fourteen years of my childhood in Vietnam only to tear away from my relatives, friends and home to start a new life on a city that I have not known much about.

I really miss my second home(singapore),the place where I What would you do? I have to accept the facts and continue with my life here. Until my husband decided to get marriage and move back to his - In School Take a look at this and you’ll see it quite often. It's like giving me an idea what to do next. I have personal reasons for this list, and not so personal reasons. Those who go on what some call an “emotional roller coaster” will have very frequent up and down mood swings, while those who are more poised, present, and in the “now” will have very little emotional mood swings. On the flip side along with this is also the tendency to say, “I don’t even want to think about what took place in the past, I just want to forget about it altogether.”. Did you ever think, that if you could change three things about yourself, what will you change? For example, you may have made a decision and taken action on doing something in the past that didn’t go the way you wanted and just the thought of being able to change that would somehow help. Laura Prout spent for the past 9 years. Start here on line 1 It was my destiny to be down the path I am. There is a point in life where we all decided to change many can find the way out. Some people don’t even know that they have cancer, and then it takes them away from their family, friends, and life. 3. The truth, which is surprising to many people, is that no one is able to always be 100% in the “now” all the time. there. If there is one out there in I.T., please someone pipe up and tell us about it. The biggest change I experienced in my life was when I started to work. Narrative Essay “If I Could Change One Thing about Me” Xerishya Jonpaula G. Gorobao MKIT – 101 Prof. Chona Lajom If I Could Change One Thing about Me Settings: - At Home - In School Conflict: -When I do have a problem with focusing on my studies, and at home, especially to my mom.

and it would be tragic to inadvertently head my life down a different path by changing something. 3  Pages.

These big changes create either positive or negative turning-points in people’s life. I recently went through an eye-opening change in my life, when I decided to move away from my hometown. The reasons for wanting to do this at first seem to make sense.

My life 1 It taught me about who I am, who I want to be, and what matters most to me in this world. Like now, I am a full-time housewife,staying at home and taking Then of course you have some people who will apologize for something and they’ll stay true to their word. Very interesting topic to be discussed here. I think I would have stayed in school. While it may have looked like just a regular school bus on the inside, it’s what you didn’t see on the outside that was worth thousands […], What happens when you watch a movie on TV? Things has been done and it can't be re-do again. my husband back to his hometown. Jo Johnson I like where I am right now and it could be better. Now thats not saying my life has been perfect and I have done things I probably shouldn't. I am so thankful for the metamorphosis it created in me, and it is my biggest and most significant life change thus far. First, I would get rid of cancer because it hurts a lot of people.

Cheating, Father, Mother 569  Words |

Essay Along with this… How can this very thing also be the source of […]. Looking back I know there are lots of things people would like to go back and change. I really wanted to become an engineer or any kind. We’ve all been in those situations, myself included. I was there for my study and then I managed to get a job We me, I would say undoubtedly my pay. 4  Pages.

Therefore it is wise to be grateful for what has taken place in your life no matter what it was and see how it has helped you. But if you could only change one of them what would you choose? had I not had a child my life would be better. MKIT – 101 I did it all backwards! Think of the pain and challenges that defined that period for you—heartache, loss, failure, shattered dreams, mistakes, regrets, doubts, fears. For example, you may have made a decision and taken action on doing something in the past that didn’t go the way you wanted and just the thought of being able to change that would somehow help. I think I would have chosen a different major in college. hometown, I was so blurr to agree to his decision at that I made this decision at a young age, unaware of how this decision would change my future greatly. United States Army, Life, Military 914  Words | Knowing you can move mountains but not having a chance to get in action hurts a person extremely. although it is a Family, Past, Present 1583  Words |

Once again, it’s not about wanting to change your past but to see how it has helped you become the wonderful and amazing person you are. Jesus, Debut albums, 2008 singles 587  Words | if I could change something in my past, I would choose my parents more carefully. Hi, Christian, Champion from Nigeria – “If I could change one thing in the world it would be the process that leads to the refugee crisis.” Bénédicte, Youth Ambassador from Belgium – “I would make sure that everybody — all the children — have the same opportunities…the opportunity to become who …

If you had the power to change one thing about your past, what would it be? 3  Pages.

3  Pages. The question here is, “Is there any truth to this?”. However, I do enjoy the moments with my son for the past 3 years. When they ask if there is anything about your job you would want to change, they are trying to get a picture of the values you find important, what you excel at, and if you can self-assess. Premium Yes, maybe you will say:”Hey! I really hope I will have chance to go back there.

I had an enormous will to achieve something in life but hadn’t the opportunity to do it before.

through many life changes, some are fairly insignificant, and some of them change us down to our core. Hypothetical ESL Essay Topics. I don't really think I would change anything because my life and choices were made for a reason.

I think that would be a great stress-reliever. If the time can turn back,i definitely won't follow July 2, 2012 If I Could Change One Thing about Me Premium i wouldnt change anything becuase i really dont know the chain of events as that happened wid me.. and i love where i am now.

be typed like this THE CHANGE OF MY LIFE. The biggest change in my life! In deciding to drop out of school I missed out on the experience that high school gives you and how it would have helped develop my character. I had lots of bad experience and regrets but I have realize that all of this experiences makes me a better person. But on May 11, 2006, I decided to enlist in the United States Army and become a soldier. I’m sure it’s obvious that some people will just have a tendency, no matter what they say, to just continue to repeat and do the same things over and over again…even though they may say, “I’m sorry” for things they’ve done before. If I could, then I would probably tell less bad jokes in my life.

Narrative Essay So I guess all I have to complain about is nothing. There’s nothing wrong with looking back in your past, it just depends on how you do so. at least I have a job which earn income for me. But,then I wuld not have my daughter to stress me out. There is only one thing, that bothers me a lot and doesn’t allow to achieve my goals – procrastination. On the flight to Seattle I realized this is will be new life that I am about to create. My Life Experiences and Changes 2. The answer is “yes” and “no.” It depends. biggest change in my life If I could change the world I would get rid of cancer, drugs/alcohol, and cheaters. If, Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks number-one singles, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. I dont think i would change anything....pretty happy of how i am now.

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