Despite this, Jacob still imprints on Renesmee Cullen—though it is a few weeks later rather than immediately after her birth.

She later confronts him, assuming his pack is behind the recent murders in the forest. Twilight Wiki ist eine Fandom-Filme-Community. Like her mother, she is an artist, though she prefers to use oils. View the profiles of people named Jacob Black Wolf. The role of Jacob was played by actor Taylor Lautner in all five movies of the series.

She and Charlie spent a vast majority of their time in La Push during spring break. With practice and skill, one can morph faster and with more efficiency, with Jacob being the one exception, being able to phase in mid-jump, while it takes the rest of the pack several seconds to phase.

Sam closes in on him but is struck back by Laurent just before he was about to tackle him.

Also, Jacob dies somewhere along the way in the book, though his death is not very significant because he was not made out to be a major character in Forever Dawn.

He tells the others that Jacob is healing from but at an extremely low rate and says that he needs to re-align Jacobs bones in order to speed up his healing. Er spricht mit Edward, der das Baby nicht will, weil es Bella umbringt, aber nichts tun kann, weil seine Schwester Rosalie Bella auf ihre eigene Bitte hin bewacht.

Jacob finds Jasper's fighting skills very intense and useful. Alice Fox is one of the earliest members of the Quileute tribe, the wife of Jacob Black, Sr. She is the mother of Joanna and Joseph Black, the grandmother of Alice Huautah, Lorraine Huautah, Ephraim Black, Dorothy Black, Deborah Black, and Susanah Black, the great-grandmother of William Black, Sr. the great great-grandmother of Billy Black, Nora Black, Emmie Black, Jennie Black, Connie Black, the great great great-grandmother of Rachel Black, Rebecca Black, Jacob Black, Jared Cameron, and Collin Littlesea. Jacob Black hatte sich auf Renesmee Cullen, die Tochter von Bella Swan und Edward Cullen, bei der Geburt in Buch 2 von Bis(s) zum Ende der Nacht geprägt.

Sie stürzt sich dann auf seinen Hals, als sie herausfindet, dass er das Baby "Nessie", nach dem Spitznamen von dem Monster von Loch Ness, genannt hat.

Bella comes to like Jacob, and he develops a crush on her.[2].

Nora Black is the oldest sister of Billy, Emmie, Jennie and Connie Black, the daughter of Judith Peterson and William Black, Sr, the sister-in-law of Kevin Littlesea, and the aunt of Rachel, Rebecca and Jacob Black, and Collin Littlesea. Though Charlie is stunned and disturbed by this revelation, he manages to cope with the situation.

And when Jacob started changing too, he grew terrified that he might be next, which he admitted to Bella. Dieses Stadium kann dem Seelenverwandten passieren oder auch nicht, aber der Seelenverwandte wird sich in seinen Seelenverwandten verlieben.

Nachdem er ihr alles erzählt hat und Charlies Bitte erwähnt, ist sie erleichtert, wenn auch noch unsicher über ihre Selbstbeherrschung. Edward hears this and gives the keys of his Aston Martin Vanquish to Jacob so that Jacob might get away from them. On one of the later visits, Jacob tells Bella that he loves her, and kisses her, thinking that she loves him back and is reciprocating his affections. Leah und Seth folgten ihm. In their backstory, the Quileutes and vampires are mortal enemies. Indeed, she even creates a dog bowl for Jacob to eat out of, and scratches 'Fido' on the side.
The epilogue is written from Jacob's point of view. Bella tells him that she and Edward plan to have a normal honeymoon before she becomes a vampire. He nudges close to her as he still has a crush on her. After the Volturi shamefully left, Bella is overjoyed and calls Renesmee, "Nessie" for the first time. Jacob claims in Twilight that he had a crush on Bella, but didn't act on it since she was already with Edward.

Als die Situation sich zu Gewalt eskalieren lässt, teilen Bella, Edward, Renesmee und Jacob ein tränenreiches auf Wiedersehen, als sie sie ihm zum Schutz geben, was den Rest ihrer Familie und Freunde dazu bringt, sich ebenfalls zu verabschieden. He is also shown to be somewhat sarcastic, slightly obnoxious and slightly childish, and has a hot-headed temper due to his wolf side and highly dislikes the scent of vampires. It is night, and a blizzard beats at their tent. Die Prägung kann von niemandem erzwungen werden, egal wie sehr der Gestaltwandler es will, wie Jacob Black gezeigt hat, als er mehrmals versucht hat, sich auf Bella Swan zu prägen.

