During the takeover of Harrid's by Spire, Isa forgot to place the "wet floor" sign, and a Spire official slipped as a result. She played Isa in the long-running TV show for 17 years but has always worked as a secondary school teacher as well. News of the split has sent shockwaves round the showbiz world after reality star Erika made the announcement today. The Scots actor has blasted trolls who set up the catfish account pretending to be his artist mum Chrissie Heughan. The Scottish star became emotional when a montage was played of different moments from her show during the months of the coronavirus pandemic. Jack and Victor are known to take advantage of Isa's good nature, as they usually let her take their turns at mopping the landing. Any age could go so there were adults as well as kids and a huge diversity of people from all different backgrounds. A 25-year-old has been arrested in connection with the discovery. Isa faked a relationship with Winston in order to prove her point to him. "She told me it was a wonderful school and that I would love it here. Scottish EasyJet holiday flights cancelled due to English lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday that there will be new lockdown rules from this Thursday south of the border, Steve Clarke admits Hampden Euro 2020 loss would be a blow but backs Scotland fans to party in Red Square. Jane said: "Marie told me there was a supply job at Craigmarloch. Isa even asked Navid to have a word with Tam, due to his failing marriage with Frances. Isa is the town gossip and is known to interfere with other people's business. She is played by Jane McCarry. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Still Game's Isa has gone back to school - as a teacher. They phoned me up the next day and offered me Para Handy (above), then Rab C, then the Baldy Man and then The Season To Be Jolly with Rikki Fulton and Jimmy Logan, which was so exciting. Isa has known Winston for many years. Isa was then re-hired. Everybody else knew he had been dying and had the opportunity to speak to him. It was not a tragedy and it is part of the circle of life, but it is still a difficult and challenging thing to come to terms with. After Harry admitted defeat, Isa continued her "relationship" with Winston, although Winston kept up with the pretence only because of the free food. Actor Jane McCarry, 50, from Glasgow played Isa Drennan in the classic Scots comedy. I remember playing a pensioner in Politics In The Park when I was 16, so I have been a pensioner all my life! The GeoAmey truck collided with another driver who pursued the high-security vehicle near Kilmarnock. Isa is friends with Jack and Victor, although they usually get annoyed with her gossip and nosiness. Great British Bake Off's Peter Sawkins posts sweet throwback snap ahead of 80s week. I STARTED this in 2000, and the reason was because I wanted to have kids and many theatre jobs involve travelling and being away from home. Jane McCarry (born 1970) is a Scottish actress and acting coach. "I am having great fun here with the staff and pupils. Some time prior to 1975, Isa married Harry Drennan. It has changed the direction of my life and I’ve learned a lot from doing it. Isa is reknowned for her nosiness and having all the latest gossip. Isa's friends thought she was mad for taking Harry back in, and were hostile towards Harry. So from taking a chance which could have gone so wrong, it led to a job that really did change the course of my life. Glasgow creep's stash of 9,000 child abuse pictures uncovered in police raid. [1] Similar to the already popular Balamory, the show revolved around McCarry's character working as a nanny who educates children as to what parents may be doing during the workday. Rangers in mystery investment as 19 million shares launched by Ibrox club. For me it was a huge thing, as I went on to reading plays – and maybe that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t learned to read well. Now and again, Isa likes to visit the pub, where her drink is always a sweet sherry. Outlander's Sam Heughan slams 'disgusting people' behind fake profile of his mum. [3], In 2016, she reprised her role of Isa in the new series of Still Game, recommissioned by the BBC after the stage show's success. In this regular Sunday feature, we ask Scots about 10 things that changed their life. "I love Inverclyde - every year I look forward to working with Pauline Kane and the team at the Beacon, and being in the rehearsal rooms upstairs and watching the ships sail up and down. I adored him. But reading was a chore. Prison van carrying 'blue plague' drugs gang caught up in road rage rammy on way to court. I have taught a lot since then – first of all in mainstream, then at a Gaelic school and then complex needs. He was so grounded and sensible. Get the Glasgow stories that matter to you sent straight to your inbox with our daily newsletter. She played Isa in the long-running TV show for 17 years but has always worked as a secondary school teacher as well. The character of Granny Murray provides a kernel of wisdom in each episode that "saves the day" for one of the parents off at work. Whatever floats their boat. "Lots of kids know me as Isa but also know me as a bad witch from the Beacon pantomime. Isa met up with Jack and Victor again in 1975 at Victor's Hogmanay party. Isa Drennan is a fictional character in the Scottish sitcom, Still Game. as the middle-aged childminder, Granny Murray. Luckily nobody was seriously injured in the blaze last night. I really enjoy it, and again it is finding the key. I KNOW it is a cliché but it has changed my life. "I am having great fun here with the staff and pupils. I have had so much pleasure seeing a young person coming out of their shell and starting to grow and change and blossom. ROBERT Frost (above) wrote this poem as a joke and because, like me, he was such a dither and not good at making decisions. Commenting is not currently available, but don’t worry! Navid likes to have verbally sparring towards Isa, although he does like her at heart. Scotland's terror alert level raised to severe with attack 'highly likely', Defence and security chiefs have upgraded the terrorism threat to severe in the aftermath of the Vienna bloodbath and the string of violent incidents in France, Greenock firebomb cops stand guard below smashed flat window as forensic officers gather evidence at scene.

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