They only use poison which is easily dodged and doesn’t do much damage. Strategy: There’s an easy trick to break the AI in this fight. Strategy: From the idol quickly grapple to the tree and use the grappling points on the right of the tree to evade the boss’s electric attack.
After the last boss “General Tenzen Yamauchi” you must drop down a cliff (where a tree is facing a big gap / abyss to the other side). Always throw firecrackers to stun and use that combat art. Hi guys after you reach the fountainhead palace there is a mini boss under the great sakura idol.

You must reach the tower roofs, on your way there you encounter Lone Shadow Vilehand in the room where previously the Ashina Elite Jinsuke Saze miniboss fight took place. Location: Sunken Valley – Under-Shrine Valley

Location: Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Strategy: Kill the 3 wolves before the boss. When he sprays a wide but short fire in front of him, stay just behind the fire and charge up your Shadowrush to him once. Pick the 2nd dialogue option “Break the iron code, stay loyal to Kuro” to trigger this boss fight.

Normally these could instant kill you if you’re not evading them. The reason being that this boss does huge AOE attacks across long ranges and if you even just try to heal yourself for a second it will bombard you with some crazy fire attacks. Like for YAY and dislike for NAY - if everyone likes it I'll get artwork for the mini bosses and remaining bosses as well. Block all attacks and then attack. Is there still more bosses to be added? Do 2-3 practice runs just studying her moveset and trying to block & dodge her attacks so you get the movement down. I’ll correct this at once, thank you! Location: Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Wall Stairway (spawns only after defeating Divine Dragon in Fountainhead Palace) Turned out I missed th idol inside th cave where th mini boss is. The boss name is shichimen warrior he is under the waterfall, In fountainhead palace salura idol after you killing the boss on the tree go under the sea there is a headless boss, For headless boss under the water first use divine confetti and pacifying agent then dive under water first you need too kill his shadow after that boss respawn and kill it, There is a headless boss underwater in Ashine (Before woods) And a headless underfater in fountainhead area. As you advance in the area you come by the Flower Viewing Stage idol automatically (after passing through a courtyard with squid-like flute enemies).

To get there you need to go left before the bridge and follow the path down on the left side of the cliffs. I am trying to 100% this game and omg im alredy on my 3ed playthorgh. Repeat until his defense breaks. Backstab this enemy and use the Puppeteer skill on him.

Don’t forget to refresh Divine Confetti and Pacifying Agent when the effects run out. Since you’ll constantly be holding the sprint button this should help your reaction time, just remember to Jump when you see the red warning sign. To learn the timing will take some tries. Sekiro Game Progress Route presents a recommended progression path through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.Since the game is relatively open-world, players can choose to proceed through Locations in different ways, and avoid optional Bosses and Enemies.The progression map below is meant to give an overview of the best approach based on the community's suggestions. Run up towards him, block his attacks, learn his pattern (fairly easy) and keep at it. Usually he shoots one time, next time he jumps, then he shoots again, then he jumps again. at the end of the game, spawn at kuro’s room, look for a kite around, there’s only one. The easiest way is to block his chain attacks until he does a heavy attack that leaves him defenseless / unable to move for 2-3 seconds. Then you find the Reservoir idol. His phantom owl will “pick” him up and deliver him where he are standing, when he disappears and this happens make sure to just run to the other end of the room.

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