matt stagmer Ilya Alekseyev is a master armorer and engraver, who appeared in the renowned reality TV show about forging, Forged in Fire, in 2016. He appeared during the second season’s fourth episode, Spiked Shield, which dated back to March 8, 2016. Next, he enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters. Its history goes back to the 1880s but this series focuses largely on the 1970s to the present day. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. A lot of Doctors hate Medical Dramas and Cops hate Crime shows because it doesn’t show the reality of their profession. How any of this is seen as negative or THE worst thing is beyond me. Ilya was born on April 13, 1987, in Troitsk, Russia. On the one hand, I get how it might hurt the reputation of some smiths, how it probably doesn't represent the whole process or how Ilya, a flamboyant person with seemingly strong opinions probably feels the judges are not up to the task. Illya Alekseyev is an actor and producer, known for, Master Armourer and Engraver / Engraver / Master Armourer / Self, NRW Interview: Man at Arms: Reforged (Otakon 2019), A Real Sharknado is Coming! He came to the show to showcase his skills and went home as the winner of the episode “Spiked Shield.” Ilya was already a reputed name in the forging world long before he made it to the famous show. It’s like Chopped. However, even during the time he was active on social media, he has never shared any details of his personal life. Ilya’s career as an armorer started blooming when he joined Man at Arms: Reforged in 2014. Ilya is also taking custom bladed and armor order again and is now also focused on producing a high end series of hand forged tools such as Hammers and Tongs. Their main focus is to teach the craft as the headliner show on the youtube channel is called Your Edge that is dedicated to showing how people can tackle certain tasks that may seem overwhelming until they are broken down by the duo. What happened to Tucker Dee Chapman, the son of Dog Chapman? What Happened to Roger Cook? His comment seemed pretty elitist, as if knifemaking and bladesmithing should only belong to the few, who dedicate their entire lives and spend every hour honing their craft. See full bio » Unfortunately I no longer make swords of any kind.” Apparently, he has not been active on his account since early July. Ilya Alekseyev is a master armorer and engraver, who appeared in the renowned reality TV show about forging, Forged in Fire, in 2016. It's made fathers and sons and family members bond over it. Ilya now has his own shop in Fredrick Maryland and has started his own youtube channel along with Matt Stagmer called "That Works" . I would say to him, just chill out.

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