Now no flowers.

My favorite plant!!! And it’s definitely time for a happy dance when she’s able to beat the squirrels to the peaches, figs, or loquats. Prepare a clean four-inch pot with a mix of perlite and peat moss and moisten the mixture. Sow R. simplex seeds in early spring, after all danger of frost has passed. Any tips for keeping them over by the driveway? Hello Donna. How do you eliminate weeds & vines growing in my Mexican petunias? The stone pillar in the background is over 6 feet!! Hummingbirds love it.

The tiny flowers can be grown as border plants, in containers or in hanging baskets. Is your plant crowded at all? It’s in our pond as a centerpiece. Hi Jackie – Cut them back/down? Thanks for mentioning this! We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Or maybe could they be started earlier indoors and moved outdoors?

They can take a few years before they start really spreading. Cover the roots with dirt and water thoroughly; continue to water well for several weeks until well-established.
Any ideas of what went wrong? Ours bloomed it’s first year, just beautifully. I live in Frisco, Texas.

Since they can spread at a fast pace, you may consider growing them in a more contained area so they don't end up taking over your entire lawn. Butterflies like it too – it attracts swallowtail, brush-footed, and monarch butterflies eager to enjoy the flowers’ nectar.

The ground cover is around my tree in a shaded area of course. These plants are drought-tolerant once they’re established, but it’s a good idea to baby them a bit if they’re recent plantings.

When it comes to soil pH, these plants will survive in alkaline beds, but they most prefer neutral to slightly acidic environments. They have brightened up may lower… Read more ».

If this is the case, unfortunately you won’t be able to make them revert back to purple.… Read more », We moved to SW FL from Northern California with its red rocky soil going on 2 years ago. Share your experience with this pretty plant in the comments section below. Could Mexican Petunias be grown as an annual in the north (zones4/5) and would they have time to bloom if grown from seed? I love that you were trying to help your green-thumb-gone-wild mom. They are not blooming this year but have read that they might be too crowded.

You also might want to use this plant to add some color to shady areas. I cannot say I am an expert on elephant ears, but a bit of quick research indicates that these plants are heavy feeders and like rich soil. So far I’ve been hand pulling the ones in the lawn.

Transplanting Mexican petunias is best done in the fall before they go dormant in the winter. I also want to make sure you haven’t applied a nitrogen-rich fertilizer this season.

Edit: Then I noticed Rob’s mentioning that, as well. Or, you can try planting the seeds directly into the ground.

I always enjoyed gardening with my grandparents as well, and learned so much from them. Hello I live in Florida and my problem is they will not stop growing.


I live in GA and have these beautiful flowers! Found out they are invasive. This has made this part of it brown. It gets cold enough during the winters that they die back but every spring they come back bigger and better. Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience with Mexican petunias! Planted a couple babies in my mother in law’s garden where she wanted something beautiful and easy to care for. I love the lacy leaves. Lastly, maybe even grown in pots in the ground and moved indoors before frosts? The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. She picked a spot right by the steps leading to our front porch. Since they grow to be a shrub, medium to larger-sized containers work best. Hi Adrienne! They're unique in that they're drought resistant and yet they also survive floods. I’ve seen purple, pink and white, but no other colors. It doesn’t seem to have worked the first time around (sorry about that!).

Judy Ann, how interesting that you’ve been growing it as a houseplant! The Mexican Petunia is classified as a Category I Invasive in FL due to its tendency to get out of control and be very difficult to eradicate. I am hoping this is an easy fix.

This variety is less aggressive than its taller cousins, though mine definitely spreads. Here’s what we’ll tackle in this article: If you live in Florida, you’re certainly excused from reading this article, though you might want to check below for a cultivar that is safe to grow in your region. "Katie" is a popular dwarf cultivar because it doesn't produce seed pods and therefore is not considered invasive. I’ve been a huge fan of these beautiful purple flowers for years. They do not survive in the cold, yet they can still be enjoyed as summer annuals in areas that experience low temperatures in the winter. They bloomed all last year. But mostly they just sit there all winter, looking fine. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Mine did very well blooming the first 2 years so guess they are crowded so will thin them next spring. I agree, Tommy. One question – after they have died off in the winter – do you pull them up or cut them down – what’s the best method to get ready for the spring? What do I feed them and when? While it’s best to transplant in the fall, you may move it now if necessary. I’ve recently taken some of the ‘volunteers’ and put them in large pots in the backyard.

Downtown Pensacola and Brownsville locations!

Agreed, which is why it is classified as a Category I Invasive plant in Florida. After roots are established, you can transplant them outside.

