There is no enough information on their numbers. Presumably the standards to be considered for ‘education or exhibition use’ are stringent and hard to meet considering there are thousands of USDA-licensed facilities that would love to obtain jerboas if it were possible. If you live in Western Pakistan near the desert, you won’t be too interested, as they are everywhere.

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The color of the fur matches the color of the environment (it provides camouflage).

Pygmy jerboa can live up to 6 years.

"Jaculus jaculus" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. This will help the species to, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red.

Some Species of Jerboa that have been kept as Pets (some species are rare or impossible to find): Jerboas can jump up to a meter when they need to, and they rarely drink water, getting most of their hydration needs from the diet that they eat, although some species may lick morning dew [2]. - Pygmy Jerboa as a Pet - Exotic Pets at BellaOnline It has longer hind legs and shorter front legs. European jerboa owners have made a lot of progress since the small rodents went extinct in the United States pet trade.

The tail is longer than the body (up to 6 inches). Sometimes breeding success can help guide keepers towards conditions that may favor the welfare of captive animals. As jerboas cover a lot of area in their movements, excessive cage furniture is likely to offer less benefits than it would for other small pets. Lesser jerboas have a lifespan of about 5-6 years in captivity [3]. A pygmy jerboa, the smallest rodent in the world, and a highly desired exotic pet. Cooper, Kimberly L. "The lesser Egyptian jerboa, Jaculus jaculus: a unique rodent model for evolution and development." Copyright (c) Minerva Webworks LLC All Rights Reserved.

The Harvard breeding program, used corn cob bedding, but bedding acceptable for other small rodents, such as aspen, may work. This ban was lifted in 2008, but by then, the remaining jerboas in the United States had not bred well enough to sustain a captive population. Therefore, jerboa owners should aim to choose a cage size on the higher end of these recommendations while observing the animals to monitor if this space appears to be adequate.

Video link for the pygmy jerboa, including a video on tiny baby pygmy jerboas. Jerboa species actually comprise of 33 different species within the family Dipodidae [3], although only two species, the lesser and greater Egyptian jerboa, are most commonly and currently found within the pet trade [4].

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