Phenomena like the steady rising popularity of Twitch or this year’s Animal Crossing boon are just a few highly visible examples. hide caption. Build the Vote is an educational tool, but it’s also indicative of the larger culture shift at play in 2020. Once inside, you’ll need to register — in this case, the game will display a copy of your head on the wall — before you’re able to enter a voting room alone. At the top of the hill sits a white building with heavy columns, adorned with American flags. "We just wanted to adapt what adults will go through but in a playful way," Sid Lee copywriter Nick Labbe said. Lastly, Glow Squid is a shimmering sea creature that made its debut in Earth. They thrive in snowy, ice, and rocky areas. You can vote for the next mob at Minecraft Live 2020. While 2016 featured the cringe-worthy campaign for people to “Pokémon Go to the polls,” politicians seem to be wising up on how to actually reach the demographic. The Biden-Harris campaign capitalized on this year’s game of the moment, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, to set up a frankly impressive island. “We’re all trying to figure it out, especially with the pandemic, because there’s nowhere to meet anyone right now other than online,” she says. "There's no way for kids, before they get to the voting booth, to actually have a practice round and understand the process," Foster said. Learn more about Minecraft Live, the annual celebration of all things Minecraft!. Nonpartisan, nonprofit organization Rock the Vote and creative company Sid Lee teamed up to create a Minecraft "voting house" server ahead of the 2020 election. That way, kids will be ready to vote when they're old enough. hide caption. Fans will be able to choose between Iceologer, Moobloom, or Glow Squid, and here you’ll discover how to vote for your preferred choice. "It's just, like, you turn 18, and here's your ballot.". And now it's being used to teach young Americans how to vote. For the team’s purposes — to educate without influencing — Minecraft hit the sweet spot. Rock The Vote's voting house in Minecraft allows players to vote on a variety of real-world issues. At the end, instead of an "I Voted" sticker, players will have a chance to change their Minecraft character's appearance to show they participated. Noticeably absent from the choices is a way to vote on who should win the 2020 presidential election. Sid Lee has tried to represent that experience as faithfully as possible. newsletter. But peoples’ digital footprints grew larger. Watch live & hear from Mojang Studios and content creators during the 90 minute livestream. Dubbed "Build The Vote," the simulation is designed to educate kids on the voting process and give them the chance to share their opinions on several issues. According to Lavoie, Build the Vote “invites the [players] that have the power to vote to step up and do their homework.” And for those who may still be too young, it encourages them to get involved early. like previously, we the community will get the chance to vote for which mob gets added to the game in the next update.

I really see it being the new pivot for everyone, as well as a political space.”, The gaming world has expanded beyond the stereotypes it’s often been thought of. There are still plenty of fan-favourite ideas that aren’t in Minecraft, but – for whatever reason – the game remains massively popular in 2020 with large player bases still. The virtual voting house took three months to build, Labbe said.

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