Emiliano is astounded to receive Rosario's generous help despite her obvious poverty and the fact that she does not know who Emiliano really is. The show was sold to other countries while still in the process of recording, with a number of episodes. In a desperate attempt to erase the memory of a turbulent childhood, Rosario is struggling to earn a degree in Business Management. Thanks to her, he manages to survive as a mariachi singer in the bar while eluding the zealous pursuit of Interpol and the police in Colombia and Mexico. En este clip podrás el aspecto de cada uno de los famosos como, por ejemplo: No olvides conectarte de lunes a viernes a las 10PM, para que nos acompañes a seguir esta maravillosa historia llena de amor con la que, de seguro, aprenderás más de una ranchera. A young woman who was part of the guerrilla seeking a better life in the city, she wants to study medicine, which will be a difficult wish to fulfill, since being part of groups outside the law always leaves consequences . She also finds love thanks to Emiliano. Las Mejores Telenovelas y Series Colombianas. Mira el cambio del reparto de nuestra producción, La hija del mariachi Si quieres conocer cómo lucen hoy en día algunos de los actores, quédate para que disfrutes de este video. Both share the script and actors, as well as the main plot. In Bogota he is hired as a driver and moves in with... See full synopsis », Teresa Suárez, nicknamed "Gaviota" (Spanish for "Gull"), and her mother Carmenza Suárez, work as harvesters and throughout the year they travel to different farmlands across Colombia ... See full summary ». There are two versions of this telenovela. The telenovela garnered a big audience in Colombia and Latin America. The version issued in Chile and the U.S. has 124 episodes in the story resolved only six episodes from the aforementioned 118. However, being separated by a malicious trick in middle of a conflict between two families; Eduardo, with the name of Marco, will return to take revenge and recover the love of Florencia. No dejes de leer: Con ajustado bikini, así enamora “Lucía” en las redes sociales. Given these facts, Colombia decided to record more chapters. A sole purpose to destroy her enemies one by one, Rafael Méndez and Alejandra Maldonado are salesmen from opposite sides of life. He believed that his legal status in Mexico would be cleared in a few weeks, so he never told Rosario the truth. Instantly attracted to each other, their friendship will face formidable challenges and transform their lives forever. The friendship they develop completely transforms their lives. A dress without a master, a pain that only fades when Rosario unwittingly falls in love with Emiliano and lends him the suit for him to sing in the bar Plaza Garibaldi. The difference is found between the version issued in Colombia and issued in Chile and the United States. Emiliano Sánchez-Gallardo, a member of one of the most powerful families in Mexico, never imagined he would end up as a singer in a Mexican music bar, middle class, in the Colombian capital. While Méndez depends on informal sales, and that without any higher education degree, Alejandra carries her ... See full summary ». Up to episode 118 both versions are identical. He has an air of vulnerability and signs of having been robbed, so she decides to help him. Florencia and Eduardo have been in love since childhood. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The happiest and yet most painful parts of Rosario’s life are related to the memory of her father. One night she finds Emiliano Sanchez-Gallardo ... 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. What she does not know is that he is a wealthy young Mexican who has reached Bogotá fleeing from justice for a crime he did not commit. With Silvia De Dios, Jason Chad Roth, Carolina Ramírez, Mark Tacher. Mira también: ¡Revive la escena! Enamorada, así quedó Rosario tras ver a Francisco en toalla, Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar la experiencia del usuario a través de su navegación. One night, ranchera singer Rosario Guerrero sees Emiliano at the doors of Plaza Garibaldi, a mariachi bar. In this world, he discovers the widespread influence of mariachi music in Colombia. He is astounded by Rosario’s selfless support, a rare commodity in the world of wealth he comes from. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. watch it twice one right after the other. What she does not know is that he is a wealthy young Mexican who has reached Bogotá fleeing from … Enamorada, así quedó Rosario tras ver a Francisco en toalla, Carolina Ramírez como Rosario del Pilar Guerrero, Mark Tacher como Emiliano Sánchez/ Francisco Lara, Alejandra Borrero como Raquel Santana de Guerrero, Gregorio Pernía como Manuel Rodríguez “El Coloso”, Mario Duarte como Vladimir Fernando “El Mil Amores”, Luis Eduardo Arango como Sigifredo Santacruz, Luces Velásquez como Eulalia María Mondragón, Alfonso Ortiz como “Don Carlos Malagón”, Nicolás Montero como el Dr. Javier Macías, Horacio Tavera como Raúl Oliverio “El Mañanitas”, Luisa Fernanda Giraldo como Mireya Fuentes, Alpha Acosta como la teniente Guadalupe Morales, Daniel Lugo como el comandante Leonardo Salas, Silvia de Dios como Nora Pardo de Macías, Rodolfo Valdés como Martín del Valle Ferrero, José Luis Franco como el licenciado Miguel Corona. Two good friends join the underground world of Drug trafficking to make quick money and have a better quality of living. Es por esto que al comprender que su hija del alma está enamorándose de un mariachi y va en camino de repetir su trágica historia, intente oponerse por todos los medios a la consolidación de ese amor. When Beto Reyes helps a depressed old woman he suddenly becomes the legal successor to her multimillionaire company and her mansion, much to the chagrin of vice-president and now neighbor Emilio Iriarte. The illegal drugs trafficking world seems to be attractive to all ... See full summary ». Above all, in Rosario he finds the great love of his life. Looking for some great streaming picks? Directed by (1) Writing credits (3) Cast (57) Produced by (3) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (1) Production Design by (1) Art Direction by (1) Set Decoration by (2) Costume Design by (1) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (1)

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