They were initially classified as light cruisers under the weight and armament restrictions of the London Naval Treaty.After Japan refused to comply any longer with that agreement, all four ships were rearmed with larger guns and were reclassified as heavy cruisers. He tried to flee patrols for a month and was finally spotted and bombed by other aircraft on November 25, exactly one month after the disappearance of his twins. Greetings all, As per request the next class i will be looking at is the Takao class. Mogami class cruisers (Mogami, Mikuma, Suzuya, Kumano), launched in 1934 (1936 for Kumano) and completed in pairs respectively in 1935 and 1937 at the Kure, Mitsubishi (Nagasaki), Yokosuka and Kawasaki (Kobe) yards , delay resulting from the tests conducted with the first two, who were victims of vibrations due to the structural weakness of the hull that the turrets were unusable. Shang Ma Ke. Mogami was the lead ship of her class of heavy (Class A) (originally light [Class B]) cruisers, laid down on October 27th, 1931. Both the Mogami and the Takao are tied in terms of firepower - the only real difference is that the third gun is at deck level, but this ultimately doesn't further detriment its firing arcs. Takao class cruiser; Followed by: Tone class cruiser ; Authority control Q1595425. Japanese cruiser Maya. In 1939, they displaced 11,200 tons as standard, or 3,700 tons of reinforcements. Class of four heavy cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) launched between May 1930 and April 1931. The Atago (Takao class cruiser) have a poor firing arc on one of the turrets, so newbies tend to present very poor hull angling. Atago would be sunk by an American sub on the first day of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The actual design showed many similarities to that of Takao, but the measures taken to reduce weight low down in the ship, combined with the excessive height of the bridge and superstructure, reduced stability to a critical point. A Myōkō/Takao-class CA is attacked by older dive bombers(Skua, Hs123, He50). The four ships were Japanese cruiser Mogami, Mikuma, Suzuya, and Kumano. Under the terms of the London Naval Treaty, cruisers were limited to a maximum gun bore of 8'' and maximum normal displacement of 10,000 tons, but the total tonnage of heavy and light cruisers was also limited. They were originally built and commissioned in 1935 as "Light" cruisers with 155-mm main guns, but were designed to be regunned with 8-inch (203 … Dave Bender. Enjoy! Atago is apart of the Takao-Class cruiser family. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Alaska Class: Battlecruiser or Large Cruiser Semi-debate,,'s "Japanese ships and Navy" discussion board link, "夢想在望/the Dream is in Sight" by Bibi Zhou. Learn how your comment data is processed. Shang Ma Ke. You ever think of asking your question at the other forum below? Sep 4, 2016 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. In a second series of modifications to Kure in 1939-40, they became real heavy cruisers, their 155 pieces being abandoned in favor of an armament of 5 double turrets of 203 mm. Mogami Class Light Cruiser; Your comment. Naval Treaty of 1930 Japan reached it's maximum allowed heavy cruiser tonnage by the completion of the 4 units of the Takao class and thus it had to cancel the following improved Takao class heavy cruisers. Built under the 1931 Fleet Replenishment Program, the Mogami-class cruisers were designed by Yuzuru Hiraga to the maximum limits allowed by the Washington Naval Treaty, using the latest technology. However, by their size, they were more like heavy cruisers. Ships similar to or like Takao-class cruiser. Their width increased and their protection was further improved. The tonnage limit for light cruisers too were very close to the set limit but by scrapping 4 pre-WW1 era protected crusiers of the Tone and Chikuma classes (3 ships), and replacement of the Tenryu class (2 ships) and the Kuma class (5 ships) by 1934 and 1937 allowed Japan to build 6 new light cruisers which then became the Mogami and Tone classes. 9,009 187. The IJN Takao was the lead ship in a class of 4 Heavy Cruisers. It depends on many factors, like where the bombs hit, what time in the war it happened, etc. 高雄型) war eine Klasse von vier Schweren Kreuzern des japanischen Kaiserreiches, die im Zweiten Weltkrieg zum Einsatz kamen. 9,009 187. He survived and dragged himself to Kure for a long time in one year. Shang Ma Ke. Share. This resulted in the choice of a 155 mm dual purpose (DP) main battery in five triple turrets capable of 55° elevation. Post Jun 08, 2010 #7 2010-06-08T13:09. Mogami class cruiser; Authority control Q1785303 Library of Congress authority ID: sh2010004785. In 1943, he resumed service with a DCA composed of 30 guns of 25 mm in fifteen twin mounts. ARP Takao — Japanese promo premium Tier VIII cruiser.. Shang Ma Ke. The Mogami class (最上型) were four cruisers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during the 1930s. The Mogami class was an attempt to cheat with the Washington Naval Treaty's limits. The Tsundere Heavy Cruiser of the "Fleet of Fog".'s "Japanese ships and Navy" discussion board link. One of four heavy cruisers, active in World War II with the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). Their AA artillery, initially composed of 8 double turrets of 127 mm and 4 pieces of 40 mm passed to 20, then 30 guns of 25 mm AA, and finally 50 for the survivors on the eve of the battle of Leyte. As the flagship of Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi, she played a central role in the Japanese victory at Savo Island, although she also received the most damage of any Japanese ship present – American cruisers achieved several hits, killing 34 crewmen. Suzuya was also sentenced for the same purpose, while Kumano survived. Your email address will not be published. The Takao class was widely considered the best Cruisers the IJN ever built. As with the Mogami-class, the Takao-class outguns equivalent US cruisers, and comes with the additional advantage of 8 torpedo tubes which allow them to take on most ship types with ease. The crusier´s  torpedoes are not hit. Background. She is at her core a further improvement of the Myoko-Class and is represented in-game with her final refit loadout. All three (Mogami, Suzuya and Kumano) were also present at the Battle of Samar near Leyte in the Philippines in October 1944. IJN Mogami: Armament: 10 x 8in Broadside: 2,770lbs RoF: 4 per minute lbs per minute: 11,080lbs It clearly shows that while the Mogami would have a better amount of punch, Brooklyn has a faster RoF and can put more munitions onto her target. The upgrade to the Tone-class remains a matter of what you intend to go for. They were an evolution from the preceding Myoko-class, with heavier torpedo armament and had an almost battleship-like, large bridge structure. 1. come. Still with the aim of safeguarding stability, their torpedo-tube carriages were triple and not quadruple, but there were still four. Chao Yung (Chaoyong) class protected cruisers (1880), Navy divers continue hunting for Sriwijaya Air's black boxes, FNSS AACE to Enhance the Philippine Army Combat Engineering Capabilities, In Abrupt Reversal of Iran Strategy, Pentagon Orders Aircraft Carrier Home, Courtney, Wittman Predict Biden Administration Will Stick With Current Navy Trajectory, U.S. Coast Guard Catches Wanted Fugitive in High Seas Intercept, Eight Surface Combatants And Two Submarines Were Delivered To Russian Navy In 2020, ‘QAnon Shaman’ charged with storming the Capitol is a Navy veteran, For Surface Warfare Officers, It’s All About Command, Uncertainty prevails over US cyber strategy shift towards ‘persistent engagement'. Were any of the "Treaty Cruisers" designed to defeat 500 lb projectiles? Takao, Mogami and Tone class' magazines had protection against 8" shells. The Takao-class ships were approved under the 1927 to 1931 supplementary fiscal year budget, and Atago, like her sister ships, was named after a mountain.In this case, she was named after Mount Atago, located outside Kyoto.. Design. Mogami Class Light Cruiser; Your comment.

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