Jack is arrested but soon released, due to his connections in the police force and lack of evidence and inconsistencies. A fight with Max leads to Jack's invitation being revoked, so he stays at The Queen Victoria public house and helps Ronnie's sister Roxy Mitchell prepare for the reception. Jack punches Michael, but Michael tells him that Ronnie is obsessed with him and has stolen a passport photo of him, which Jack later finds with Ronnie's things. EastEnders fans spot HUGE blunder as police officer Jack Branning's business card He is put in a medically induced coma and undergoes an operation due to swelling on his brain, which is successful. Despite the Mitchells' animosity, Jack falls in love with Ronnie, and after kissing on Christmas Day 2007, they start dating. Great-nieces They argue, and Jack storms out but finds Ronnie's ring on the table when he returns. Police OfficerBusinessman The ex-cop pays a big price as he tries to get justice for his niece. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Is his turn to booze a silent cry for help? Jack is devastated and kicks Max out. EASTENDERS suffered a blunder as Jack Branning's business card had a huge spelling mistake on it. James tells him he has been useful, but all good things come to an end. Jack is the brother of Derek, Carol, April, Suzy and Max. Between having no choice but to question his neighbours The Willmott-Brown family are thrown out of the pub by the Carters. After Amy was born, Jack asked Roxy for a paternity test; aware Amy maybe his daughter. Jack then breaks up with Chelsea and attempts to phone Ronnie, but she does not hear her phone ringing as she is spending time with Jack's consultant, Mr Steele. The teenager decided not to involve the police and Jack is the only person who knows what she went through, but when her attacker, Fraser, was spotted on the Square recently Tiff’s nightmare resurfaced. Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they're seen on the site. At the funeral, Jack offers DC Wayne Hughes to help with any "local information" he might need. When Ronnie returns, Jack begs her to reunite with him, but she refuses. The police officer - played by Scott Maslen - flashed his business card on last night's episode. Tommy is taken into care, and Jack says an emotional goodbye, while Ronnie is in police custody. He was branded "immature" and "stupid" after the outburst, Nearly 600 NHS staff self isolating after Covid outbreak at hospital trust, Six NHS staff reportedly caught coronavirus after failing to wear masks while sharing lifts to and from work at Royal Stoke and Stafford's County Hospitals in the run up to Lockdown 2. Jack reevaluates his relationship with Sharon and decides he doesn't love her the way he loves Ronnie. Jack causes more disruption in the Mitchell family when he sets up Ronnie's cousin, Phil Mitchell, by taping him confessing to his part in Kevin Wicks's death by selling him cut-and-shut cars. Gender This isn't the first time the BBC One soap has made a blunder this week. The remainder of the Willmott-Brown family enters and reveal to everyone that Weyland&Co own Grafton Hill and as a result the pub, much to Kathy's horror. Billie and Kylie's friend Connor Stanley turns up and apologises to Jack on behalf of Kylie. Later, Bianca drags Sam into The Queen Victoria and forces her to tell Ricky (in front of her uncle Jack) about the affair she was having. Jack supports Tanya and her children as they struggle to cope after discovering Max's affair with Stacey and his departure, although they do not have sex. In a moment of madness he slams on the accelerator and speeds towards the police officer. Alive However, while viewers know the baby is in fact Keanu Taylor's - who is expecting a baby with Phil's daughter Louise - the hardman mistakenly believes Jack is the dad. Four weeks later, Jack asks Ronnie to dinner, to which she agrees but not until after Archie's funeral. But could Jack's shocking behaviour be a sign that he's slowly falling off the wagon? April Branning Carol Jackson Suzy Branning During the fallout, Luke asks Ingrid Solberg if she knows Max Branning, and she takes him to the Branning residence. Father First Appearance Later that month, Jack is confused to find Max in a meeting with Rainie and Calvin, a social worker, over Abi Branning Jr.'s adoption. Jack tells him it is time to go home and fends off the angry public. Occupation You need to be as far away from this as possible. ... he slams on the accelerator and speeds towards the police officer. Still desperate to get justice for Tiff, Jack struggles to keep to his word when he has a terse exchange with Fraser in the park and he checks in with an old copper colleague to see if there is anything the boys in blue can do to help. He says he did not set her up and Ryan Malloy stops him from hurting Janine. ", Ben bites back: "Get a grip. Having grown up in a large family in a poor area of East London, Jack regularly fought his older brother, Max, for the attentions of his father, who was an alcoholic. He is currently dating Denise Fox. Nephews Male Billie leaves in tears and then joins the army to make Jack proud of him. Max is later seen burning himself with a cigarette, and Jack realises and stops him from doing it a second time. