Some great news is that my clients are starting to refer their friends/family to me. Spent three years in commercial banking, passed the CFA exams, and now in Private Equity. Age 25: Research Analyst at a $5B Asset Manager ($75k Base + $15k Bonus). I heard that's the level that separates the men from the boys; I sat L2 twice and failed. Explore Business Administration Degrees at AIU, 8 Types of Business Degree Specializations You Can Pursue. Above all, it will help you develop multiple skill sets at Some IT jobs, especially if it’s on the government side of things. The second possibility is that you will learn to like it as you enter the work force. Just thought I would give you all a second update. Your voice is an important one Worked in valuation advisory for the same firm. As a finance major, you will study how companies have performed in the past to predict how they will perform in the future, and learn how to communicate information that will drive strategic changes. List of Top 9 Corporate Finance Career Paths Age 23: Ops at a Large Bank ($44k Base +$550 bonus). Now, I spend about an hour per week reviewing accounts and talking with clients. If you need to spend extra time at college trying to figure out what you want to do, do it. There's 2 schools of thought but most likely the answer for you is NO. Passed CFA L1. Age 24: New job, Research Analyst at a $5B Asset Manager ($65k Base + $6k Bonus). However, I don't have any interest or passion for Finance and I hate number crunching. Hence why possibly good career opps. I heard from a colleague at my old firm that they are now laying off financial advisors, despite breaking revenue records. Next, learn more about this college major such as, Interview Questions About The Company You’re Interviewing With, Questions You’ll Get at the End of an Interview, Questions For You to Ask at the End of Your Interview, Investment Banking vs. Management Consulting: How to Decide. Worked in capital markets advisory for Big 4. What roles you filled, what kind of experience you gained, etc? Could you elaborate on your time spent in commercial banking? Above all, it will help you develop multiple skill sets at once, offering you a great chance of success in several industries after graduation. The problem that I am running into is that I am nowhere close my capacity. It was two and a half years of full time pay before we received any. It's really motivating to see how far along people have come. How Many Credits Are Needed for a Bachelor's Degree? Finance is an exciting major with plenty of career opportunities. Many people say that finance professionals don’t need to be good at soft skills. Contrary to popular belief, it’s also a major that requires both analytical skills and a healthy dose of creativity. Good luck on CFA L2. What's it like working in Finance? But after reading your article I feel like I should make the correct decision in order to pursue a good career. If I could go back, I would have switched to digital marketing as well. I want people who know what they want, or think they know what they might want, to be kind enough to tell me their patterns of thought, and why they believe the way they believe. But financial roles are increasing every year, and starting salary for finance majors is approximately 40k +, with a couple years of experience you can start making 80k plus. I suspect that bonuses will be cut significantly and more salaried advisors will start to shift towards the RIA model. Monthly revenue is $1,000 and my business is valued at $24,000 (2x revenues is conservative). To be honest, this job doesn’t interest me but I wanted some kind of experience in finance, so that I could apply for MSF in a good university and get into IB after completing it. That's amazing! Sitting for the CFA right after graduation. What do you think of the career and opportunities? Pandemic-Proof Resources To Help You Find Your Next Job (Or Just Make It Through Quarantine). Wow man, thank you for that. It won’t be lucrative if you have no passion for it. The salaries of finance majors vary widely depending on the careers they choose to pursue. What I'm really asking for is sort of like an open discussion, or even a debate on this matter, because I know for a fact that more people are going through the same problem, and if they're not going through it now, there is a possibility they might go through it in the future, so why not start tackling this right now. And I now know, after talking to many of such a profession, that most who ended up with such a career had no desire for the career except for the big paycheck. That industry is booming like mad and if you look at the trajectory, finance is dying/changing whereas anything digital is going to be the future. I never did my CFA because I hate studying so much and it's useless in PE. Age 22: Finance Degree from non target Liberal Arts. Straight off the bat, you need to understand that a finance degree does not guarantee you a big pay check. Given that you're already interested in marketing, I would say to pursue digital marketing. And if you want to learn about probability and statistics and how they correlate to business decisions, then risk management might be the right path to pursue. Sourcing clients this way seems to be a much better way of client acquisition vs intrusive methods like cold calling or door knocking. | Failed CFA L2. What to do as a student thinking about a career in Finance? Finance majors with strong verbal skills and a sales orientation should consider a career as a commercial real estate agent. Find something you’re so passionate about you could outlast anyone just by the energy you get from that something (psychology for instance- have you looked into the trading psychology field? In this video, I give my honest NO BS advice. For example, I used to have to report to a manager, be logged in/available 40 hours per week, and maintain 700 accounts. Am I interested in figuring out how to help companies increase their revenue? If you're the type of person to land a spot that starts at a high salary (Investment Banking /Trading/Management Consulting) out of finance, you're probably the person that can make a good career in Marketing. It seems to be very very quantitative, with physics/engineering/math majors entering this. Both offers have similar comp ($60K). Passed CFA L1. I have an offer from a large commercial bank right now. Investment banks, private equity, and hedge funds have people with a good understanding of accounting or else they will not be able to invest. Graduate Certificate vs. Master’s Degree: What’s the Difference. The pain of studying that much while working 60 hours per week was not worth 3 more letters next to my name.

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