Thanks for reading. Mexican petunia is generally highly prized as a shade plant, but if your summers aren’t too brutal, the plant may be able to take full sun. Once they take root (usually after a few weeks), you can add the plants to your yard. I have bought more plants for the gaps. I cut them down to about 6 inches above ground after the first freeze.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Be sure to keep the soil moist. Love the Mexican petunia. I wonder if you’ve given it too much water? Plant one to two seeds for each expected plant, spaced 12 inches apart.

In the springtime, you can use a garden rake to mix in a fertilizer of choice into the top 2 inches of the soil surrounding the plants. But you could leave it outdoors if you put a heavy layer of mulch on it and it would rebloom in the spring. Deadhead the spent flowers before they can produce seeds, or cut off the seed pods before they burst open and reseed on all… Read more ». If it isn’t crowded, you may want to do a soil test to determine if you’re low in any of the macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). They also attract bees and it’s entertaining to watch them crawl down into the flowers and disappear. When do I transplant?

Try thinning it out if that’s the case. Deadhead them and keep pulling to keep them under control, or you may want to use them as a container specimen instead. Be sure to give them supplementary water during periods of hot weather, and see if they perk up. If the plant is getting too much nitrogen, it may stop blooming and will start to focus on leaf growth at the expense of the flowers. It’s so cool it’s worth mentioning many times! COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC.

Thank you so much for the reply! After the frost has killed the plant….how do I care for them? Gluten Free and Vegan options available daily! They come back in early spring, and boom all summer.

This year there are no blooms.

They grow back in the spring. I have this plant but very few blooms. Do you know which cultivar you planted, Kimberly?

You can also start indoors 8 weeks before the last frost if you want to have blossoms earlier in the year.
Both overwatering and underwatering can cause yellow leaves. The next morning, before the heat of the day, dig it out and transplant it. What’s wrong? I would like to leave it outdoors but dont want to kill it. Great to know, Elise! Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. With additional writing and editing by Allison Sidhu. They bloomed the same week that I transplanted them, so definitely hardy!! How do… Read more ».

I live just north of I-20 around Atlanta and yes, mine survives very well. Also we grow ours by the pool so the majority of the daily flowers that fall out will float in the pool and stay purple for a few hours – so pretty. While it's not mandatory, Mexican petunias benefit from the addition of manure, fertilizer, and compost in their growing areas. If you want to speed up the propagating process, you can create new plants from tip cuttings. Hi Voodoo!

Are your white flowers still purple or pink in the center? Thanks to my mom that has a super green thumb these beautiful purple petunias are about 4ft … Yes they spread but I love how they show up in the craziest places. You can also propagate this plant via purchased seeds, cuttings, or division. Also known as Purple Showers, the Mexican petunia's flower petals are most commonly a vibrant violet color, but they can also be pink or white. I would be grateful for any help understanding what happened. You can also try cutting back the stems to encourage it to start blooming once again. It spreads by seeds that can sometimes reach up to 10 feet away from the original plant, as well as through thin, underground roots called rhizomes. The flowers are pretty but the plants themselves are spindly. I wonder if it was placed in the wrong area because I assumed it was a houseplant. Mexican petunias are also a shrub, featuring woodier stems and growing much taller than their look-a-like. Here is more about what we do. bakery cupcakes wedding cakes gluten free and vegan options! Thanks to my mom that has a super green thumb these beautiful purple petunias are about 4ft tall and 6ft wide in growth. They don't get very tall—just 3 or 4 feet high—so keeping them trimmed back can be done usually without a ladder or other special equipment. Should we braid them? The color of the stems will vary depending on the light conditions—the more light the plant receives, the more purple you will find on their stems. When I purchased my plant it has beautiful purple flowers. Our bakers ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. It’s in full sun.

I broke off a few sprigs from a neighbor’s stand of Mexican petunia about 20 years ago and rooted them in water. In fact, the wild variety is not often sold since it can become so problematic. They should come back in the spring. My husband did cut it back to the ground each winter and every spring it would come back bigger and better, blooming those lovely purple blooms. The plant is native to Mexico and South America, and has naturalized in Hawaii and from South Carolina to Texas, where gardeners appreciate it greatly. Mexican petunias can be grown in pots. They do benefit from occasional watering in dry climates but can go without for long stretches of time.

Swing by for some sweetness! They are in the ground. They are vigorous growers in FL. Expect it to take some time to bounce back. The plant is named for Jean de la Ruelle, a late 15th- to early 16th-century French herbalist and physician to King Francois. There are commercial weed killers available, but I would be nervous using those near the ruellia. I happily yank and transplant often and they are so hardy.

Mine die off (above ground) in winter, so I cut the woody stem to about 2″ and cover with mulch. Very disappointed!!

Cutting back the stems after flowering will encourage new growth and even more blossoms.

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