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. In September 2013, Ronnie returned, and Jack is immediately wary of her. After the honeymoon, Jack goes abroad on business and is unable to return to see Ronnie give birth to their son James. Since re-joining the force, Jack has found himself facing multiple dilemmas. Age Ronnie visits again and is told that Jack was able to move his toe earlier. Derek Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Terence Beesley in 1996 and then Jamie Foreman from 2011 to 2012. Jack is taken to hospital, where doctors tell his family he may be left with severe brain damage. Later that night, Max is mowed down by a car, and Jack is the prime suspect. Duration Ronnie then meets Sam with cash and tells her to take Ricky back, but she will have to leave straight away. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. One person noted: "Just caught up on tonight's EastEnders and noticed Jack hammered on champagne cheering on a 'CONGAAAAAA!' The day before Jack and Ronnie's wedding, Jack helps Max take revenge on Harry Gold, who is harassing his ex-wife Vanessa, Max's girlfriend. Get money off your first four Hello Fresh boxes. On returning to Walford, Roxy tells Jack that he will have no contact with Amy and Ronnie refuses to reconcile with him. After telling Jack that Ronnie has left Walford for good, Roxy tries seducing Jack, but he pushes her away. Despite knowing she is engaged to Ricky Butcher, Jack and Sam begin an affair. Jack concentrates on re-building his relationship with Ronnie, with whom he now shares a flat. Jack tries establishing regular contact with Amy, leading Ronnie to leave Walford. Furious, Sean snatches Amy and persuades Roxy to join him on a trip to Dagenham. The character and casting was announced on 14 April 2012 with executive producer Lorraine Newman stating that Alice will allow the audience to see a softer side to Derek. Surely prison is not a safe place for a cop, even someone as tough as square-jawed Jack? Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Traumatised Tiff admitted to her uncle she was the victim of a terrifying sexual assault while on the run with the dangerous gang who forced her into drug running across county lines. Upon his arrival, Jack soaks Ronnie Mitchell when driving through a puddle, so she soaks him with her water bottle. She starts shaking her head and stutters Max's name. Roxy tries to see Amy but Jack prevented her. Bianca Jackson Sonia Jackson Rebecca Branning Alice Branning Lauren Branning Abi Branning 29 October 2007 48 Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see who exactly the guilty party is. Roxy hears from Max that Ronnie has no money and is not claiming, so she decides to pay for Jack's treatment and he is moved to the private clinic. Bizarre.". Max's daughter, Lauren, later confesses and, to save Lauren from prison, Tanya confesses to the police and is arrested in November 2008 when she ends her relationship with Jack, leading them both to reveal that they don't love each other, don't care a bit about each other, and that they were using each other to get back at Max. Status Jack's ex-wife, Selina, reappears briefly and they have a one-night stand, which Roxy finds out about and tells Ronnie, who is about to move in with Jack but changes her mind, ending their relationship. In recent episodes, the former copper sparked backlash for getting drunk in the Queen Vic and leading a conga – just moments before finding out Abi's life-support had been turned off. However, he goes to Billie's party. ", Later on, in the flat, he says: "You have got to stop this right now dad, you are losing it. In December 2017, Carmel Kazemi found an engagement ring which Max had dropped on the sofa the day before. He and Ronnie both agree and tell Sam, and Ricky also agrees to a paternity test. Jack and Ronnie appear and save Roxy and Amy. EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning catches corrupt Phil Mitchell and Callum Highway, EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts’ divorce confirmed, EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter is broken as Frankie Lewis returns — to cut contact. Max is devastated and complains about his mess of a life to Jack, whilst Jack asks about what happened. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The Social Worker then decides that Amy is going to be placed in Jack's care, and Jack reveals that he is taking Roxy to court for custody of Amy, leaving Roxy distraught. EASTENDERS' Jack Branning is close to the edge following his niece's death. EastEnders fans spotted Stuart Highway honking his car horn following his and Rainie Cross' chaotic wedding - despite the car battery being flat. Diederick Santer (2007)Dominic Treadwell-Collins (2015) Racing to the airport to stop her, Jack tells Ronnie that he loves her over the airport tannoy. Arnotts reveal warehouse sale is BACK and online with huge discounts expected, Health Minister confirms R number has fallen below 1 to between 0.7 and 0.9, Sligo out of GAA football Championship after forfeiting Galway clash due to Covid, EuroMillion numbers in for €26m jackpot with one guaranteed Irish millionaire, Bake Off fans stunned to learn Noel Fielding is 47 years old during '80s week, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No.

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