As the popularity of mixes grows, it may be easier to find Beagle Pointer Mix puppies now than in the past. You should always meet the dog before adoption. Elaine is always willing to roll up her sleeves and research the really hard topics and for that we are all thankful. Such a loving, loyal trait is also found after a hard days play, when she is found fast asleep on your lap. However, some available Pointers can be found here. We’ve trained her to jump up on to tall stumps, boulders, and logs as a real-world agility routine.

The only time she’s had to go to the vet was for minor paw injuries. Blue Heeler Pointer mixes are incredibly adept to training, with this trait being strong on both sides of the breed. They Might Try and Herd Things They Shouldn’t, 15 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe and Warm in the Winter, 6 Things To Remember When Travelling With Your Dog, The Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Ultimate Breed Information Guide, 15 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Pomapoo (A Pomeranian Poodle Mix). Therefore, if you live in a city or somewhere without access to an enclosed outdoor area, this mixed breed may not be for you. PointerRescue.Org rescues Pointers from around the USA. These are often linked to puppy mills, which have very low standards of animal care. We’ve summited mountains with her, trekked through the desert, and even brought her down the ski slopes. What health issues might this mixed breed face. The title of “pointer” can be referring to a few different dog breeds such as the English pointer, the German shorthaired pointer, and the wirehaired pointer; whereas, Labrador retrievers cover one singular and strong breed. This article will answer questions you might have about this mix, such as: Read on to find out more about this dog, which combines one well-known breed with one rarer breed. Each mix will be a little different, but it’s important to take this information into consideration before adopting a Blue Heeler Pointer mix. The table below spells out the different types of pointers that could possibly be bred with a Labrador retriever. link to How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Goldendoodle? This will help them focus, keep their minds and bodies healthy, and keep them happy. Because this breed is so susceptible to this condition, it’s important to never overfeed your pointerdor. The Beagle Pointer Mix is called Boingle. The Blue Heeler Pointer mix is the kind of dog that wants to keep you safe and will do so through various means. These dogs were bred in the late 19th century to be a multi-purpose hunting dog suitable for multiple roles. Embora Pets is the ultimate resource for learning everything about your new pet, or information when trying to find the right one. She has been part of our team here at Embora Pets since 2018 and has provided a lot of great research and information on all types of pets. Look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure they're free of genetic diseases that they might pass onto the puppies, and that they have sound temperaments. We were worried that we would have a difficult time implementing our rules and training into her routine but found absolutely no issue. Sometimes she will whine for a minute or two in a futile effort to call us back to her, but she gets the idea that it’s useless pretty quickly. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice. Ask your veterinarian and other professionals about how to clean your pointerdors ears, what to use, and how often to do it. Labrador Retrievers can be black, yellow, or chocolate. They need a lot of exercise, but once that need is satiated, they are very congenial house pets. What this means for a pointerdor is that the temperament is going to be hit or miss. Depending on the kind of pointer mixed in and what color they and the Lab are can greatly affect how your pointerdor pup comes out. Just be careful because prey instincts are strong things. For the pointerdor, there is always a risk of hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, heart disease, and bloat because they have been seen in both breeds separately. A Beagle can have any hound coat color and may have ticked markings. Pointers have smooth coats and do well with a firm bristle brush or rubber mitt. By herding, I mean circling around in an attempt to direct you, or nipping at the ankles of people who are being loud, rowdy, or appear ‘out of line.’ This clearly comes from the Blue Heeler side of the breed, as GSPs don’t have any instinct to herd or nip. The amount of grooming they need may be more on the extreme side, but it won’t be enough to cause problems. Sable so far has had no health complications whatsoever, though she is only 5 years old. When adopting, try to meet both of the parents and gauge their temperament. From my experience, the Blue Heeler Pointer mix is one of the most sincere and caring dogs that exist. They are a pretty popular breed in the hunting community because of their shared ancestry. They love kids and want to be around the family. Pointerdors want to be inside with you during the evenings and playing with you at every other moment of the day. Whether you want to use your labrador retriever/pointer mix for hunting or not, you need to exercise and train them each day to help reign in that excess energy and create that foundation that their behavior will grow off of. Pointerdors come from very active parents and, therefore, are very active themselves. They are very well-tempered, and while full of energy, are surprisingly good at keeping focus. Her dedication to please fuels her, and within a month of working with her, she would jump up on nearly anything with the simple snap and point, on and off the trail.

