He also ruled over Madhya Pradesh. Important Rulers of the Satavahana dynasty Satakarni I (70- 60 BC) Satakarni I was the third Satavahana king. శాతవాహనులు Age of Satavahanas (235 BC-100 BC) Gautamiputra Satakarni (A.D. 106-130) was the most powerful Satavahana king. This study material will be immensely helpful to the Telugu medium candidates preparing for various TSPSC exams like Group -1, Group -2, Group -3, Group -4, Panchayat Secretary, VRO, TRT, AEE etc. the Amatyas. A careful and critical study of all these aspects has been studied here. of King of Kings. He also pushed back the Sungas in Pataliputra. They acted as a bridge between North and South India. of them was slain in 27 B.C. The Satavahana dynasty ruled which ruled huge part of India from the 2nd century BC to the late 2nd century CE was an Indian dynasty based from Dharanikota and Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh as well as Junnar (Pune) and Prathisthan (Paithan) in Maharashtra.The Satavahanas are credited for establishing peace in the country, defeating the Scythian invaders and successfully protecting … The Satavahana rulers patronised Prakrit which was the common language used on documents. Being the political successors of the Mauryans, they borrowed much from the Mauryan administrative system. These coins bearing the figures of an elephant, a horse, a camel etc. During the Satavahana Empire the two common religious constructions were the Buddhist temple that was called 'Chaitya' & the monasteries called 'Vihara'. He conquered Kalinga after the death of Kharavela. ECONOMY OF SATAVAHANA PERIOD (Satavahana dynasty) Major economic system of Satavahana and other contemporary dynasties was well organized and systematic. Download Satavahana Dynasty in Detail PDF . For administrative purposes, the empire was divided into, a number of Aharas or Rashtras (Govardhana, Sopara. The social life during Satavahana period was quite peaceful and coherent. Satavahana dynasty - Manusmriti is the oldest among all. The rulers regarded themselves as the guardians of social and political order and the welfare of their subjects. http://www.ensyklopedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/the-time-of-Gautamiputra-Satakarni.jpg, THE SAKAS (SCYTHIANS) / KUSHANS/ HEPHTHALITES (WHITE HUNS), Clash between Pak Army and locals in Ferozwala Sheikhupura (not verified). There is also archaeiological evidence regarding the Satavahana conquest of Malwa and the Puranic evidence for their control over the ancient imperial capital of Magadha, i.e. At its zenith, their empire stretched from the Bay of Bengal in the east to the Arabian sea in the west and embraced the entire region between the Narmada in the north and the Krishna in the south. The ship-mast coins of Yajnasri Satakarni reveal the brisk maritime trade of the Satavahana period. Telangana History is an important subject in all exams conducted by TSPSC. The successors of Gautamiputra ruled till A.D. 200. Download Satavahana Dynasty pdf. The Satavahana were one of such dynasties that emerged in South India who built a long lasting empire. according to the political vicissitudes of the times. Satavahanans issued lead coins (apart from copper and bronze). The most famous Chaitya is that of Karle in W. Deccan. 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They even promoted Buddhism by granting land to the monks. It was composed in about the 1st century B.C. Satavahana Rulers started the practice of granting tax free villages to brahmanas & Buddhist monks. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Satavahana dynasty was able to mark its significant position in the history of Deccan because of the social peace and economic prosperity. The official language of the Dynasty was Prakrit & the script was Brahmi, as in Ashokan times. This dynasty ruled my state and they are good rulers! indicate the probable means of conveyance commonly used in that period. One Prakrit text called Gathasattasai is attributed to a Satavahana king called Hala. In this PDF we have covered all aspects of Satavahana history like their origin, important Satavahana rulers, social, economic, political, religious and cultural conditions in their rule, their administrative system, various historical and literary sources about their history like inscriptions, coins, books etc. by a king of the Andhra, or Satavahana, dynasty, which at that time possessed wide dominions stretching across the table-land of the Deccan from sea to sea. Online Tests in Telugu – తెలుగులో ఆన్-లైన్ పరీక్షలు, Mauryan Empire – Socio-Economic, Political & Religious Conditions – Study Material PDF Free Download, Telangana Monthly Official Magazine – December 2017 – Telugu Edition PDF Download. I haven't had enough contact with my cousins to know what they are taught. You must log in or register to reply here. Download Post-Maurya Period PDF. The Dynasty originated in modern Maharashtra and Telangana. During Satavahana Dynasty trade flourished and even organisation of workers doing various trades existed like Broach, Sopara and Kalyan the important trade points. The entire process of social change was well accelerated. The Maharathis and the Mahabhojas, the feudatory chieftains, were superior in rank and power to. Pakistan’s J-17 ‘Thunder’ vs. Russia’s Su-30 Fighter: Who Wins? Other important Smritis are:Naradasmriti,Vishnusmriti,Yajnavalkyasmriti,Brihaspatismriti, and The Sanskrit language and various forms of Prakrit language All these scholars who denied the identity of the Satavahanas with the Andhras put forth the following arguments. Satavahana Empire is said to be partitioned into five provinces. the Satavahanas. The Amatyas governed these Aharas. They were not content with the simple title of Raja. There was all round development in the field of agriculture, industry, and trade during this period. Their government was based upon hereditory absolute monarchy. The Satavahana Dynasty ruled a huge part of India from the 2nd century BC to the late 2nd century CE. They called the districts as Ahara', as it was in Ashoka's time. Oh i guess that's the time when real civilization arrived in Indian- Sub continent. Just curious. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts! And the officials were known as 'amatyas' and 'mahamatras', as they were known in Mauryan times. Pataliputra. Andhradesa existed where it is today even before the Satavahanas came into prominence. Defence.pk is a one stop resource for Pakistan defence, strategic affairs, security issues, world defence and military affairs. Gautamiputra Satakarni bore the imperial title 'Rajarano' i.e. However the above arguments may be refuted on the following grounds :—. In this post we are providing complete study material on Satavahanas, who ruled a major part of south India for more than 200 years in Telugu as part of complete Telangana History study material. The Satavahanas who ruled from middle of the 1 st century BC to 3 rd century AD was not only the earliest but also the longest ruling Dynasty of Ancient India. The inscriptions refer to officers like Mahassnapati. ), each of which consisted of at least one central town (Nigama) and a number of villages.

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