But when A Wolf gets her for real, The Powerbirds must race to the rescue before time runs out. Beverly, Lindsey, Petunia, and Newcomers Baron and Diamundi are added to the intro. New Bird on the Block/Times Square Trouble - Ace is jealous when A New Bird named Baron joins the group, but they need him to stop Nibbles from taking all the plushies./The Powerbirds and Asher’s Cousin, Armani, must stop Asher Stasher himself from taking all the I❤️NY Merch. Clawdette Ghosts Away/Cruise Ship Invasion - Clawdette disguises as a ghost after feeling unappriciated by Max, scaring the nocturnal residents of the city./All the Villains nab the cruise ship from the docks that Max is looking forward to go on. The Origin Story Parts 1 and 2 (Season 2 Finale) - Polly and Ace tell Baron, Dante, and Armani a story of how they got adopted by Max, became superheroes, and stopped Minerva from putting herself on all the school textbooks. But when A Wolf gets her for real, The Powerbirds must race to the rescue before time runs out. Powerbirds Time to Dino-Soar/Birdy Guards. With Cory Doran, Tara Strong, Deven Christian Mack, Orlando Lucas. She believes that Minerva is better then them and deserves to be the hero. Powerbirds is an American flash-animated educational television series will premiere on January 25, 2020 on Sprout and Universal Kids. The series follows Max with his pet parakeets, Ace and Polly. Wacky Wokka Walk/Owl’s Spoilers - Nibbles puts obstacles all over the Annual Wacky Wokka Walk so nobody can win./Minerva takes all the last pages of The Idaho Smith book so nobody knows the ending. However, Max and Golden Eagle’s designs remained the same. Dog-oween/Clash With Clawdette (July 31, 2020 (ITunes) - Nibbles takes everyone’s Halloween costumes and replaces them with dog noses, turning Halloween into Dog-oween./Clawdette takes Max’s toy robot and turns his house into hers. Asher Stasher steals everyone's trophies, so the Powerbirds must depend on one another to stop him.

Season 7 (“The Powerbirds Project” era (Final Season). When airing the Season 3 episodes with the Evil Foxes (and starting season 2 with the Clawdette episodes), they warned kids that cats and foxes aren’t evil and that it is a bad stereotype. That’ll Teach Em/Feline Space Odyssey - Minerva uses her silly beam on all the teachers so She’s the only smart one in the world./Clawdette teams up with aliens to try to get rid of The Powerbirds. Early designs gave Ace bigger muscles and wearing a different mask, Polly with a longer piece of hair on her head, and Minerva a monocle. In Season 2, The Powerbirds start going around the world.

”When Trouble Comes to the City” gets changed to “When Trouble Comes to the World”.

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