This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Over half of the arrested were charged with misdemeanors, other were charged with weapons possession and drug trafficking. Diese Bestrebungen umfasste auch die Zusammenarbeit mit politischen Gruppierungen und den Medien. Mallard also showed footage of Cotto and Felix-Rivera allegedly beating the same member in September at a meeting in Connecticut. A prosecutor interviewed a gang task force agent for two hours describing each of the foot soldiers’ roles in New Bedford and Lowell Latin Kings chapters.

[1] Sie wird insbesondere mit Straftaten im Bereich des Drog…

Kings of Alba Longa, a series of legendary kings of Alba Longa, an ancient city in Latium, or their predecessors; Latin Kings (gang), a street gang The Latin Kings (hip hop group), a Swedish hip hop group The Original Latin Kings of Comedy A Leader of the Latin Kings gang was shot and killed last night, after the gang made the unprecedented pivot, and began helping the police control the looters. Drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, murder, assault, robbery, auto theft, Probation – for a period ranging between two weeks and two months, can be imposed in addition to other punishments, Fines (Multas) – may also be used as a way to recoup the expense of gang property when it is destroyed or lost by a member, Stripping – the member is stripped of rank and titles, unlikely to ever rise to the previous rank again, Suspension – the member is stripped of all offices and duties, is not permitted to wear the colors, and is addressed as a novice, Community service – particular assignments made on a case-by-case basis, B.O.S.
Diese finden sich auch heute noch in der Gang wieder. B.R.C-Baker Rd. Latin King documents reveal that Gino Gustavo Colon (a.k.a.

D.F.B-Dem Franchize Boyz (Bankhead) 13.

[17], The Chicago faction of the Latin Kings is recognized as the largest Hispanic street gang in the United States and one of the largest Chicago-based street gangs. Die Zahl der Mitglieder wird auf 20.000–35.000 in den USA geschätzt. "[27], Latin Kings and Queens began appearing en masse at political demonstrations in support of the Latino community. ), Latin Kings (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD. The year came to a close with Fernandez being arrested in December by the FBI for domestic abuse.[22]. Die einzelnen Chapter werden als „Tribes“ bezeichnet und von lokalen Anführern kontrolliert, die sich wiederum dem Council verantworten müssen. Record No. Einer ihrer Leitsprüche ist zum Beispiel „Love and respect children of all races, sexes, cults and religions.

Simply put, they cannot be allowed to run unchecked in our streets,” stated U.S. Attorney Sofer. Als fünfzehn Gangmitglieder und Komplizen der Latin Kings festgenommen wurden, die in einem Schmugglerring aktiv waren, waren auch zwei Polizisten darunter.

Y.S.M-Young Squad Mafia (Zone 1) 3.

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