- Check this video to learn the mechanics of this raid: The reactors will spawn enemies on top throughout your jumping puzzle so make sure you bring a Scout Rifle to this fight.

Especially if you need something. Going back in time for new players, we can offer you guides like Ikelos Weapons - How to Get SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, or, if you're playing Forsaken content, guides like Corsair Down & Badge - Dead Body Locations. Otherwise, he’ll explode and wipe you.

Best do equal damage to all Royal beasts and not kill any until they are all low health.

Collect all three banners to advance to the Pleasure Gardens.

Players not on the pressure plates are there to help players that can’t kill harder enemies or to revive the dead ones.

You might need to do the chain section more than once. Do NOT kill these beasts during the damage phase, only weaken them. Loyalist War Beast 6. Four players go to the pressure plates in the corners of the arena and pick up the first Psionic Protection buff that protects them from poisonous pools damage.

If you do this in time, you finally win the fight and can collect your loot, watching the story unfold. Everyone else should stand in the middle (where the prism weapons spawned) and drop down into the safe room after the fight starts.

… Your best bet would be to divide into two teams – one team should stay at the receptacle and defend it.

After the runner picks up the orb, he will be transported outside of the shield and a wall with nine holes will appear in front of him.

It is vital that these players relay which symbols they see to the three players inside Calus’ room. In destination select, scroll to the top right corner “Nessus Orbit” where you also started the Leviathan raid.

During all this, there is a very important mechanic that must be heeded at all costs -- the six Royal Beasts on patrol. Rockets will take out the majors easily and always watch your back and your teammates’ backs. The best way to tackle this one is to have the leader call out when they are jumping. Once the encounter starts, kill all the Cabal enemies in order to get Calus to summon four Councilors. After ~ two to three minutes, three sets of three large lanterns will descend into the main pool chamber. From here you can select the “Leviathan, Eater of Worlds” raid lair. However, you can only do these three times before the safe room stops working -- so be careful.

The ones in the tunnel should run clockwise, and call out in which row the red circle is.

It’s recommended that you develop a rotational pattern whereby two Guardians are always roaming the area dealing with enemies and replacing players whose buffs are about to expire. Not all of the large pollen spores will have this purple aura and they will be random.

If you die you will start back up at the top and have to start over. Oiled Ceremonial Bather (Prestige only) 12. There will also be two special enemy types that spawn near the golden statue: After you've placed all three standards, the door will open behind you and you will be able to get your first loot chest of the Leviathan Raid. And although his arm will telegraph the attack, you'll want to make sure that you're paying attention and jumping off the targeted plate and to another one. From here, you are on your own. After you've cleared out the enemies, you'll find yourself going through several corridors before you exit into an area that looks like a courtyard. You start it from the map, without actually going anywhere. You and your teammates will need to destroy as many as you can to gain stacks for a Force of Will buff that will affect the entire team.

Once your fireteam reaches the last wall in the dark realm, the Callus projection will start spitting out skulls in a huge plume.

As this happens, Royal Beasts will spawn, six large, dog-like creatures you'll have to elude while contending with a safe-room mechanic and other adds. The chamber has 4 large pillars made up of 3 arrows. High pulse damage output weapons are recommended here. Those outside kill all Psions except the ones that bare the called-out symbols.

This encounter will split your fireteam into two teams: 4 Pollen holders and 2 Crystal holders. We’ve written this Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide to help you out with boss strategies and show you the rewards. At the moment nobody really knows what the raid contains, or how challenging it will be. The "away" team must make their way to the indicated spawn point, at one of the following locations: Once the first banner is identified, the collecting Guardians should head to that location and proceed to kill enemies until an elite Standard Bearer appears. The Pleasure Gardens is the next chamber of the raid. There will be three psion charges in front of you, determine which three players take these charges to teleport back into Calus’ room.

Loyalist Colossus 4.

It boasts a recommended Power Level of 270 and will reward players with Luminous Engrams and experience. Each of the four pools has a platform with a glowing orb on it, with one in the center of the middle pool as well.

Calus’ main attack is a laser beam he shoots out of his forehead.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Percolator Location – How to Brew Coffee, Destiny 2 Destroyer of Worlds Quest – Legend of Acrius.

You’ll probably have to kill him several times before you get the key, and even then, probably only one fireteam member will get it. Once the paths meet back up have 1, 2 and 3 go first and work your way back into line to lead you to the next reactor. 1. Two players should grab one each, which will transport them into the tunnel that surrounds the area. Teams of Guardians are already striving to be the first in the world to finish it, a moment that is celebrated and encouraged by the good folks at Bungie. After the runner passes a pillar, a Councilor will appear in front of that pillar.

If you don’t destroy two there will be a wipe mechanic that will take out your team.

Stay out of their cone of vision and you should be fine. Select that, and once you drop in, simply make your way up into the massive palace before you.

Once past the first set of platforms take out the enemies of the reactor you are on and regroup.

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