They are there, in a secluded spot, to protect her from Victoria and her blood-hungry army. In Breaking Dawn, Jacob was ready to kill the unborn Renesmee, but could not do so with Bella for he still had feelings for her. On one of these visits, Jacob tells Bella that he is in love with her and that he wants her to choose him over Edward. The last comment in the note is not crossed out, and shows that even though he misses spending time with her, he is still angry about their situation. When she asks him what is happening with him, he claims that he can't tell her, but leaves her a clue to what he and the rest of Sam's group is. Jacob tells Bella how he feels in Eclipse and forcibly kisses her, to which she reacts by punching him in the jaw, only to end up with a broken hand.

They talk and she tells him that, although she loves and cares about Jacob deeply, she still has chosen Edward. Er sagt ihm auch, dass, wenn er mit dem Ubernatürlichem umgehen und so tun könnte, als sei alles normal, dann wird Bella noch eine Weile länger bleiben können. After he is gone, she comes to the realization that she does love Jacob. Afterward, Jacob is completely over Bella, and they remain close friends. Alice Huautah is an ancestor of the Black who married Caleb Uley. Embry Call is Jacob's best friend, along with Quil Ateara. Jacob rushes outside to defend Bella, and he jumps high over her and phases in midair. Emmett Cullen is a member of the Olympic coven. Jacob comes to respect Carlisle after he sees his gentle and kind nature, which he also finds appealing. They become much closer after he imprinted on her granddaughter.

In New Moon, Jacob's character is used as a device to help Bella emerge from her months-long depression, brought on by her distress over Edward's departure.

Before Renesmee was born, Alice feels disgruntled about her inability to see Bella's future because she was "blocked", and is relieved when Jacob spends more time at their place, because she can't see him as well. Rachel Black is the older sister of Jacob Black, twin sister of Rebecca Black and the daughter of Sarah and Billy Black, and sister-in-law of Solomon Finau.

She and Jacob slowly get closer thanks to their initial disliking of Renesmee, then because he manages to numb her headache.

causing Edward to uppercut punch him into the air, causing him to transform. Jacob can speak with other members of his pack telepathically and hear their thoughts. In the movie adaptation, Jacob first shows up to bring Bella her new truck and give her tips on how to drive it.

He also has an interest in watching action movies and commenting on bloody scenes. This high body temperature is very useful in combat, as it makes it extremely hard for vampires to harm them because they are extremely sensitive to heat.

Gegen Ende von Breaking Dawn - Bis(s) zum Ende der Nacht Teil 2 hat Alice eine Vision von der Konfrontation, die gewalttätig wird; Jacob nimmt Renesmee auf Bellas Wunsch weg und schafft es, trotz der Verfolgung von Santiago, einem Volturi-Wächter, zu fliehen. Carlisle patches him up and a worried Bella visits him later.

The enemy vampire wraps his arms around her neck and tries to strangle her, but Jacob lunges forward and knocks him off.

Jacob's father is Billy Black, and he has twin sisters, Rachel and Rebecca. Jacob and Bella's closeness, caused by unborn Renesmee.

Die Prägung kann in mehreren Stufen erfolgen, vor allem, wenn der Gestaltwandler sich auf ein Kind oder sonst jemand sehr jung prägt.

Through this connection, they become much closer. He initially had a hard time getting used to her new red eye color, but learns to get used to it in order to keep her and Renesmee close.

Er sagt ihm auch, dass Bella vorher krank war und musste sich "ein wenig" verändern, damit es ihr wieder besser ging, ohne zu enthüllen, dass seine Tochter ein Vampir geworden war.

Wenn es passiert, wird die Erfahrung als gravitativ auf diese Person abziehend beschrieben, während eine glühende Hitze ihn erfüllt, und alles und alles andere in seinem Leben wird sekundär, und nur der Eingeweihte bleibt der Materie überlassen, und der Gestaltwandler bleibt tief zurück. Es ist nicht bekannt, welche Auswirkungen die Zurückweisung des Seelenverwandten auf den Präger haben würde, aber in Die Welt von Bella und Edward waren Sams persönliche Erfahrungen in dieser Angelegenheit zu sehen. Rebecca is now the only person in the family who knows nothing about the existence of vampires and shape-shifters. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books.

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