That’s something that’s not usually represented on TV so I was happy to be able to do that. After two prize-winning years there – including Batboy and Godspell in the Citizens’ Theatre, a Dewar Arts Award in 2017 meant she could take up a place at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which she left last year. I worried I might not speak like the other students and I was a wee bit nervous about holding myself in conversations. So an English soldier attacked and killed Mirren then William Wallace killed him, the English retaliated and what started as a personal passion spiralled into a battle for the country. “I was playing it how it was written, but then there’s how it’s edited, the music and sound, different perspectives. I was worried about going away with the school in case people weren’t kind and she told me to be joyful, to laugh at yourself and protect yourself by taking it lightly. Acting with a bump, “a chicken fillet thingy” for the first three months didn’t interfere with her life, but the next prosthetic, what Mack calls “The Moon Bump”, did. Reading the script, I was constantly jumping between whose side I was on.”. I’ve learned a lot,” she says and goes on to talk about those with whom she worked most closely. Having played the part, what would Mirren do were she in the same situation, facing the same choices? Mack plays Kaya, a struggling 18-year-old from Possil in Glasgow, whose chance encounter with a wealthy couple changes all of their lives, the consequences played out over five hour-long episodes. A post shared by Mirren Mack (@mirrenmack) on Jul 12, 2016 at 2:21pm PDT. It would have been good to have someone like that in my year at school,” she laughs. When I was growing up I didn’t really know what was going on. Mack and her sister Molly grew up with an actor father, Billy Mack, and a drama tutor/actor mother, Callan.

I’d be one of the people wanting to know what’s going on, wanting a wee chat, thinking who’s that down there? Also I noticed later how the artwork and textiles included cuckoo images, and how themes were reflected in every element of the production. I’d get on at 11pm, get into London at 7am, get changed in Starbucks’s toilet, go and do the audition and then get the bus back.”. Mirren Mack reveals why Portrait Artist of the Year was more nerve-racking than being on stage. Log In. “It’s about money and power and how far you’ll go to give the person you love most in the world what they want.”. So flexible and free.

© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. In a school where everyone is fixated by their sexuality, fuelled by the fact that they have a well informed classmate courtesy of his sex therapist mother, Florence is in the minority. “Storytelling is a way for people to have an experience, or an outlet for an experience they’ve had and I like being able to be other people. Sign Up. I’m not going to do the Braveheart version, ‘cos it’s not entirely accurate although it’s still a good film and makes me tear up. “I was the only Scottish female in the school and I remember looking at her and absolutely wanting to be like her ‘cos I thought she was magic. I mainly eat, but I cook too, anything with a yellow label in the reduced section I’ll make into a dish and I’m going to see if I can give up meat because of climate change. Are they manipulating each other, and who is in control?”.

As well as the story-telling family occupations, Mack was surrounded by a sense of the past in her hometown, and would love to film there. “Everyone in school is talking about sex but Florence has no attraction to it and finds out she is asexual. The show arrived on the BBC One on March 22nd. “I’ve only seen the first episode and I can’t wait to see how it’s turned out. She came from a middle-class family whose parents were very supportive of her. I’m grateful for the name. All of that can transform what you did. Mirren Mack is well known as a Scottish actress and television personality. Family Health and Fitness Fashion Luxury Cars Free Mobile App UK Voucher Codes ... episode 5 review: a happy ending and, in Mirren Mack, a new star is born 4. It was such a gift.”. It was liked by the viewers and fans. After she graduated, The Nest came along and this time Mack was able to really soak up the experience of being on set for a prolonged period, seeing how the crew worked as a unit. It is The Nest, however, which looks set to propel Mack into the big time. Splitting her time between London, where she stays with friends when auditioning for the next role, and home in Stirling, Mack thinks she has the best of both worlds. However, she hasn’t shared any info regarding her parents and siblings on the internet. “We shared lots of car journeys and sort of spoke about sandwiches and stuff like that. Mirren Mackenzie. She was featured in the popular Netflix series named BBC one The Nest which is very popular among the people. “There’s so much history – Stirling Castle, Wallace, Mary, Queen of Scots. My mum took up drama teaching and she teaches history through drama all over the place and my dad’s due to tour with The Cheviot, The Stag and The Black, Black Oil, an incredible story with brilliant music and such a cool way to learn about your country’s past.”. The Nest is only Mack’s second TV performance and exposure to a film set after playing Florence in the hit comedy Netflix show, Sex Education.

Find some joy in just being on the ground and being able to be alive.”. “My dad says she’s named after a dinner lady he really loved.”. What are the consequences of buying what you want? When I’ve seen her in theatre, film, on TV there’s something so magnetic about her.”. Created by Nicole Taylor, the award-winning writer of Three Girls and country music hit Wild Rose, it is a tense drama about class, privilege and the question of who deserves success in life. In Glasgow the filming often attracted onlookers, one of whom could easily have been Mack herself, were she not in it. or. “One of the things I loved most about filming it was that it was a beautiful showcase of Glasgow,” she said. Instead, she would take a night bus from her home town of Stirling to London. But I wrote her a wee card to say bye and I might have put something in there.”.

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