Ease of system use and the ability for us to update things ourselves instead of having to wait for long lead times really stood out. Sign in quickly and securely with your existing accounts. And as they’re engaging with the platform, they’re learning more. You can find your employee ID on your most recent payslip. Register now for "Engaging Today's Workforce" to gain access to inspiring speakers and stories. ", HR Director for Australia and New Zealand, "Perks at Work is really helping to provide a simple, accessible, 21st-century, navigable solution and moves benefits into the realm of how we operate in our consumer lives. If we can't match your ID against our records we'll send a request to your HR team to confirm your eligibility. ", "We looked at different providers, invited them to present their solutions and made a decision from there. When we look back, we may see this as a key moment in shaping our culture and driving behavioral change. There’s something there for everybody, and that easy link between Shine and the benefits front-end works really well. Forgotten your details? Sign In. It is impacting their experience and their desire to stay. When our people say ‘my company is looking after me and helping me as well,’ that’s when I know we’re doing something right. Remember me Forgotten your details? The Values Nominations are being highlighted at staff meetings, and 90% of our people logged in last week. Looks like this is your first time signing in We just need to make sure that you are eligible to join Reward Gateway, so please enter the details below to complete your registration. Sign in with your email. Empower your people and your business through strategic recognition, communications, surveys and more, Click here to learn more about how our tailored solutions can support your people today, Create a culture of recognition, maintain morale and celebrate contributions, Connect and inform frontline, on-site and remote employees, Assess the needs and morale of employees through real-time feedback, Extend your people’s pay and save them money on everyday expenses, See your culture in action and prove platform ROI with valuable insight, Help support all pillars of employee wellness, Expand the reach and impact of our world-class technology, Continually innovating to delight our clients with an NPS score of 60, Reaching 5m employees globally through our market-leading platform, We're ISO27001 certified because it's our job to keep employee data secure, We’re obsessed with data security, so we’re ISO 27001 certified, Employee Rewards Program   |   Employee Reward and Recognition Program   |   Employee Incentive Program   |   Employee Experience Platform   |   Social Recognition, Copyright © 2020. ", "With the introduction of our communications platform, The KK Mixer, we’ve transitioned our HR communications to a branded, culture-driven platform that employees love engaging with. Or use another account . KPMG Benefits recognises the hard work of everyone at KPMG Australia, through employee to employee recognition, providing the latest in-house news and housing your employee discounts. Forgotten your details? Welcome! Introducing employee recognition has been a very positive endeavor for us. Once you've registered with Your Reward Gateway you will have access to exclusive discounts and savings! Discover fantastic discounts at a host of retailers and exclusive rewards for NATS employees. Login with Ping Identity . Loading... Looks like this is your first time signing in. my Rewards recognises the hard work of everyone, providing the latest in-house news and housing your employee discounts. Finding a centralized system that actually connects well with your people is part of building a sustainable future because people want to feel included. About the company, and about how they can make it a better place to work. It’s become a central hub for communications. No transaction fees: 100% of discount savings go right to your people. Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Site Map, 400+ Reward Gateway people in: Birmingham | Boston | London | Melbourne | Plovdiv | Rochester | Sydney, Reward Gateway is located at 141 Tremont Street , Boston, MA, 02111. We won't post, collect, or share any information. ", "The number of retailers and amount of discounts we could offer our people through the Reward Gateway platform, plus the fact we could run our CORE awards and service recognition on it, and at the same time use it as a tool to communicate through news feeds and video was fantastic. Get access Welcome! When we look back, we may see this as a key moment in shaping our culture and driving behavioural change. ", "Employee recognition is making a difference for the people that work hard every day at our organization.

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