Alongside our potty training guide, we also have tips on how to train Beagles and Pointers. This makes them ill-suited for families with very small children just because it’s likely that small children can get knocked over or jumped on. They are very gentle and were very good at not squishing or eating the prey once they picked it up. Not all Blue Heeler Pointer mixes will have this issue. The spring and the fall are the times where shedding is heaviest for the pointerdor. Since bringing him home last week, we have been learning a great deal about each other!

They are very social and friendly and need to be socialized from a young age to make them comfortable. This means that a cross between a German shorthaired or wirehaired pointer and a labrador retriever will just help to enhance the retrieving abilities rather than compensating for a lack of them. Let’s get started!

This can help you to find a healthier and safer mix. Should be between 45-65 lbs. They … If you work with them from puppyhood and show them what you expect early on, grooming when they’re big and strong will be a breeze! It’s probably safe to not have pointerdors and cats or other small animals in the same house because both breeds do have such strong prey drives from their hunting backgrounds. Like most dogs, the Blue Heeler Pointer mix is predisposed to certain medical conditions, but they are most often pretty healthy dogs. Sable demonstrates this trait to the fullest, as she is the ultimate adventure dog.

Pointers were important at first because of how long it took to load and reload guns back in the day. The Beagle is far more popular than the Pointer, ranking in sixth place. It may be important to take extra care during these times to have the same success you enjoy for the rest of the year. Mixed breeds have become more popular in recent years. As was briefly discussed above, pointer and labrador retrievers were bred as sporting dogs. Pointerdors are prone to wander and get distracted easily.

For the GSP, the list is a bit longer containing things like Bloat or Torsion, Hip Dysplasia, Cancer, and Lymphedema. However, this mix is lesser known than other mixed breeds. You should insist on seeing the puppy around the mother. Having a mixed breed can sometimes be beneficial if they have different health issues because they can strengthen the other; however, if they have similar problems then they will almost always be a risk in the offspring. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into to fully prepare you for life with a pointerdor. Pointers can come in a wide range of colors including liver, orange, lemon, white, brown, and black. Elaine is a dedicated dog lover who likes to hike and be outdoors!

Dogs with the syndrome have a “ballerina-like” stance, with a stiff gait and limited range of movement. This can help satisfy their curiosity and allow them to free roam for their own amusement.

These guides include puppy care and puppy training. However, apartment life is not undoable for these dogs. While this won’t be the case for all Blue Heeler Pointer mixes, it is definitely a possibility because of the parent breeds. Also, ask your vet about the best dog shampoo to use. When looking for a puppy, it is important to avoid pet stores. They get their traits of independence from their pointer side. The common name given to a Pointer/Labrador mix is “pointerdor”. Both the labrador retriever and the pointer are very intelligent, and these exercises can be very beneficial for them. Some of these links are affiliate links where we may earn commissions on purchases. The result was a cross between different types of Collies, wild Dingoes, and even a little Dalmatian.

It’s important to know what pointer is being mixed with a Labrador to really understand what you’re getting. They get their traits of independence from their pointer side. Grooming your pointerdor should always include: Bathing your pointerdor can also help a lot with shedding; however, that being said, you should never over-bathe your pointerdor. She finds a duty of herding around other animals and people, and will halt and point at rabbits and birds in the park. Labradors shed significantly more and either trait can be carried over to an offspring. A Pointer can have a coat that is liver, black lemon or orange. We have written a guide on exercising a puppy. Pointers, on the other hand, want to cooperate but are rather stubborn. Both breeds, especially the GSP, are extremely eager to please. Therefore, they may enjoy being around children. They will be able to diagnose, give advice, and prescribe the right medication for any problem that may arise in your pup. Embora Pets is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Due to the hunting background of the parent breeds, families with small furry pets might want to avoid this mixed breed. Pointers were one of the first breeds registered with AKC in 1878. German shorthaired and wirehaired pointers are pretty good natural retrievers, too. They have oodles of energy, and they are loving and loyal.

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